Saturday, June 9, 2018

Mystery producers Nazca Linez have delivered the hottest drum & bass number of the year, on V Recordings.

The brainchild of Bryan Gee and Jumping Jack Frost, V Recordings is one the most important labels in drum & bass. Started in 1993, V Recordings is one of the oldest drum & bass labels and they have shaped the way we perceive modern drum & bass. V Recordings was born with Bryan bringing through some more fresh talent now well known to the world as Roni Size, Krust and DJ Die.
V Recordings is characterized by variety of sounds ranging from "shallow" sounds of Artificial Intelligence to the swashbuckling sounds of Dillinja and Lemon D.
The greatest purveyors of forward thinking drum & bass have stamped their authority on the scene once again by delivering the hottest drum & bass record of the year so far.
After Dawn Wall, Nazca Linez has grabbed the headlines puzzling listeners about their identity. Even Google is stumped, asking, simply, "Did you mean: Nazca Lines?" What we do know about them ( comes from their music. Reminiscent of those classic, benchmark-setting V Recordings rollers, their sound might reference the past, but, equally, it couldn't be more cutting-edge.
Nazca Linez have/has delivered two brain melting numbers on V Recordings with ‘Acid Fashion’ rolling out at a refreshingly stately six minutes, with a power packed bassline that warps and gurgles beneath spacey dubbed out overlays.

‘Silly Putty’ continues that raw, warm, distorted feel, switching out the acid for a much more drawn out bass texture. On-point and future-focused, this is up there with the work of Dillinja or Spirit.

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