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#BassMondays - Dakta Dub (Interview + Dubplate 034)

Closing the year of 2018 with our 34th Dubplate feature, we have none other than 'Dakta Dub', a familiar name in the Indian bass scene. Better known to his friends and family as Bala, Dakta' career started in 2004 when he first visited Budapest, Hungary for a professional diploma course, but destiny leaded him to Tilos Radio, the biggest underground radio station of Budapest. At Tilos Radio, Dakta had an opportunity to learn DJ-ing and mixing several types of music such as world fusion, dub, reggae, drum n bass, dub- step , chill out, global Indian, jazz and various influences. His weekly radio show “Indian Lights” became the most popular among different programs. During his stay in Budapest he also appeared as a guest DJ on Tilos Radio's other programs. From 2006 started hosting Saturday evening Indian music show on Radio C Fm 88.8, Budapest, a gypsy radio station. Dakta played at several club parties and festivals: No man’s land festival, Hungary, Hanna Hanna festival Slovakia, RWTH University fest, Germany, Tilos Radio World Music Party series with fellow program makers on Radio.

He returned to Hyderabad, India in 2008 and has ever since been spreading underground music vibes to Indian massive, while he runs a non-commercial, independent radio station Monkey Radio India and monthly dance nights, Bass Sanskriti. We had a little chat with him while we hosted him in Bangalore a couple of months ago, read more to understand him better as an artist. Don't forget to hit play, brighten this Christmas Eve with this groovy set he has put together for you guys.

1. We've read about your experience in Budapest where you started your career. Tell us more about it?
A - Oh Yes. The whole Budapest Underground Music Scene gave foundation starting from musical and cultural institution called Tilos Radio. At the radio, I got to listen and learn various genres of music, from some simple living but wicked DJs.. All this gave me the exposure and knowledge to bring back home one day. I slowly got a slot on Radio and that's it, the journey began.

2. Your ability to infuse dub, drum & bass, reggae and trip-hop is very refreshing. How do you like to approach your music?
A - Bottom line is, I like 'Bass Music'. I listen and collect various genres of music that are bass influenced. Mixing them in a set, is a skill which can be achieved when one knows the music along with the vibes of the music being understood. 
For each show, I like to prepare with specific theme or vibe depending on the subject and then also according the position I am playing at in the line up.

3. How do you think drum & bass as a community has progressed in India?
A -   I think it has come a long way. 10 years back, there were hardly a few DJs, doing DnB nights, like Bhavishyavani Future Soundz, Bay Beat Collective in Bombay, Vachan in Bangalore, and Bass Foundation in Delhi etc. Today we have world class drum and bass producers from our country like Bandish, Barasingha, Shivacult, Oxygen, Smokey etc., which is absolutely amazing.

4. Your return to India led to the birth of Monkey Radio and Bass Sanskriti. How did it come about?
A - The radio happened because there wasn't any radio stations in Hyderabad that allowed the same music as Tilos Radio. I mean like a community radio or something, where all kinds of music is accepted. I was looking to approach radio stations for possibilities of sharing the music genres they do not do, and I got some support from AIR Hyderabad initially, but it was looking very limited in terms of music and freedom of expression, both technically and morally. So, I had to look for an alternative ways of making it happen, and I was looking at making pirate radio. Not able to get proper infrastructure for broadcasting and also broadcasting rules, it was all so difficult that made us go online and exactly that time Mixcloud launched, and that was a perfect platform to make the idea of monkey radio india run. It's small, but it has got so much love from all over the world so far, without asking anyone to listen or like. That's amazing I think.
Bass Sanskriti too has similar story, now the ground is music venues and night life. In 2008 from Friday night dances at Pmatka to Dub’in & Step’in nights at downtown venue 10 Sports Bar, to outdoor dances at Farm World Cafe outdoor sessions to now having so much happening in the city, we've come a long way. It has also been a great journey influencing so many youths of Hyderabad with Bass Culture.

 5. How does your ideal downtime look like?
A -  Ideal downtime, is chill at home, while mom prepares me a bowl of hot dal rice with ghee, while I chill and vibe watching some cool National Geographic Channel nature discovery and contemplate the whole existence, or ponder about the same while watching some spiritual stuff or reading a book.

6. What can we expect from Dakta Dub in 2019?
A -   Lot of good things in roll for 2019. Most excited about with this nail biting wait for Sound System. From 2019 its all about Sound System Dances and some good music on Shakuntala Records.

7. 5 tunes you are digging at moment?
A -  I dig a lot of music, both in vinyl and digital. I can not really pick as such.. but let me try. On my recent Goa Sunsplash mix, I got to make a mix and this roots artist Zap Pow has made me go wow with the 70s style roots music… so spiritual. Another amazing album I bought is Another Channel Dub Excursion(s). Run is the tune. Al Cambell - I & I Meditation, Dubkasm - Victory, Victory - Mala Remix, Babe Roots - Spiritual Connection. Digg them all.

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Dubplate #034 - DAKTA DUB



1] Dakta Dub Dubplate - REDS feat Delhi Sultanate and Begum X  (Fever Riddim)
2] Shivacult - Bengaluru to Yelahanka
3] Paramount - Twilight
4] Subdivision - Music Talks
5] Tokalosh - Steller Debris 
6] Imba - From Within
7] Barasingha - Sarmasta
8] Invisible Landscape - Brothers & Sisters
9] Numa Crew, Robert Dallas, Petah Sunday - Impossible
10] Macca - Original Degree Soul Rebel Recordings
11] Congo Natty - Jungle Souljah
12] Barasingha ft. Shivacult - In Memoriam 
13] Malay & Identified - Children of The Sky
14] Barasingha & Nuphlo - Tabla bass (Remix)
15] Bill Laswell - Shiva Myth

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