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#DnBIndiaDubplate 048 | Sedition

April Dubplate features Marvyn LP, a DJ and a creative entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India. A metalhead who got introduced to Drum and Bass back in the year 2007-08 [while in boarding school], established a proper connection with the genre during his college education in Spain. Delving into his passion for music, he started with the moniker 'Moonshine Distillery' and is now known as 'Sedition'. Marvyn also runs a co-working space that aims at providing comfortable environment to the variety of creative individuals who call Mumbai their home, and also hosts seminars, listening sessions, intimate concerts etc. for the like minded folks.

Read further to know more about our feature of the month. And don't forget to press play, this mix is a much needed vibe amidst the current scenario.

1. When did you get into Drum & Bass?
A - I got into drum and bass in boarding school, around 2007/08. I was a total metalhead at the time and the energy that DnB had to offer really jumped out at me. Artists like Pendulum, Spor were my introduction with their heavy sounds, but the more I dug, the variety in the genre was what made me stick around. Growing up playing the E-flat horn, trumpet and whichever brass instrument was needed at the time in the school band, the jazzy ideas from folks like London Elektricity, High Contrast and Danny Byrd created a new comfort zone. Media of all kinds was heavily monitored there, so I had to keep the volume down, and the limited internet access (hello Surfcontrol) made music discovery a lot harder than I would have liked. I would spend whatever time I could during the semester making lists of music that I would buy during the holidays back in Mumbai. If there was a crucial, must-have album, we could rely on the day students to get a hold of it for us.

It was my time at university in Spain that really got me hooked, since that was my first real introduction into bass culture as a lifestyle. In addition to meeting some awesome people who shared a similar musical direction, the country was going through the worst parts of the financial crisis. Since this genre is all about revolution and tearing down the barriers that separated people, the soaring anti-establishment sentiment really opened my eyes to what could be. Music really is an extension of yourself and your environment. Getting lost in the sound is something that I wanted to share with people. That’s when I started DJing dubstep, drum & bass and gritty electronic music as Moonshine Distillery. My first controller was a budget Hercules DJ Control Air and it has braved through the years with me.

2. What and when was the pivotal moment behind starting the Sedition project?
A - I had kept the moniker Moonshine Distillery for a few years. There was no real focus on a particular genre, but it was during that time that I felt Drum & Bass was my calling. I wanted to change the name to something short, sweet and social-media friendly. I was having trouble promoting posts as Moonshine Distillery because Facebook thought I was a bootlegger, and promoting posts to people under 25 years old resulted in my page getting Zuccked. So subverting authority is it, I guess.

I would love to revisit Moonshine Distillery, but I’ve taken a decision to do one thing at a time. Consistency in musical output is something I’ve been struggling with for a while, since I had decided to start up GUAC Spaces, a co-working space for creatives and freelancers. That took a gargantuan amount of my time, effort and consumed my capacity to focus on anything else. More on that later though. 

3. Would you like to produce some music in the future?
A - Most definitely! As mentioned in the response to your last question, I’ve been finding time hard to come by, and music production is the holy grail of what I would like to do. However, it’s not something that I want to make a career out of at this moment. Learning how to use a digital audio workstation will take just as much dedication as learning an instrument, with a whole lot of extras that are totally unique to each individual. I feel that currently I’m in a good place to try and take all of what we have in, learn as much as possible, and try a few things out here and there. I love watching production masterclasses, especially from artists like Culprate who don’t shy away from a complete immersion in music theory.

Since I’m already running a business, I want to give it my all, get results, and use it to create a platform from where I can take more risks. Music production as a significant part of my life is the reward at the end of the grind. 

4. You own a lovely co-working space. Tell us more about it!
A - Thank you! 2 years ago, if you asked me whether I’d be running a co-working space, I would have looked at you with a dazed expression. GUAC Spaces is the result of the frustration I experienced working from home. We converted our family business office into a shared workspace with some plants, light and a whole lotta soul. I want everyone who works at GUAC to feel comfortable being their most honest selves, and to really push their own personal visions to make it a hub of expression. Everyone is welcome, and I want it to represent the fantastic variety of people who call Mumbai their home. We have had a whole range of intimate concerts, workshops and seminars already, and going forward I would love to do more shows on the terrace. We’ve already hosted Sofar and REProduce Listening Room, and in the future I plan on recording audio & video so that artists can feel comfortable taking that next leap in their careers.

We made a decision to close down the space before the government-sanctioned lockdown, because I didn’t really want to take any chances. The wellbeing of my staff and community is my top priority, and I really hope that everyone takes social distancing seriously so that we can go back to living our normal lives. Go Corona, Go.

5. What are your go-to genres other than Drum & Bass?
A - Depending on my mood, I’ll listen to hip-hop, glitch, indie, trip-hop, progressive metal and reggae. Bandcamp is my absolute favourite resource right now. It has really opened my eyes to music that I would have never really come across. I’ve started a YouTube channel called Otterly Smooth to share tunes from my favourite independent artists, with their permission. The genres are varied, but smoothness is what ties the whole channel together.

6. 5 tunes you are digging at the moment?
A - I intend on getting signed to a tier one lable this year, and to play live more and more. I’m already planning on my next EP, and I’ve also started following courses exclusively for Drum and bass production, which will help me to push myself further. I’m determined, and I hope to work towards my end goal. I have also started working in collaboration with a few pop and rap artists in the country and I hope to make a few commercially viable tunes as well. It all counts when you spell ‘EXPERIENCE’.

7. tunes you are digging at the moment?
A - Redeyes – Outlines
- Erik Jackson – Lonesome in the Neons
- Gerra & Stone - Polarism
- Carlito & Addiction - Hellas
- McKinley Dixon - Life & Times ft. Micah James (Thomas Prime Remix)

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Dubplate #048 - Sedition

|| Tracklist ||

1] Airshots & Ben Shemel - Can't Catch Me [Spearhead Records]
2] Dialect - Pawn Shop - [DNB France]
3] Makoto - Fancy Free [Hospital Records]
4] Logistics - Triangles [Hospital Records]
5] Degs - Levitate Your Mind (ft. Unglued) [Hospital Records]
6] Need For Mirrors - Zxana [Spearhead Records]
7] Low:R - For Dem [Such Music]
8] Enei - Save Me (ft. Charli Brix) [Critical Music]
9] Sunchase - Lapdance (ft. Dissident) [Drone Audio]
10] Screamarts  - Tribes [Delta9 Recordings]
11] S.P.Y. - Manicured Reality [Hospital Records]
12] MISSIN - Directions [Delta9 Recordings]
13] Alibi - Directions [V Recordings}
14] Alix Perez & Halogenix  - Rollcage [1985 Music]
15] Mefjus  - Sinkhole (Skeptical Remix) [Vision Recordings]
16] Nas - No Idea's Original (Sam Harris Bootleg) [Columbia Records]
17] Splinter - Reason [Forged Recordings]
18] Moby - Natural Blues (Icicle Remix) [Shogun Audio]
19] Arcatype - Space Age [Symmetry Recordings]
20] Technimatic - Let It Fall [Shogun Audio]
21] Kimyan Law - Glow [Blu Mar Ten Music]
22] Utah Jazz - Broken Home [Vintage Recordings]
23] Bop & Subwave - Dead Almost [Hospital Records]
24] VixiA - Temple of Idleness [The Earth Music]
25] Random Movement - The Change Is In You [Fokuz Limited]
26] Murdock - Headshot - [Hospital Records]
27] The Caracal Project - Was Like It Will Be [DNB France]
28] Urbandawn - Messiah Complex [Hospital Records]
29] Data 3 - Komparen [Flexout Audio}
30] Culprate - Dawn [Open Outlets]

31] Mefjus - Together [Vision Recordings]

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Eastern Bass by DnB India

Eastern Bass [a property by us at DnB India] was launched in 2018 [after years of yearning], and is specifically designed and dedicated to promote Asian Underground Music. To share and educate more people about the fusion and blend of western underground bass music and the traditional Asian music; something that has been cultivated and carried forward by multicultural artists for about three decades now.

Asian Underground holds a special place in our hearts, for a bunch of reasons. The primary one being - It truly is the quintessence of the fusion of two worlds, two whole different worlds. And because it completely dissolves every inch of the kinds of boundaries that the politics [and evil] [still] thrives in the society; be it race, color, religion, creed, origin or anything else. It was a movement started by young musicians in a foreign land, torn between the cultural differences of their ancestral and new home - both poles apart. And amidst an attempt at further connecting with their roots and finding their own identity, they broke stereotypes and gave the world something that leaves behind a legacy that will never be forgotten.

We could really continue writing and talking for days about how our hearts react to all of it, as we listen to our fav Asian underground tunes at home right now. And we will be sharing a lot more about it. Thus we have decided to expand the community online.

The logo designed, a mix of two elements [text and illustration] has been done keeping a few things in mind. The extended lines around the font instinctively  establish an eastern character. And the illustration of a Dubplate [also close to the circle component of a CD and a cassette] here is also a symbolic portrayal of the core essence of Asian Underground - A fusion of two completely different worlds, to create a new one [three circles]. From our conversations with a couple pf artists from the founding clan, we think it also relates with words and emotions like - Movement, Unity, Uniqueness, Identity, etc.

We will start with sharing the images and videos from the two club night editions done in the past and eventually expand on the content, from sharing more about the music, the origin, the prominent figures, journey, struggles, artist profiles, interviews, mixes, videos and a lot more.

And we sincerely hope with this next step we are able to share new things with our existing audience and also connect with a lot more [those who already are avid listeners of this music and even those who aren't familiar with it].

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Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Sustance releases a thumping 5-track EP on Overview Music

After establishing themselves in 2018, U.K based label has been at the forefront of delivering distinctive and cutting-edge Drum & Bass. After making their first release in December 2018, Overview Music hasn’t put a foot wrong.

The label has been championing the deeper and darker realms of Drum & Bass by releasing belting EPs from the likes Wingz, Klinical, Ill Truth, and Talkre; and with their fifth release in less than 3 months, Overview Music has delivered another stunning piece of music which according to us is one of the finest EPs we have heard in a long, long time.

London based producer Sustance has carefully cemented his place as one of the most underrated and talented producers in the Drum & Bass circuit. Sustance has taken his deep and refined minimal sounds to labels Dispatch Recordings, Vandal Records, and Flexout Audio. Seamlessly combining his no-nonsense approach with an eye on the dance floor, Sustance has seen his music supported by heavyweights in the scene such as Critical Music’s Kasra, Noisia & Icicle. 

For his debut with Overview Music, Sustance has released a thumping 5-track EP, which we believe is one of the finest EPs we have heard in a while. 5-tracks deep packed with the producer’s signature sonic identity; ‘Temperance’ EP can also be regarded as Sustance's finest work to date.

‘Bristol Gang’ represents Overview Music’s minimal and murky approach of their releases while ‘Squirt’ unleashes the producer’s penchant for punchy and rolling sounds. Title track ‘Temperance’ is a funky and groovy number with soaring textures and a mind-numbing bassline. ‘One Away’ and ‘Shame’ are two weighty industrial rollers that are a testament of the producer’s ever evolving style.

Listen to the EP here:

Thursday, March 19, 2020

24/7/365 ALL | 001 | Nuphlo [Producer / DJ, UK]

You often see us or a promoter/website promoting and supporting Indian and International artists, but we always tend to overlook the people behind the scenes and the people who support the music community in their one way. Artist Managers, Venue Staff, Event Programmers, Listeners / Fans - Painters, Engineers, and Doctors even (YES).

With "24/7/365 ALL", we intend to give the people behind the scenes a chance to showcase their love for their favorite music. "24/7/365 ALL" will be a Spotify and a Youtube playlist that will be curated by Artists, Artist Managers, Bartenders, Audience and every individual who is involved in the scene in any capacity.

These playlists will feature Drum & Bass, Jungle, or any branch of Bass music. "24/7/365 ALL" will feature their all-time favorite tunes, or tunes that inspired them, or a mix a both.

The first playlist of the "24/7/365 ALL" series is done by Eastern Bass Music don, Nuphlo, and it features his all-time favorite tunes. So, dive in and help the community grow by supporting them and give them a shout if you like their playlists. 

Listen now : Spotify | Youtube

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

T>I continues his meteoric rise with his debut album 'Black Canvas', on Critical Music

If you are looking for funky, fresh, and dark Drum & Bass, T>I is the answer. Since signing to DJ Marky’s Innerground collective, T>I’s meteoric rise from a fresh talent in 2012 to being recognized as one of the top dogs in the scene, is inspirational.

T>I’s penchant for old school jungle coupled with his signature bass grooves and razor-sharp production techniques has seen the eclectic build his brand of low-end drum and bass; and it has seen him release his music on some of the biggest Drum & Bass labels like Critical Music, Serial Killaz, Souped Up Records and more!

After the release of his 'Cold Cuts' EP on Critical Music, the label had a teased us with a cheeky announcement with the EP that T>I's debut album is in the works. Finally, after nearly a year of releasing the 'Cold Cuts' EP, T>I has dropped a full-throttle Drum & Bass album on Critical Music that is loaded with sonic goodness.

Black Canvas’ begins with ‘Flick The Switch’ which is led by Inja’s swashbuckling vocals, ‘Thin Line’ and ‘Makin Moves’ feature T>I’s signature low-end tech step-y sounds; while ‘Pretty Little Thing’, Curtains', and ' Foot Drop' are straight-up dancefloor bangers that can wallop any dance floor. T>I perfectly closes the album with tunes like ‘Output’, ‘Too Far Gone’, and ‘Oxymoron’, that encapsulate his brand of heavy, funky, and moody Drum & Bass.

Stream the album here:

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#DnBIndiaDubplate 047 | iClown

Our march Dubplate marks the beginning of a much anticipated association with one of most beautiful countries with an equally loving music community - Sri Lanka. We have Sasith Gamage, who has been producing Drum and Bass for about six years now, under the alias 'iClown'. The only artist from the country pushing the sound, he already has four EPs, some singles apart from a few remixes too. Currently signed with Heavy Artillery Recordings and High Chai Recordings from LA and NY, Sasith also is the man behind 'Mad Scientist', a live DnB act from the island. Read on, to know more about this uber talented man.

And yes, hit play and don't forget to share this terrific mix he has put together for us, featuring a bunch of his originals.

1. You have successfully ventured into different genres but how did it all start for you at such a tender age?
A - My primary genre so to speak right now is Drum and Bass, but I have ventured into genres such as Trap, Fusion, Retro and Progressive Metal. I was originally a metal head, until I started getting exposed to genres such as Dubstep and Brostep (Skrillex era) where I realized that Electronic music is an entirely different world on its own, and that there’s ample possibilities to be creative and unique. 

Prior to that, my upbringing in a musical friendly environment at home as well as at school provided me with a platform to expose myself to different genres such as classical music. I studied Western Music at a very young age which provided me a basis to understand and deconstruct different genres as and when I hear them. I guess I’m pretty good at deconstruction of genres, where I manage to grasp the fundamentals of the identities of each of those genres.

How I came across Drum and Bass was when I first heard Pendulum. I was immediately hooked to the genre and ever since then, my primary genre is Drum and Bass. My personal goals as a producer revolves around Drum and Bass.

2. We’re certainly digging your stage name. How did it come about?
A - ‘iClown’ is basically the letter I and Clown, as in I joke around or clown around. Clowns can be funny and scary at the same time. Clowning puts everybody in a good mood, no matter what mood the clown is in. He is supposed to entertain the people. Also, it stems down to a hard time I was going through at the time, and I swore to myself that I will make others happy through my music, hence iClown made perfect sense at the time. I also feel as if it’s a unique name in the dnb scene. Has a cool and a catchy vibe to it. 

3. Having explored an array of styles and genres, which genre would you like to regard as your standout genre?
A - Drum and Bass. I have ventured in to the unknown in terms of the genre in Sri Lanka. Being the only signed act for the genre, I have pushed myself day by day with each record. I’m also good at experimenting and coming up with unique elements. I always try to keep my identity in all those records but influences across genres certainly does help in making music, dnb or otherwise. I have bigger goals set for the coming years and I hope to further push myself and achieve more and more with dnb. 

4. Being a producer and a bassist for two different aliases. Tell us more about your experience with them so far.
A - Being a producer makes you a better bassist, and being a bassist makes you a better producer. I firmly believe that the low end brings the songs to life. With this learning as a producer, I was able to better focus on my time as the bassist for my band ‘Constellation’. Since I understood how important the low end is, I was able to create a unique sound in terms of live play and as well as on record. I also ensured that my band sounds the best when we play live, with the knowledge I have gained as a producer. Vise versa, I was able to understand how instruments coexist in a live environment and on a studio environment which in return helps me to better produce music.

5. How would you like to define the bass scene in Sri Lanka?
A - Still in it's infant stage. There’s few of us. We have an enthusiastic EDM community, but for genres as Drum and Bass, there’s very limited backing. It’s definitely much better than the years I started, but there’s room for further improvement. I have been instrumental in making the genre popular in the country with a cult following, but a dnb scene right now seems far away. I’m hopeful though, things will soon catch up.

6. What can we expect from iClown in 2020?
A - I intend on getting signed to a tier one lable this year, and to play live more and more. I’m already planning on my next EP, and I’ve also started following courses exclusively for Drum and bass production, which will help me to push myself further. I’m determined, and I hope to work towards my end goal. I have also started working in collaboration with a few pop and rap artists in the country and I hope to make a few commercially viable tunes as well. It all counts when you spell ‘EXPERIENCE’.

7. tunes you are digging at the moment?
A - I’ve been digging ‘Don’t wait – by Mohican Sun, ‘Sinkhole’ by Noisia, ‘Said’ by Joe Ford, ‘Juno’ by a metal band called TesseracT, and ‘Blinding Lights’ by the Weeknd. Blinding lights caught me off guard with so much nostalgia, and man those vibes.

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Dubplate #047 - iClown

|| Tracklist ||

1] iClown - 3 x F Intro - (Heavy Artillery Recordings)

2] iClown - Democracy Can Wait - (Heavy Artillery Recordings)

3] iClown - Emotions Integrate - (Heavy Artillery Recordings)

4] iClowm - Oh My - (Highchai Recordings)

5] iClown - Retrograde (Highchai Recordings)

6] iClown - Imperium (Highchai Recordings)

7] iClown - Love and a freak condition ft. Maria Soysa (Heavy Artillery Recordings)

8] Charitha Attalage ft. Ravi Jay - Galana Ganga (iClown Remix) (Charitha Attalage)

9] Muzzy - Lost Forever - (Monstercat)

10] Noisia - Decloak - (Vision Recordings)

11] Gorgon City - Ready for Your Love (feat. MNEK) (Etherwood Remix) (Med school Music)

12] London Elektricity - Why Are We Here (feat. Liane Carroll) (S.P.Y Remix) (Med School Music)

13] The Prodigy - The Day Is My Enemy (Bad Company UK Remix) (RAM Records)

14] June Miller - Hide & Seek (RAM Records)

15] Noisia - My World (Ft. Giovanca) (Vision Recordings)

16] Teddys Song (RAM Recordings)

17] Skylark & DOT. - Synthetic Pursuit (MethLab Records)

18] Hold Your Colour (Noisia Remix) (Pendulum)

19] Joe Ford - Transpose (Shogun Audio)

20] Hyroglifics - Persuade (feat. Foreign Beggars) (Critical Music)

21] Mohican Sun - Don't Wait (Integral Records)

22] Netsky - Thunder (ft. Emeli Sandé) (Hospital Records)

23] Jazz Landa - Nuwandi ft Ravi Jay & Charitha Attalage - (iClown Remix) (Charitha Attalage)

24] Camo & Krooked - If I Could (feat. Joe Killington) (RAM Records)

25] Forbidden Society - Outlaw (Forbidden Society Recordings)

26] icicle - The Nothing (Original mix) (Shogun Audio)

27] iClown - Serpopard (Self released)

28] Watercolour (Matrix & Futurebound Remix) (Pendulum)

29] Pendulum - Tarantula (Pendulum vs Fresh ft Spyda & Tenor Fly) (Breakbeat Records)

30] Pendulum - Axle Grinder (Breakbeat Records)

31] Signal & Teddy Killerz - Funky Feeling (RAM Records)

32] Mohican Sun - Where Did You Go (Integral Records)

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Spikey Tee's first solo album 'Between Wake And Sleep' is out and we pick our favorites.

A couple of months ago, we had the privilege of interviewing an absolute legend of the Drum & bass scene that is Spikey Tee. In the interview, Spikey Tee had spoken about his first solo album which was due for release, and he gave us a glimpse of what we can expect from the interview.

Finally, after a slight delay, “Between Wake And Sleep” is out on Tokyo Dawn Records, and with the release, we have taken to the opportunity to pick our top tunes from the album.

• Spikey Tee - Back Off (feat. Ritual)

Spikey Tee was one of the pioneers of the sound system culture, and with this tune, he has intelligently weaved through his influences by converging his illustrious back catalogue in a single tune.

• Spikey Tee - Reminisce (feat. A Sides)

Another one that’s a bit inspired by the producer’s previous work and bringing A-sides’ dreamlike vibe and energy, with ‘Reminisce’, Spikey Tee has taken the album to a whole new level.

• Spikey Tee - Steel Doors (feat. Wai Wan)

‘Steel Doors’ is an example of a distinct quality Spikey Tee possesses; Creating ambient atmospheres and infusing them in seriously good numbers without losing its exclusivity. Genius Work!

• Spikey Tee - Rain (feat. Suff Daddy, Jim Dunloop)

‘Rain’ is by far our favourite from the album and it deserves special consideration. First few seconds in the track make you feel that you are in for something special; and yet again, Spikey Tee has dispensed his influences in the best way possible.

Not a full throttle drum & bass album, yes, but Spikey Tee has meticulously crafted and transcended the dance sub-genre and the end result is a wonderful emotive album that promises to be one of the notable releases of the year.

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Flava D signs to Hospital Records.

Over the years, Flava D has firmly cemented her place as the undisputed queen of basslines. Garage, House, Grime, Bassline, and recently Drum & Bass; she has done it all. After exclusively signing to Butterz in 2013, Flava D has seen her music take her to Europe, America, and Asia actively. 

Flava D has always been vocal in her interviews and her music, about her affection for Drum & Bass. The eclectic producer has had her track released on Hospital Records’ 2018 and 2019 edition of their Sick Music series.

And exactly a year after her Drum & Bass release, and after smashing Drum & Bass in her sets, Flava D has signed to Hospital Records by successfully adding Drum & Bass to her ever-increasing repertoire. To celebrate the signing, Flava D is set to release “Mesmerise” which will be her first standalone release as a Hospital Records release. The track will be out on February 14th so, you can pre-save the track keep your eyes peeled for Friday!

The last decade has been one of the most flourishing decades Drum & Bass has had as a genre and as a community, and with Flava D’s addition, it promises to be another successful year and a decade for the genre. 

Monday, February 10, 2020

#DnBIndiaDubplate 046 | Marble Elephant

After a short gap of a month [for reasons we shared on our Instagram], we are here with our February Dubplate feature. And this time we have a duo that's started their journey rather recently, and already have 7 fine singles out there - Marble Elephant. This couple [Christina and Baptiste] from France and Germany/England takes influences from various styles of music, including Techno, Dubstep, Instrumental Hip-Hop, creating different kinds of colourful vibes.

Hit play to this vibey set they put together for us, and read to know a little about their journey.

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1. How did the idea of Marble Elephant come about?
A - When we moved from Brighton to Devon, we stayed with Tina’s Grandad, inbetween places. When we moved out, we said a big thank you and gave him a card. He was so touched by the message in the card, that he decided to give us this adorable Marble Elephant as a thank you, for the thank you. We were so inspired by this, that we decided to adopt this name.

2. How would you like to describe your production styles?
A - We are very experimental with our style. At the moment we are focusing on making liquid drum and bass, and parallel we are also working on old school UK dubstep influenced sounds. We love all kinds of electronic music and are excited to experiment and explore every avenue.

3. We love “Don’t Lose It”. Tell us more about your experience of shooting the video and your thoughts on the tune.
A - We decided to collaborate with our friend Adam, who is currently building his filmmaking career. After a lot of planning and organising, we managed to get everyone together on a beautiful sunny day in July. Cam, the best skater of the group, was going to be in most of the shots doing his amazing tricks. However during the very beginning of the shoot, he was trying to land a kick flip over a set of stairs, and twisted his ankle, poor guy. Because of this, we had to improvise! Thankfully the skaters in the skatepark were really awesome and were up for demonstrating their tricks for the video. All in all, the day did not go as planned but thanks to everyone’s motivation and great input, we got some good results! Later that month we shot the scenes with the smoke grenades in the woods. We spent two hours practicing our moves for a total of four minutes, as we only had two smoke grenades. It was loads of fun!  
Don’t Lose It was our first decent drum and bass track, which we were happy to release. We love the vocal samples in this tune.

4. What would you guys like to produce other than Drum & Bass?
A - We would like to produce heavy, deep dubstep such as the likes of Kahn, Commodo and Egoless. Our goal is to make music which is suitable for some calm chilling but also heavy enough to get down to in the club.

5. What can we expect from Marble Elephant in 2020?
A - In 2020 we have big plans, such as another video clip with the same director as Don’t Lose It. Our first EP is also on its way, we are looking to release this in the beginning of summer. We have a few singles lined up as well, one will be released on the 7th February, so prepare yourselves! This won’t be a drum and bass track but we hope you will love it anyway! We are also hoping to play some shows in the summer. 

6. Five tunes you guys are digging at the moment?
A - Oh only five… tough choice but here you go: 

Data 3 - Tric City 
Grey Code - Ethics
Cyrax - Harmonia
Mefjus - The Sirens
Commodo - Sleepwave

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Dubplate #046 - MARBLE ELEPHANT


1] OaT - Confession [T3K]
2] Bredren - Backlash  [Demand Records]
3] Bou - Envy  [V Recordings] 
4] Kasra - Ski Mask  [Critical Music] 
5] InsideInfo - Whistler  [InsideInfo Music]
6] Ed-it - Nevermind It  [Shogun Audio]
7] Dawn Wall - Mantis  [Integral Records]
8] Data 3 - Tric City  [Flexout Audio]
9] Data 3 - Something Strange  [Addictive Behaviour Records] 
10] Survey, Amoss - Loose Change  [Flexout Audio]
11] Mefjus - The Sirens  [Vision Recordings]
12] Philth & Bredren - Butterfunk  [Flexout Audio]
13] Mefjus - Sinkhole  [Vision Recordings]
14] Fra4knc, Klinical- The Shaman [Flexout Audio]
15] Ground - Garden Peak  [Flexout Audio]
16] Grey Code - Ethics  [Metalheadz]

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Top Five [India] | Drum and Bass India

Another year and yet again, another big year for Drum & Bass. 2019 like the last few years was one of the finest we have experienced as enthusiasts. We witnessed some immense collaborations during the year, and the genre crossed numerous boundaries and went through some intricate cross-pollination with artists stepping outside their niche and experimenting and mixing as they see it.

As much as we enjoyed our favorite artists smash the charts with their releases, the Indian Drum & Bass contingency also experienced a fantastic year. And to celebrate another successful year, as promised, we have curated our top 5 tunes from 2019 which deserve your attention. 

Midival Punditz - Purvayi (Ox7gen Remix)

Known for venturing into a wide array of genres and one of the most successful Indian Drum & Bass artists, Mumbai based DJ & Producer Aditya Ashok aka Ox7gen gave a deep and intricate spin to Midival Punditz’s seminal hit, Purvayi.

Crash Comet & Linear - Save Me

Teaming up Leeds based Linear, Crash Comet delivered an effortlessly soulful tune full loaded with silky chords along with sublime vocal samples. One of our favorites from 2019.

Sepoys – In Trails of Sonic Wakes

It’s hard to pen down our thoughts on this one. One of our favorite producers from the Indian Drum & Bass circuit, Sepoys delivered a tune that creates an atmosphere of melancholy, which is filled with hope and moments of joyful play.

Mosillator – Panic

Part of the Bandish Projekt ensemble, Mosillator is Mayur Narverkar’s solo Drum & Bass project. Continuing his no-nonsense production style, Mosillator carved out a steaming bass weapon with “Panic”.

Sound Avtar – Silver Cloud

Piyush Bhatnagar aka Sound Avtar aka Bad Boy Bass is known for a turbocharged approach to his productions; But with this release, he has shown that he can step it down and seamlessly switch between different styles.

Listen to all of them HERE, we have added them in our Spotify Playlist. Enjoy.