Friday, June 8, 2018

Spirit makes his first ever appearance on Dispatch Recordings with the 'Fourth Cycle' EP

Spirit barely needs any introduction. With production partner Digital, Spirit has been the pioneer of the dub-wise side of drum & bass. Much of Spirit’s early 2000s output was built on the subwoofer-melting basslines that were reminiscent of the dub producers of old, bringing in a different mentality to the drum & bass scene.
Along with Amit and Digital, Spirit also helped usher in the halftime drum & bass beats, putting an spin on the whole idea of what a drum & bass drum pattern should be. Effortlessly fusing techno, trance and electro influences, with deep, driving bass, Spirit reflects drum & bass in its purest form; his music holding sublime longevity.
Few can match Spirit’s quality and consistency and his recent release on Dispatch Recordings explains why. The ‘Fourth Cycle’ EP is a perfect balance between soul and grit; iridescently delivered with tantalising progression.

Both ‘Interval’ and ‘Setting Sun’ tend to take the listener through a musical journey with simple drum grooves married with hypnotic pads, techno synths rounded off with classic mid 90s bass.

While ‘Buzzed’ and ‘Intoxication’ are the signature techno infused dance floor numbers you would expect from Spirit.

Instantly transporting us back into any number of nostalgic periods from this scene, Spirit is the early contender for the top drum & bass Eps this year.

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