Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Mosillator releases 'Blop' on Outtallectuals's stunning Warpball compilation

Established in 2011, Outtallectuals, in a very short period of time have developed themselves into multi genre label with focus on roots-based and future-thinking organic bass music and emphasis on intricate beat-making, textural field recordings, world instruments. Outtallectuals’ penchant for cutting edge bass music has resulted into the label expanding its network across multiple countries with 40+ international artists on their roster.

The London based label have now released ‘Warpball’. ; A 20-track quantum/space-themed compilation, curated in partnership with game-developers, Unruly Attractions, as the original soundtrack for their upcoming video-game of the same name. The album also features respected underground pioneers such as Kursa & Halfred, and many up and coming producers from around the world.

Part of this monstrous compilation, we are stoked to present ‘Blop’ by Mosillator. Mayur Narvekar along with his Bandish Projekt ensemble, have been the undisputed pioneers of cutting edge bass music in India. Mosillator is Mayur’s Drum & Bass alias and he has been the face of Neurofunk Drum & Bass in India.

If you are a follower of Mosillator’s music, you won’t be surprised experiencing the depth and uncompromising power of ‘Blop’. Beginning with some punchy drum work, ‘Blop’ slides into into a tech-steppy groove Mosillator is known for and slams straight into your face with its carefully arranged sound design, grappling the you between each segment.

Warpball Tracklist: 

1. The Creature - Night Run 
2. Barren Noise - Warpball 
3. Mudra - Quantum Moshpit 
4. Kursa - That'll Do Pig 
5. Chimera - Polytope 
6. EurythmY - Emptimass 
7. Ac-Tone x High Dude - Traumatism 
8. Hullabalo0 - Crimsun 
9. Maynix - Harptime 
10. 5AM - Still (ft. Eviali) 
11. Zenji - Peacock Spider 
12. Mr. Bill x Bell's Worth - Hymnal March of the ElectroSlugs 
13. Aversive - Questions 
14. Mosillator - Blop 
15. Sikada - Fracula 
16. Haquin - Control 
17. Gnostik x Mettakin - Footholds 
18. Duffrey x Halfred - Operation Mindfuck 
19. Glÿph - Tetralith 
20. Artificial Behaviour - Deception

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