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Top Ten 2019 | Drum and Bass India

It has been another colossal year for Drum & Bass with groundbreaking music coming out every week from a plethora of supremely talented and accomplished artists across the globe. 2019 has seen arguably the most anticipated jungle/drum & bass album of all time along with some cutting-edge music from the up and coming artists in the scene.

To celebrate the year of some stunning music, we decided to give you our favourite Drum & Bass releases this year in no particular order.

Need For Mirrors – Lambo

Let’s be honest, No one is making Drum & Bass like Need For Mirrors at the moment and if you are an ardent follower of Drum & Bass, you would know that “Lambo” has been a staple in every other set across Europe. The tune is a perfect crossover of Drum & Bass and Techno packed in the most futuristic style by the V Recordings extraordinaire.

Sam Binga & Redders - Vandilero (Particle Remix)

A new member of the Critical Music family, London based producer, Particle has been smashing it since the release of his release on Critical Music’s Binary Series. Since then, he has been on a relentless of top notch releases with this refix of Sam Binga’s Vandilero being the best of the lot.

Camo & Krooked – Loa

The ingenious Austrian Duo returned to Hospital Records, after nearly 2 years after the release of their highly successful album, Mosaik. “Loa” follows the unique style of Drum and bass Camo & Krooked have championed over the years. The tune is inspired by the roots of Haiti combined with the duo’s forward-thinking Drum & Bass swing.

Satl - Bravehearts (ft. Dan Stezo)

“Bravehearts” by the Polish sensation, Satl remained to be a dub for the best part of 2017, 2018 and 2019. Finally, in May 2019, this track saw the light of day on SunAndBass. Featuring Satl’s signature dubb-y textures along with Dan Stezo-fronted fire-tongue magnificence, “Bravehearts” is the perfect set starter. 

J Majik – Serenity

One of the youngest members to have signed up for the legendary Metalheadz imprint back in 1994, J Majik is arguably one of the finest veterans of the scene. After delivering numerous bonafide classics like “Your Sound”, “Jim Kutta” and “Arabian Knights, the eclectic producer hadn’t released a full album for over 20 years. “Full Circle” which was released in May 2019, is J Majik’s first full album release after two decades and “Serenity” which is a dazzling tribute to the famous Good Looking Records sounds, is our favourite from the album.

UK Apache with Shy FX - Original Nuttah 25
(Chase & Status Remix ft. Irah)

It’s hard to believe that the genre’s most iconic tune is 25 years old and to celebrate the 25th anniversary of “Original Nuttah”, Chase & Status along with Irah delivered an absolute scorcher. Yet again, Chase & Status reminded us why they are the most celebrated producer’s in the scene by giving a fitting tribute to a timeless classic.

Sub Focus - Solar System

Probably one of the biggest releases of 2019 so far, if not the biggest. “Solar System” has Sub Focus DNA written all over it. To sum up this banger, we found just the right statement in the YouTube comments section; “This is what area 51 has really been hiding from us”. Absolutely, Sven Blake.

Benny L & Inja - Vanta Blackin

“Vanta Blackin” along with Inja is a sonic statement which is packed with marauding reese bass pressure, gushing pads, skippy hi-hats and funky little double kicks from the man on the moment, Benny L. Another contender for the tune of the year, Vanta Blackin is arguably Benny L’s darkest drum & bass offering to date.

Chase & Status - Program Ft. Irah

It is only fair that Chase & Status feature twice on our list; for one simple reason, “RTRN II JUNGLE”. Never in the history of the genre was an album anticipated and hyped as the trio’s ground-breaking RTRN II JUNGLE” album. It was incredibly difficult to pick a favourite from the album but after a lot of contemplation, we decided to go with “Program” which takes us back to the Champion Sound era of the genre. Certified Dancefloor demolisher.

Dimension - If You Want To

Any Drum & Bass top tracks list would be incomplete without a Dimension release. To give you a glimpse of the amount of damage this tune can do, head over to THIS link and fast forward it to 10.30. And yes, thanks us later.

*Another feature with tunes from our Indian folks coming up in a few days! :)

And here's wishing all of you a very Happy New Year! 

Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Zero State - Paradox | DnBIndiaPremieres

Sudip Mukherjee aka Zero State is an electronic music producer hailing from the land of wide smiles and happy hearts. Having completed his Diploma in Sound Engineering and music production from Arjun Vagale’s I Love Music Academy, Sudip’s influences in his DJ sets and productions span across the board. From swashbuckling sonic explosions of hard-edged dubstep and Drum & Bass to symmetric Bass House, the young producer has got it all in his locker.

For his first Drum & Bass offering, we are thrilled to premiere “Paradox”. The tune begins with a haunting into which leads us to the weighty and solid drum kicks. As the tracks builds, the tantalising breakdown allows us to catch our breath whilst we brace ourselves for the ferocious drop. Absolute stomper.

PS - By April 2020, Sudip is ready to release another tune with MIB crew [Europe].

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Monday, December 9, 2019

#DnBIndiaDubplate 045 | Spikey Tee

Another year has almost come to an end, and as we prepare ourselves for the mighty sounding '2020', and hoping for things to only get better for all of us, we are super excited to share with you our last Dubplate feature of this year. One of the kindest souls we've come across and someone who is nothing short of a legend in the music industry - Spikey Tee. With almost 30 years of vested dedication to Raggae, Neo-Soul, Hop-Hop, and Jungle - Drum & Bass, he remains a pinnacle figure for the underground sound community. As a vocal artist, master of ceremonies and ISC awarded songwriter, his upfront stage presence has allowed him to host stages around the globe, for artists such as LTJ Bukem, DJ Marky, Morcheeba and many others. As a DJ, he has toured around the globe, with innumerable festivals in a bunch of countries. Spikey Tee's back catalog roots itself deep within sound system culture, with releases with Congo Natty, Liquid V, True Playaz, East Side Recordings etc.   

Read on to know him a little more and what his near future plans are, and do not forget to hit play and listen to this funky mix he has put together, exclusively for us and our audience.

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1. Starting at the age of 13, pioneering the UK Hip Hop scene and watching drum & bass grow at the same time. How would you like to describe your journey after completing 25 years in the industry?
A - If we are to count all of the years I've been involved in music publicly we're talking 30 plus years now and the journey has had it's highs and lows as to be expected in life. On pioneering the UK Hip Hop scene I'd say I was a fortunate participant during those formative years, but the journey is ongoing so we'll see where the twists and turns will take me.

2. You have MC-d with some of the biggest names in the drum & bass scene. How was the transition from DJing into MC-ing for you?
A - Again, I'm very fortunate to have had several opportunities to work with some great producers and bands throughout my career to date, but I've always done both because the many facets of music have always fascinated me so it wasn't a transition as such.. Just growing into each skill set and trying to maintain and improve to be honest.

3. Your first solo album this year. Early thoughts on the album?
A -  Yes My first solo album after years of features and giving to bands so it's a bit of a change to be doing something of my own with the help of some great producers. To work with Jim Dunloop and Suff Daddy was great and to work with Mark Pritchard, A Sides, Ritual and Wai Wan again is something I wanted for this record, also to work with an amazing talent in Setwun warmed the cockles of my heart. My thoughts? I just hope it resonates with who comes into contact with it.

4. You have seen the drum & bass scene grow over the years. What are your thoughts on the current scene and how you look at the genre considering the future?
A - Watching the music evolve over the years has been interesting to see how many sub genres have split off the one thing. The current scene is a kind of see saw in my eyes, there are lots of people who defend one style of the genre and many peope who can embrace the broader spectrum. I do however take offence to some bright spark somewhere coming up with DnB pop. This is not a pop genre. There has also been some disappointing racism from certain corners and it is good to see the community rail againts this element because DnB and music in general is about unity. The future is healthy because there are a lot of very talented producers and DJs out in the world who love this music.

5. What’s 2020 looking like? We’ve also heard that you are working on creating [and curating] a festival somewhere. So, what is planned for the forthcoming months?A - 2020 is looking like a different picture because I have the album coming out so am looking to focus on my other life again as it has been a while since working in a band setup. You heard correctly about the festival, the event is going to be held in Jamaica and we're working on delivering a great experience for DnB lovers around the world. I'm going to be touring New Zealand from new year's eve until the end of January, heading back to Jamaica, planning a spring trip to the states, a booking agent in Berlin is hatching a plot for shows for the record and Boomtown Festival have confirmed for August... Here's me saying I want to work less haha.

6. Your five favourite tunes of all time?
A - Now this is a hard one because there are so many that I love, but I'll pluck a few.

Shape your mind to die – Leon Thomas
Paradise – Leroy Hutson
Warm – Change
Love has found it's way – Dennis Brown
Chase Scene – Ram Trilogy.

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Dubplate #045 - SPIKEY TEE


 1] Spikey Tee - Fuckry - (unreleased) 2] Samurai Breaks - Anti Social Club - Halogen Music 3] Hathor - Harm Attempt - Silent Dust/None60 4] Samurai Breaks - Loose Control - Halogen Music 5] Sam Binary & Deviant - Traverse - In Reach Records 6] Fuj - Cordon - Translation Recordings 7] Alibi - Vintage - V Recordings 8] Adzzy - Alternate Universe - Monk Audio UK 9] DJ Trace & Emery feat Sofia Mari - Elation - V Recordings 10] Dramatic & Command Strange - Try To Understand (L Side Remix) - Planet V 11] Kiat - Stranger Things - Function Records 12] Ewol & Nami - Enemy Is The Timeline - Plasma Audio 13] Mystific - Had It All (Simplification Remix) - Liquid Flow 14] Nautic - FBM (Original Mix) - Profound Beats 15] Mystific feat. Zara Taylor - Try To Understand (Original Mix) - Just Lab Records 16] Sceptre - Physical Reality (Original Mix) - Forbidden Frequencies 17] Drumsound & Bassline Smith - Gods Never Die - Function Records 18] Taxman - All For Nothing (feat Diane Charlemagne - DnB remix) - Playaz 19] Taxman - Beyond The Black Rainbow - Playaz 20] Taxman - Telepathy (Original Mix) - Playaz 21] Need For Mirrors - Lambo - V Recordings 22] Drumsound & Bassline Smith - Everyman Remix - (Dub)

Picture credit - Misa Fasano