Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Degs returns to Hospital Records with a stunning mixtape featuring Nu:Tone, S.P.Y, London Elektricity and many more.

Immersed in Soul, R&B, Hip-Hop and Rock by his English and Kenyan parents, it wasn’t until his mid-teens that Andrew Davies aka MC Degs was introduced to drum & bass, instantly falling in love with the beats, bass and futuristic soundscapes.

Having learned a range of instruments as a child Degs turned his attention to vocals, experimenting with rapping over the hard-hitting Drum & Bass of the time. These experiments rapidly gained him attention and in 2011 Degs was made resident MC at Frequency Drum & Bass Sessions (Volks, Brighton).

His success in Brighton led to bookings across the rest of the UK and, eventually, into Europe with Degs featuring regularly at Belgium mega-raves Invaderz, Skank & Bass and more.

Recently, Degs began to combine his MCing with his soulful singing skills over more melodic D&B, immediately catching the ears of London Elektricity which led to Degs signing an exclusive deal with Hospital Records. The signing was celebrated with the effortlessly emotional tune ‘Poveglia’ which was produced by De:tune. 

Following his popular debut single ‘Poveglia’, recent Hospital signing Degs returns to spread love and spray lyrics with his 8-track ‘Mixtape Sprayout’, featuring track selections from drum & bass heavyweights Nu:Tone, S.P.Y, London Elektricity, Etherwood, RD and Cyber Posix.

With a playful yin-yang of raw untapped soul and fierce lyrical barrages, this array of sprayouts sees Degs’ unique touch bounce through the vibrations of the Hospital sound. Playful hip-hop hooks, silky soulful flows, intricate word play, rapid fire punchlines and deeply personal narratives makes this a worthy sequel to his debut single.
Already London Elektricity’s MC of choice, Degs has kickstarted his career Hospital Records with whirlwind pace as he continues to cast a beaming spotlight onto his abilities.

Mixtape Sprayout Tracklist :

1. Do You Like It? (Present & Future Sprayout) (Original).
2. Nu:Tone x Degs. Bear’s Breeches (New Lanes Sprayout) (Original) Etherwood feat Anile x Degs.
3. She Wants You (Black Sheep Sprayout) (Original)RD x Degs.
4. Just One Second (Mitekiss Remix) [Spread Love Sprayout] (Original)London Elektricity x Degs.
5. Had A Little Fight (Fine Arts Sprayout) (Original)London Elektricity x Degs.
6. Love Hurts (Ebenezer Sprayout) (Original) S.P.Y x Degs.
7. Broken (Game Of Clones Sprayout) (Original)Nu:Tone x Degs.
8. Sun Kissed (Kissed Again Sprayout) (Original).

Grab your copy here.
Image - Hospital Records | Text Source - ClinicTalent.com

Monday, August 20, 2018

We have picked Nuphlo's 5 best tunes to gear you up for the mayhem that is to come | LISTEN

Nuphlo’s influence on the Indian Drum & Bass scene is unparalleled. Steeped in drum & bass and Indian heritage, UK based Nuphlo has re-invented global dance and bass music. Nuphlo's music carries a heavy influence of 1990s ambient, breakbeat and drum & bass references with his trademark contemporary bass twist. 

Like no other producer, Nuphlo combines unexpected textures: from Leeds to Mumbai and everywhere inbetween. Spanning over references from ambient, acid, jungle, IDM, grime and hip hop he makes it seem effortless, coming across like a mesh rather than a clash. Seamlessly weaving across global melodies, scales, rhythms and flavours into the backbone of electronic music, he is the unrivalled grandmaster of crisp, slick and deep sounds. 

After a brief hiatus, Nuphlo is back in India for our very first edition of Easter Bass at Fandom. 'Eastern Bass' is a property which is going to be inclined towards Asian Underground Music, specifically designed to promote the fusion and blend of western underground bass music and the traditional Asian music; something that has been cultivated and carried forward by multicultural artists for around three decades now and in anticipation of the mayhem that is to come, we are giving Nuphlo’s 5 best tunes to gear you up for Wednesday.

1] Nuphlo – Heer

Heer is Nuphlo’s undisputed seminal hit. The greatest purveyor of Eastern melodies offered one of the lighter, more hypnotic ways into the Nuphlo sound, which adeptly unites the contemporary dubstep sounds of London with rhythms and vocal samples from much further afield. 

2] Nuphlo – Cassiopeia

Combining Eastern melodies yet again, Cassiopeia is a dubstep banger filled with sophisticated breaks and flute influences. 

3] Nuphlo - Rumba Box

‘Rumba Box’ is part of Nuphlo’s critically acclaimed Digital Culture Clash LP which displayed Nuphlo’s immense ability to fuse breakbeat and drum & bass references with his trademark contemporary bass twist and the tune is 90s influenced jungle and drum & bass pyrotechnics which is packed with those signature Nuphlo breaks.

4] Nuphlo – Tere Mere

‘Tere Mere’ features vocal samples by Lata Mangeshkar from her blockbuster hit ‘Tere Mere Beech Mein’. Lacing the vocals with his signature Jungle & Breakbeat style, Nuphlo has presented Eastern Drum & Bass in the most provisional and empirical manner.

5] Nuphlo – Vantage

‘Vantage’ has become our instant favoutire straight after its release on last Friday. Nuphlo along with Osmani Soundz and Shandy, his Nasha Experience ensemble has delivered some of the most deep and intricate drum & bass cuts like ‘Project 808’, ‘Audio Chef’ and ‘Dayam’. ‘Divided’ like these tunes is a straight up low end strut into bassline butchery like banger.

Entry : Rs. 200 [Early Bird] | Rs. 300 [At the gate] 
Get your tickets here - https://iape.in/2MQGAL4

* Additional amount of Rs. 200 to be paid at the entry as a mandatory cover charge.

Monday, August 13, 2018

#BassMondays - Noizbleed (Interview + Dubplate 030)

We're back with another Dubplate treat, and for this 30th episode we have these young boys from Udupi, a city in our home state Karnataka. Having formed a band at just the age of twelve, and a small school punishment leading to the formation of the trio, their story is pretty young and interesting. Presenting to you the youngest artist/group we've ever featured - Noizbleed.  We have been listening to their remix of Nucleya's 'Laung Gawacha' and with each time you play it, you realise how unique their production quality is. Joel, Sean and Sanath together make 'Noizbleed' and the lads are constantly busy working on contemporary orchestral scores, originals and yes, they have also done a feature film as music directors. Well, aren't these boys something! Go ahead, read their interesting story and don't forget to hit play before that, to listen to this wicked set put together by the boys, exclusively for our audience.

PS - There's more coming from these guys, on Drum and Bass India. Something that's been brewing for a while now and should be out soon.

1. How did you guys meet and how did the idea of Noizbleed come about?
A - It all started when I (Sean) made a 4 member rock band called "AGE-L" way back in 2012, it was just a bunch of 6th grader musicians jamming together, covering songs for live performance, later on, my class-mate Joel joined in as 5th member. Years later in 9th grade (2014), I and Joel were made to sit on a separate bench for couple of weeks as a punishment of sorts, we took it to our advantage and mostly discussed electronic music production instead of paying attention to our chemistry classes. We had gone to the library that week, saw some news on "HEART-BLEED" virus which we thought was a cool name, we came up with a vision, a plan and thought about what kind of music we'd be creating, we ended up calling the duo project "Noizbleed". San was our senior, he wasn't really close to us at the time, instead we were cyber enemies of sorts, we used to have pointless arguments online until we found a common ground i.e., music. San was more of a collaborator at the beginning, mostly as a rapper, but later on in 2017 he officially joined us as a third member after he proved his worth to us. *laughs*. Just kidding, we knew he was really good at producing, besides we'd be fools not to include him in Noizbleed, because he is the reason why we decided to start making Drum and Bass, our love.

2. Before the formation of Noizbleed, what were you guys producing as individual producers?
A -  Sean was into rock music, he was into recording guitars, programming drums and mix in electronic elements to his productions, He also used to write classical orchestral scores and write punk rock lyrics.
I (Joel) was more into producing techno music, Landscapes sound design, all freaky jungly vibes, trance, tech-house etc I also used to play around with weird 8 bit synths, some weird glitchy plugins which had interesting textures and made a lot of sounds.
San is an amazing rapper to begin with, he was mostly into Rap and hip hop at the time, House music was also something he was really into and he was great at writing raps and writing scores for movies and short films.

3. We are really digging the gritty and punchy textures in your productions. Where do you draw your inspiration from?
A -  I would like to recall a day when I (San) and Sean were sitting in our home studio and playing like little children with whatever little bit of equipment we had to satisfy our fetish for audio gear. Sean had earlier during the day recorded a peice of bass guitar and the line in was still connected to the audio interface and I accidentally started rubbing the other end of it and that sounded really cool wobbley bassline. We infact ended up recording ourselves doing the same. We were always intrigued by the physicality of sound and sound design for us meant creating something that sounds as real and physical as possible from a source that isn't. We have to admit that the main inspiration for this is definitely Noisia. And also some early influences from Koan Sound and Camo & Krooked. We sat for days wondering and trying to figure out how they (Noisia) could make basses that were so gritty and real sounding like in "Reptilians" or "Sinkhole". We ran through their interviews and tutorials on Future Music frame by frame and also from many other sources, and gradually developed a sense of balance in the signal processing with right amounts and frequency modulation, distortion and saturation to get the perfect mix. I like to quote Noisia, "we have always tried avoiding sacrificing beauty to loudness". This is because people often confuse loudness for punchiness. We like having a lot of natural transients in our drums, especially the snare which makes up the body of the track after the Kick. More elaborate design in drums adds a lot to the overall punch of the track. In fact we once went and recorded some traditional snare drums called "Pili Thase" which is very specific to the place we grew up in i.e. Udupi. This often is feautured in some of our tracks for it's sharp sound and texture. Also, giving space for sounds to breathe especially the Sub bass, which we consider sacred and hence try and avoid any interference and phasing, makes it punchy. The challenge is to have loudness without loosing the dynamics.

4. Your remix for Nucleya's Laung Gawacha absolutely bangs. What are your thoughts on the remix?
A - A lot of people asked us why we couldn’t make it an original track, because the track stands out on its own. But we had a purpose for doing it, We didn't really do it for the sake of competition, we did it because we had access to some quality Indian Vocals, So we decided to take the vocals and totally turn the track upside down. I guess we were kinda successful. We've quite always  wanted to show that it’s possible to incorporate Indian elements especially percussions (even in the drop not just the breaks like in the original), while also doing justice to the genre of bass music.

 5. What are your thoughts on the way Drum and Bass is shaping up India? Do you feel it's a blessing in disguise to remain in the fringes or do you feel that the genre needs to push up its game?
A -  DNB defintely needs to step up in India. It's in our genes to dance to high tempo music. I(joel) find close connection between drum and bass and the traditional tabla or what not. They're all fast paced and demand movement from the listener. At the moment the electronic scene in India is improving, but the underground scene is still stuck in the stone age
The audience is very limited. Hopefully people will start listening to more bass music and understand the beauty in the dark side of electro.

6. If you guys DJ together, what would be your ideal DJ set up?
A - If we'd be playing a show together we'd be delighted to put together a great Audio-Visual element to our sets, I(Sean) would be controlling Visual and Lighting aspect, San would be the Dj and MC, Joel would be simply waving his hands around and jumping like a chimp ;P ,
jokes aside, he'd be handling effects and live elements of the show. We'd mostly be using Ableton Live because it offers great control over sending midi signals as the trigger for Live visuals, and ofcourse a great control over the music as well.

7. Your five favourite albums of all time.
A -  1. 'Outer Eges' and 'Split the Atom' by NOISIA.
2. 'MOSAIK' by Camo & Krooked.
3. 'All Hope is Gone' by Slipknot.
4. 'Manifest' by Mefjus.
5. '> Album Title Goes Here <' by deadmau5.
(PS: This result was concluded after a long NATO voting session from all three of us. *laughs loudly*

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Dubplate #030 - NOIZBLEED


1.Culprate X Ghostek - Run [Open Outlets] 2.Robu - ID [Kumo Collective] 3.Get Fucked By The Sun - Hrle [NOISIA's Discord Production Contest / SoundCloud] 4.MRSA (Mat Zo) - Push Me Down The Stairs [INVISIBLE Recordings] 5.MVRK - Voyage [PseudoScience Recordings] 6.Devisored - Tekunin Flame [SoundCloud] 7.Noizbleed - Otrivin [SoundCloud] 8.Krewella & Lookas - Alarm (Signal Remix) [Monstercat] 9.Camo & Krooked X Mefjus - Mandala [RAM Records (WMG)/ Mosaik Records] |Double Drop| 10.Noisia - Bijna Fijn [OWSNF / Unreleased] 11.Robert Miles - Children (Noizbleed's Tribute DNB remix) [SoundCloud] 12.Nodus & Hewson - Antisocial [Boey Audio] 13.Noizbleed - Overclock [DNBIndia Premiere] 14.Signs & Shield - Wood Anthem [SATURATERECORDS] 15.Noizbleed Feat.Shreeja HN - Crossing Luck (Noizbleed's VIP) [Unreleased / Premiere] 16.EiZO - Push and Pull [SoundCloud] 17.Teddy Killerz - Bonkerz [EATBRAIN] 18.Transforma - Kaiju [Cause4Concern Limited] 19.Noizbleed - Dimensions [JWALA Collective] 20.REDPILL - Badou [INVISIBLE Recordings] 21.Mefjus - Sleazebag [VISION Recordings] |Double Drop| 22.AKOV - Space Bears [TITAN Records] |Continuous Drop| 23.Break - Who Got Da Funk [Symmetry Recordings] |Continuous Drop| 24.Mefjus & Rido - Optimum Trajectory [Blackout Music NL] 25.The Upbeats & Ivy Lab - Pharaoh [VISION Recordings] 26.Noisia, Mefjus & Hybris - Clusterfunk [VISION Recordings] |Continuous Drop| 27.PEEKABOO - Arrival [Wakaan] |Continuous Drop| 28.Oolacile & Signal - Tatsu [SoundCloud] 29.Ivy Lab - Cadillac [20/20 LDN] 30.DotCrawl - Alternative Facts [DIVISION Recordings] 31.Mefjus - The Sirens [VISION Recordings] 32.Noizbleed - Communications [Unreleased / Premiere]

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Magnetude follow up their debut release on RAM Records with 'Arcade'.

Magnetude, An Anglo-Russian hybrid was brought together through their mutual love of music and this is evident through each one of their sonic imaginings. Their incredible production standard and attention to detail didn’t go unnoticed by drum & bass figurehead Ram, as their cross-pollination of influences filtered through their meticulously fashioned compositions. After spending the last year solidly working on their unique blend of dance music, they had their defining moment on the drum & bass behemoth, which is now being followed in quick succession by their brand-new release ‘Aracde’.

The ingenious duo made their debut on RAM Records with two immaculately sculpted compositions in the form of ‘Snatch’ and ‘Signals’. Their knack of producing groundbreaking sounds while maintaining the contemporary drum & bass core made them one of the most exciting up and coming artists on the RAM Records roster.

After their defining release on the biggest Drum & bass label on the planet, Magnetude have followed up in quick succession with another stunning release with ‘Arcade’.

Arcade’ has already been doing the rounds, becoming a signature within the duo’s sets throughout the world. The 8-bit breakdown and synth-layered crescendos take you through each track switch, as you’re pulled deeper and deeper into a pin-ball machine of evilly-laughing samples amongst fast-paced beat patterns.

Grab your copy here : https://ram.lnk.to/ArcadeFA

Send us promos at - drumandbassindia@gmail.com.