Sunday, March 18, 2018

Quentin Hiatus returns to his menacing best with two sumptuous releases on none60 recordings

Quentin McFadden aka Quentin Hiatus dazzled the drum & bass world with his ‘Zanj Rebellion’ EP back in 2014. He is one of those up and coming artists who changed the way we perceive 170 BPM drum & bass. Quentin’s music is provoking, provisional and empirical. To sum it up, his music steps on just the right side of weird.

After numerous releases on labels like Translation Recordings and Free Love Digi, the Arizona based producer returned to his menacing best with two sumptuous releases on Silent Dust’s non60 imprint. If you are looking for full-fledged industrious drum & bass releases, then you are in for disappointment because the EP is packed with uncertainty delivered in the most flawless manner.

The opener, ‘Clever Girl’ is another example of Quentin Hiatus’ exquisite production skills. The shimmering synths create a gorgeous soundscape, taking the listener to the climax of the tune as it turns into deep half-time stepper. The punchy synth bass and high syncopated breaks exemplify Quentin Hiatus’s stylistic sounds.

‘Orange Dreams’ is a complete flipside to ‘Clever Girl’ and it is a testament to the producer’s quixotic and uncompromising style of drum & bass. The sophisticated sound design filled with techno-style chords surge across the soundscape, making ‘Orange Dreams’ an wonky roller.

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