Wednesday, March 21, 2018

LSB delivers 'A New Day' EP to celebrate the launch of his new label, 'Footnotes'.

Luke Beavon aka LSB is one of the most revered Drum & Bass artists. LSB has been the man behind some soul stirring numbers such as ‘The View’ featuring DRS and Tyler Daley and  the critically acclaimed ‘Tonight’. His productions are super smooth rollers and his deck selections are always on point. Drum & Bass artists opening their own label is something that we have seen very often in the last couple of years. The idea of their own label gives them opportunity to bring their A-game to the table without any deadline and gives them a chance to say ‘Alright, what is the next Challenge?’

Following the likes of Lenzman, Alix Perez, Spectrasoul, Ulterior Motive and The Prototypes, LSB has launched his own Imprint, ‘Footnotes’. To celebrate the launch of his new label, LSB has released a new EP ‘A New Day’ featuring four tracks starting with the DRS led ‘New Day’, the Acid Techno roller ‘Tripped’, M.I.S.T esque ‘Jazz Strings’. Dare we say that we feel the influence of LSB’s Soul:r sound in his new EP and we cannot wait to see what’s in store for us.

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