Sunday, August 12, 2018

Magnetude follow up their debut release on RAM Records with 'Arcade'.

Magnetude, An Anglo-Russian hybrid was brought together through their mutual love of music and this is evident through each one of their sonic imaginings. Their incredible production standard and attention to detail didn’t go unnoticed by drum & bass figurehead Ram, as their cross-pollination of influences filtered through their meticulously fashioned compositions. After spending the last year solidly working on their unique blend of dance music, they had their defining moment on the drum & bass behemoth, which is now being followed in quick succession by their brand-new release ‘Aracde’.

The ingenious duo made their debut on RAM Records with two immaculately sculpted compositions in the form of ‘Snatch’ and ‘Signals’. Their knack of producing groundbreaking sounds while maintaining the contemporary drum & bass core made them one of the most exciting up and coming artists on the RAM Records roster.

After their defining release on the biggest Drum & bass label on the planet, Magnetude have followed up in quick succession with another stunning release with ‘Arcade’.

Arcade’ has already been doing the rounds, becoming a signature within the duo’s sets throughout the world. The 8-bit breakdown and synth-layered crescendos take you through each track switch, as you’re pulled deeper and deeper into a pin-ball machine of evilly-laughing samples amongst fast-paced beat patterns.

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