Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Sustance releases a thumping 5-track EP on Overview Music

After establishing themselves in 2018, U.K based label has been at the forefront of delivering distinctive and cutting-edge Drum & Bass. After making their first release in December 2018, Overview Music hasn’t put a foot wrong.

The label has been championing the deeper and darker realms of Drum & Bass by releasing belting EPs from the likes Wingz, Klinical, Ill Truth, and Talkre; and with their fifth release in less than 3 months, Overview Music has delivered another stunning piece of music which according to us is one of the finest EPs we have heard in a long, long time.

London based producer Sustance has carefully cemented his place as one of the most underrated and talented producers in the Drum & Bass circuit. Sustance has taken his deep and refined minimal sounds to labels Dispatch Recordings, Vandal Records, and Flexout Audio. Seamlessly combining his no-nonsense approach with an eye on the dance floor, Sustance has seen his music supported by heavyweights in the scene such as Critical Music’s Kasra, Noisia & Icicle. 

For his debut with Overview Music, Sustance has released a thumping 5-track EP, which we believe is one of the finest EPs we have heard in a while. 5-tracks deep packed with the producer’s signature sonic identity; ‘Temperance’ EP can also be regarded as Sustance's finest work to date.

‘Bristol Gang’ represents Overview Music’s minimal and murky approach of their releases while ‘Squirt’ unleashes the producer’s penchant for punchy and rolling sounds. Title track ‘Temperance’ is a funky and groovy number with soaring textures and a mind-numbing bassline. ‘One Away’ and ‘Shame’ are two weighty industrial rollers that are a testament of the producer’s ever evolving style.

Listen to the EP here:

Thursday, March 19, 2020

24/7/365 ALL | 001 | Nuphlo [Producer / DJ, UK]

You often see us or a promoter/website promoting and supporting Indian and International artists, but we always tend to overlook the people behind the scenes and the people who support the music community in their one way. Artist Managers, Venue Staff, Event Programmers, Listeners / Fans - Painters, Engineers, and Doctors even (YES).

With "24/7/365 ALL", we intend to give the people behind the scenes a chance to showcase their love for their favorite music. "24/7/365 ALL" will be a Spotify and a Youtube playlist that will be curated by Artists, Artist Managers, Bartenders, Audience and every individual who is involved in the scene in any capacity.

These playlists will feature Drum & Bass, Jungle, or any branch of Bass music. "24/7/365 ALL" will feature their all-time favorite tunes, or tunes that inspired them, or a mix a both.

The first playlist of the "24/7/365 ALL" series is done by Eastern Bass Music don, Nuphlo, and it features his all-time favorite tunes. So, dive in and help the community grow by supporting them and give them a shout if you like their playlists. 

Listen now : Spotify | Youtube

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

T>I continues his meteoric rise with his debut album 'Black Canvas', on Critical Music

If you are looking for funky, fresh, and dark Drum & Bass, T>I is the answer. Since signing to DJ Marky’s Innerground collective, T>I’s meteoric rise from a fresh talent in 2012 to being recognized as one of the top dogs in the scene, is inspirational.

T>I’s penchant for old school jungle coupled with his signature bass grooves and razor-sharp production techniques has seen the eclectic build his brand of low-end drum and bass; and it has seen him release his music on some of the biggest Drum & Bass labels like Critical Music, Serial Killaz, Souped Up Records and more!

After the release of his 'Cold Cuts' EP on Critical Music, the label had a teased us with a cheeky announcement with the EP that T>I's debut album is in the works. Finally, after nearly a year of releasing the 'Cold Cuts' EP, T>I has dropped a full-throttle Drum & Bass album on Critical Music that is loaded with sonic goodness.

Black Canvas’ begins with ‘Flick The Switch’ which is led by Inja’s swashbuckling vocals, ‘Thin Line’ and ‘Makin Moves’ feature T>I’s signature low-end tech step-y sounds; while ‘Pretty Little Thing’, Curtains', and ' Foot Drop' are straight-up dancefloor bangers that can wallop any dance floor. T>I perfectly closes the album with tunes like ‘Output’, ‘Too Far Gone’, and ‘Oxymoron’, that encapsulate his brand of heavy, funky, and moody Drum & Bass.

Stream the album here: