Monday, April 9, 2018

#BassMondays - Sepoys (Interview + Dubplate 026)

Continuing to fill our treasure box [Dubplate features], we have Sepoys [Rohit Tandon] for this month of April. A multi genre producer, Rohit has recently moved to Goa to focus on what he really enjoys - Music. Read our quick conversation with him to find more about the artist that we speak of. But first, hit play and listen to this beauty of a mix he has exclusively put together for us.

1. For our readers, tell us more about the Sepoys project?
A - I’ve been playing around with music programs since the 90’s and even worked with sound in my design school days. So Sepoys began with the need to be creative outside of the everyday visual design that I do. I started djing at first and then eventually moved into production. I used to make beats for the ad agency I worked for and we used to use them in some of our demo reels and client work. From there I just kept experimenting and still am.

2. Having experimented with multiple genres, how would you like to best describe your sound?
A - As much as I love the heavy side of electronic music, I simply can’t get that aggressiveness in my own music, so my sounds tends to be more mellow and deep. My dj sets can go either way, but they too are quite chill like the one I made for you guys. Whether its hip hop, deep house or drum n bass, the vibe is usually the same.

3. You moved from Canada to Goa to explore new possibilities. How much has it helped in your journey so far?
A - Before Goa, I was doing the 9-9 life in Mumbai . My wife and I both needed to leave, just so we could explore other avenues of what we call “work”. Samira focusses on her art, and I on my music. Goa allowed us to do this, simply because of the lower cost of living. It also allowed us to be in our spaces with little social distraction (aka lack of friends!).

4. Having played various genres in the past, your inclination for Drum & Bass is evident and your productions speak volumes for it. How did you get into Drum & Bass?

A - I’ve been exposed to Drum & Bass as a child but never knew what it was called till 1998. Growing up in Dubai in the 90’s , a lot of the radio DJs were from the UK, so late night shows were full off Deep House, Garage and Drum & Bass. After moving to Canada in 2000, I got to explore a lot of Lounge / Downtempo and found a lot of Drum & Bass in those albums as well. Thats when I really started following it. Started with artists like LTJ Bukem, EZ Rollers, Goldie to heavier artists like Hive, Amon Tobin and Roni Size.

 5. We are really digging your productions. ‘Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani’ sounds absolutely wicked. How was the experience of capturing the idea and crafting the tune?
A - As of today, that track is 10 years old! The idea to remix a classic R.D. Burman track came from an audio/visual concept that my motion designer friend Sumit Seru and I can up with. I would remix the audio and he would remix the video of the original song. Long story short, I’m still waiting on Sumit to start the video remix! Maybe next year.

6. We are big suckers for those deep, dark and intricate numbers and your recent tunes like ‘Imambada’ and ‘Kuch Khaas’ tick all the boxes for us. Tell us more about the creative process you go through when you make Drum & Bass?
A - I used to own a Fender Rhodes MK 1 in Canada, but had to sell it when I was moving, so a lot of my tracks begin with me playing around with synths. Also , my studio is blacked out because of the Goa sun so that usually has an influence on the sound.

7. What’s next for Sepoys?
A -  Been producing regularly, so I’m working to create a collection of tracks so I can perform them as a set and see where that goes.

8. Five tunes you are digging at the moment?
A - 1. Silence Groove - Home Calls
2. Technimatic - Hold On a While (Feat. Jono McCleery)
3. Break - Winter Rain

4. Bop - Untitled pattern 55
5. Lenzman & Submorphics - Bayview

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Dubplate #026 - SEPOYS


1) Sepoys - Dosto [ Unreleased ]
2) Dust - Donna Jane [ Room Music ]
3) Zero T/Mosus feat Steo - Call Waiting [ Liquid V ]
4) Alix Perez & Ivy Lab - Maiden [ Critical Music ]
5) Intelligent Manners & Command Strange - The Real Deal
[ InnergroundMusic ]

6) Blu Mar Ten & Makoto - Eldervine [ Hospital Records ]
7) Sepoys - World Within  [ Unreleased ]
8) Roni Size - It's a Jazz Thing [ V Recordings ] 
9) E-Z Rollers - Walk This Land [ Moving Shadow ]
10) Megashira - At Last [ INFRACom! ]
11) SpectraSoul -  From The Jaws [ Ish Chat Music ]
12) S.P.Y - Dusty Fingers (feat. Diane Charlemagne) [Hospital Records]
13) Ed it - If And Only If [ CIA Records ]
14) Anile - Wish List [ Med School Music ]
15) Aquarius & Tayla - Bringing Me Down [ Good Looking Records ]
16) Bop - Space Girl [Hospital Records]
17) Amon Tobin - Nova [ Ninja Tune ]

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