Monday, August 20, 2018

We have picked Nuphlo's 5 best tunes to gear you up for the mayhem that is to come | LISTEN

Nuphlo’s influence on the Indian Drum & Bass scene is unparalleled. Steeped in drum & bass and Indian heritage, UK based Nuphlo has re-invented global dance and bass music. Nuphlo's music carries a heavy influence of 1990s ambient, breakbeat and drum & bass references with his trademark contemporary bass twist. 

Like no other producer, Nuphlo combines unexpected textures: from Leeds to Mumbai and everywhere inbetween. Spanning over references from ambient, acid, jungle, IDM, grime and hip hop he makes it seem effortless, coming across like a mesh rather than a clash. Seamlessly weaving across global melodies, scales, rhythms and flavours into the backbone of electronic music, he is the unrivalled grandmaster of crisp, slick and deep sounds. 

After a brief hiatus, Nuphlo is back in India for our very first edition of Easter Bass at Fandom. 'Eastern Bass' is a property which is going to be inclined towards Asian Underground Music, specifically designed to promote the fusion and blend of western underground bass music and the traditional Asian music; something that has been cultivated and carried forward by multicultural artists for around three decades now and in anticipation of the mayhem that is to come, we are giving Nuphlo’s 5 best tunes to gear you up for Wednesday.

1] Nuphlo – Heer

Heer is Nuphlo’s undisputed seminal hit. The greatest purveyor of Eastern melodies offered one of the lighter, more hypnotic ways into the Nuphlo sound, which adeptly unites the contemporary dubstep sounds of London with rhythms and vocal samples from much further afield. 

2] Nuphlo – Cassiopeia

Combining Eastern melodies yet again, Cassiopeia is a dubstep banger filled with sophisticated breaks and flute influences. 

3] Nuphlo - Rumba Box

‘Rumba Box’ is part of Nuphlo’s critically acclaimed Digital Culture Clash LP which displayed Nuphlo’s immense ability to fuse breakbeat and drum & bass references with his trademark contemporary bass twist and the tune is 90s influenced jungle and drum & bass pyrotechnics which is packed with those signature Nuphlo breaks.

4] Nuphlo – Tere Mere

‘Tere Mere’ features vocal samples by Lata Mangeshkar from her blockbuster hit ‘Tere Mere Beech Mein’. Lacing the vocals with his signature Jungle & Breakbeat style, Nuphlo has presented Eastern Drum & Bass in the most provisional and empirical manner.

5] Nuphlo – Vantage

‘Vantage’ has become our instant favoutire straight after its release on last Friday. Nuphlo along with Osmani Soundz and Shandy, his Nasha Experience ensemble has delivered some of the most deep and intricate drum & bass cuts like ‘Project 808’, ‘Audio Chef’ and ‘Dayam’. ‘Divided’ like these tunes is a straight up low end strut into bassline butchery like banger.

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