Friday, March 30, 2018

Belgian Powerhouse 'NETSKY' | India Tour 2018

It’s not very often that we experience big Drum & Bass artists visit India let alone touring the country. But in the last few years, we have seen a huge influx of Drum & Bass artists tour India. 2017 saw Critical Music Boss Kasra, Delta Heavy, Om Unit and Royalston tour India.
None of us expected 2018 to begin with a such a bang. Belgian Powerhouse Netsky was all set to grace the Indian shores for a three city tour starting with Mumbai, Delhi and the final leg being in Bangalore. [By Passion Unleashed and Deepsound Entertainment]
The wait was finally over and last night was all sorts of epic. As he stepped on the decks , there was huge roar and Mumbai was about to step into a surreal journey. Starting with his signature style of dropping those melodic bangers, Netsky mesmerized the place with his magical sounds. Mixing various styles and dishing out tunes from the likes of Mura Masa, Flume, Andy C, Gwen Stefani [YES], along with  some of his classics such as ‘Memory Lane’, ‘Thunder’ and ‘Come Alive’, Mumbai witnessed Netsky DJ to the height of his powers.
With the Mumbai leg now done and dusted, Netsky will play in Delhi tonight and he will finish his India tour in Bangalore. With the support of local bass talents like Oceantied and Watashi, Bangalore can expect a Drum & Bass mayhem. Closing the night is our very own ‘The Untitled One’. Known for his immaculate mixing and selections, The Untitled One is capable of giving you the perfect bass face and we can barely contain our excitement for tomorrow.

Tickets are as cheap as INR 500. If you haven’t nabbed a ticket for yourself, DO IT NOW.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Mosillator releases 'Blop' on Outtallectuals's stunning Warpball compilation

Established in 2011, Outtallectuals, in a very short period of time have developed themselves into multi genre label with focus on roots-based and future-thinking organic bass music and emphasis on intricate beat-making, textural field recordings, world instruments. Outtallectuals’ penchant for cutting edge bass music has resulted into the label expanding its network across multiple countries with 40+ international artists on their roster.

The London based label have now released ‘Warpball’. ; A 20-track quantum/space-themed compilation, curated in partnership with game-developers, Unruly Attractions, as the original soundtrack for their upcoming video-game of the same name. The album also features respected underground pioneers such as Kursa & Halfred, and many up and coming producers from around the world.

Part of this monstrous compilation, we are stoked to present ‘Blop’ by Mosillator. Mayur Narvekar along with his Bandish Projekt ensemble, have been the undisputed pioneers of cutting edge bass music in India. Mosillator is Mayur’s Drum & Bass alias and he has been the face of Neurofunk Drum & Bass in India.

If you are a follower of Mosillator’s music, you won’t be surprised experiencing the depth and uncompromising power of ‘Blop’. Beginning with some punchy drum work, ‘Blop’ slides into into a tech-steppy groove Mosillator is known for and slams straight into your face with its carefully arranged sound design, grappling the you between each segment.

Warpball Tracklist: 

1. The Creature - Night Run 
2. Barren Noise - Warpball 
3. Mudra - Quantum Moshpit 
4. Kursa - That'll Do Pig 
5. Chimera - Polytope 
6. EurythmY - Emptimass 
7. Ac-Tone x High Dude - Traumatism 
8. Hullabalo0 - Crimsun 
9. Maynix - Harptime 
10. 5AM - Still (ft. Eviali) 
11. Zenji - Peacock Spider 
12. Mr. Bill x Bell's Worth - Hymnal March of the ElectroSlugs 
13. Aversive - Questions 
14. Mosillator - Blop 
15. Sikada - Fracula 
16. Haquin - Control 
17. Gnostik x Mettakin - Footholds 
18. Duffrey x Halfred - Operation Mindfuck 
19. Glÿph - Tetralith 
20. Artificial Behaviour - Deception

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Sunday, March 25, 2018

S.P.Y and Synergy deliver the next set of remixes for DC Breaks' 'Different Breed Remixes' Package

DC Breaks’ seminal LP ‘Different Breed’ featured a hugely diverse array of collaborative artists and musical signatures, which is why the duo came through Ram Records’ roster with so much garnered interest. The duo have released the a monstrous remix package of their album which includes reworks from artists such as S.P.Y, A.M.C & Turno, InsideInfo, Loadstar, Tantrum Desire, Synergy, Flowidus and more.

After Tantrum Desire’s remix of Underground, S.P.Y and Synergy are next to take you into the deeper and darker world of Different Breed, drawing styles from opposite sides of the same spectrum and twisting them into something almost unrecognisable. First up, S.P.Y moves through Never Stop, pushing DC Breaks’ more dancefloor, vocal-lead breakdowns and slamming them against a more tech-driven reimagining. S.P.Y is the master of driving a minimalist sound design whilst also smacking hard on its impact; between every clattering layer of drums and elevating blast of LFO, the original melody streams throughout his remix. The bare bones of Never Stop are clear to see, but S.P.Y makes his presence known through every crackle of bass.
Following in quick succession is Synergy’s version of Hustle, which dramatically switches gears and orchestrates a more stabbing descent into chaos. With Synergy’s neuro-infused background making itself known, their pounding kicks and snares catapult Hustle into a more cataclysmic scene, one which is sure to gain a following throughout their loyal following of DJs. The pair have already found themselves as a centrepiece within the darker side of drum & bass throughout recent months and following a release on the infamous Ram Records imprint, this heat is about to switch up another notch. More remixes are still to come from DC Breaks’ debut Different Breed LP and looking back at its first consecutive unveilings, their full power hasn’t yet been felt.

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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

LSB delivers 'A New Day' EP to celebrate the launch of his new label, 'Footnotes'.

Luke Beavon aka LSB is one of the most revered Drum & Bass artists. LSB has been the man behind some soul stirring numbers such as ‘The View’ featuring DRS and Tyler Daley and  the critically acclaimed ‘Tonight’. His productions are super smooth rollers and his deck selections are always on point. Drum & Bass artists opening their own label is something that we have seen very often in the last couple of years. The idea of their own label gives them opportunity to bring their A-game to the table without any deadline and gives them a chance to say ‘Alright, what is the next Challenge?’

Following the likes of Lenzman, Alix Perez, Spectrasoul, Ulterior Motive and The Prototypes, LSB has launched his own Imprint, ‘Footnotes’. To celebrate the launch of his new label, LSB has released a new EP ‘A New Day’ featuring four tracks starting with the DRS led ‘New Day’, the Acid Techno roller ‘Tripped’, M.I.S.T esque ‘Jazz Strings’. Dare we say that we feel the influence of LSB’s Soul:r sound in his new EP and we cannot wait to see what’s in store for us.

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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Quentin Hiatus returns to his menacing best with two sumptuous releases on none60 recordings

Quentin McFadden aka Quentin Hiatus dazzled the drum & bass world with his ‘Zanj Rebellion’ EP back in 2014. He is one of those up and coming artists who changed the way we perceive 170 BPM drum & bass. Quentin’s music is provoking, provisional and empirical. To sum it up, his music steps on just the right side of weird.

After numerous releases on labels like Translation Recordings and Free Love Digi, the Arizona based producer returned to his menacing best with two sumptuous releases on Silent Dust’s non60 imprint. If you are looking for full-fledged industrious drum & bass releases, then you are in for disappointment because the EP is packed with uncertainty delivered in the most flawless manner.

The opener, ‘Clever Girl’ is another example of Quentin Hiatus’ exquisite production skills. The shimmering synths create a gorgeous soundscape, taking the listener to the climax of the tune as it turns into deep half-time stepper. The punchy synth bass and high syncopated breaks exemplify Quentin Hiatus’s stylistic sounds.

‘Orange Dreams’ is a complete flipside to ‘Clever Girl’ and it is a testament to the producer’s quixotic and uncompromising style of drum & bass. The sophisticated sound design filled with techno-style chords surge across the soundscape, making ‘Orange Dreams’ an wonky roller.

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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Dub Phizix releases 'Engage 1:1 to celebrate the launch of his revolutionary OhmGrown series

Manchester badman, Dub Phizix has been making the most forward thinking music since his arrival in the scene, 20 years ago. His ability to infuse multiple styles from all the corners of the globe makes him one of the most exciting producers in the drum & bass spectrum.

The ingenious producer has launched a new series on his SenkaSonic imprint which is called as the OhmGrown series. The idea behind OhmGrown is simple but revolutionary. Taking personal control of all aspects, sound-design, writing, mixing and visuals - Dub Phizix will release tunes as soon as they are finished. The moment the tune is done, it will feature straight on his BandCamp. OhmGrown will be all about those hidden gems that fail to come out as official releases and getting the tunes to us faster.
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Photo - Jimmy Mould.

Monday, March 12, 2018

#BassMondays - DIVERSION AHEAD. (Interview + Dubplate 025)

It's a tad bit hard to believe that this is our silver jubilee episode for the Dubplate sessions. 25 artists and each time a unique set of thoughts along with a splendid mixset. Such a journey it's been. Also, it's our birthday week. How time flies!

We've come across a bunch of new artists [both producers and DJs] in the last one month, and listening to their tracks/sounds, connecting with them, all of it comes with a feeling of excitement with an unexplainable sense of pride and happiness.

For the 25th feature, we are delighted to have Aditya Malve, a multi genre producer, working with DnB under the name - DIVERSION AHEAD. An audio engineering student based in Pune, Aditya has released a few tracks [along with an EP] by now and is working on a brand new Drum and Bass EP, which is to be released soon. We had a casual chat with him, read up, while you listen to this exclusive set he made for us.

1. How are you doing, Aditya? To begin with, tell us more about the Diversion Ahead moniker. How did it all begin for you?
A - Hey! It’s going good, been really busy! I’ve been producing under the alias ‘Aditya Malve’ roughly for 5 years now, I needed an alias where I can experiment with my music. I was looking for an artist name, going through random things, both online and offline. And while on this road trip to my hometown, I saw the sign board that says ‘DIVERSION AHEAD’ which sounded interesting to me and would also fit the style of music I thought. That’s where it all began.  

2. Having experimented with multiple genres, do you believe that Drum & Bass is your stand- out sound?
A - Umm… I don’t really think so. I really like experimenting my music with other musicians. I like collaborating with musicians (not producers) and creating a hybrid combination of electronica music. I don’t have any stand out as such, you can listen to the experimentation in my EP ‘Beyond Infinity’ which I released last year with Gently Altered. I’m working a lot a of Drum & Bass tunes, putting out an EP in a few months.

3. We want to pay close attention to Port Royal and Atomic Clock. The former is a gorgeous slice of Liquid drum & bass and the latter is a deep, punchy roller. How fluent was the production process while working on these projects?
A - Port Royal is one of favourites. I produced together with Quistek (DJ/Producer, Pune), we had been working on other Drum & Bass tune which didn’t really work out. lt took a while to get the track structured. Once we got track structured right, I sent it to Raunak Barde (Guitarist/Vocalist, Lunar Waves) who’s a mad guitarist, he played an ARP & a solo which I fell in love with. Guitars with Drum & Bass was something which I’ve never heard before, it still sounds fresh. Atomic Clock is one of those tracks which you make in a day & spend two weeks detailing, haha. Both tracks have a story within themselves. I’m open to all genres, like experimenting with everything I work on.

4. We have seen a lot of Drum & Bass artists having a deep connect with House and Techno. What do you look for when you dig genres other than Drum & Bass? 

A - Knew this one would be coming. *giggles*.
I play Deep House & Progressive Deep under the alias ‘Aditya Malve’, and really enjoy deep & melodic vibes. Love playing long deep house sets. Other than that, I like listening to Indie, Electronica, Psychedelic Rock, Progressive Rock as well. I have also had an inclination towards in Jazz recently. So, it could really be anything with good musical content.

 5. What are your thoughts on the concept of Live drum & bass? 
A - That’s something I really dig into, very few artists who perform Drum & Bass live. I’m working on an entire live DIVERSION AHEAD. show with Raunak Barde (Guitarist/Vocalist, Lunar Waves) who’s a really maaaaaaad guitarist. We’ve got around 4-5 tracks together, I love anything he plays. Also having Saranik Dutta on the Drums, who’s a killer drummer. Saranik loves playing Drum & Bass grooves. But it’s been a little difficult to coordinate with time, since everyone’s busy with their own work. But things are falling into place, slowly and steadily.

6. Of all the drum & bass/electronica artists around, whose music moved you and drove you into producing music? 
A - It’s been 5 years that I’ve producing like I mentioned before, and there was a certain limition to music as I didn’t have enough access to the internet. I only had some collection of Pop & EDM during the time I started producing. David Guetta had some really good music out in 2012, his albums were gold. That was something which was new to me and I was curious how it is all made. So I discovered this software called Fruity Loops, fidgeted, explored and self learned with the help of online videos. Later, I started discovering new genres, artists. Subfocus & DJ Fresh were first Drum & Bass artists I discovered. Later I shifted to Ableton, which made it easier for me to produce the kind of sounds I wanted to. Now I’m really inspired by sounds of Flexout Audio (Record Label sound in general), Mr. Bill, Tipper, OX7GEN, Dualist Inquiry, Skanandbass, DIVISION records just to name a few.

7. What is your ideal downtime when you are not making music/studying? 
A -  Well, I don't exactly know how to answer this one, haha. I’m currently pursing my Audio Engineering in Pune, so I’m around sound all day. I constantly seek for information about Audio. I also practice Piano and enjoy solving Rubik's cube.

8. Five tunes you are feeling at the moment? 
A - 1. Red Hot Chilli Peppers - Californication 
      2. Current Value - That Smile 
      3. Ben Bohmer - Souline
      4. QZB & Phentix - Indigo Heart 
      5. Dualist Inquiry - Sleepwalker

9. You are headlining the mainstage at Let It Roll in front of a massive crowd. What will be your opening track?
A - Camo & Krooked - Come Together.

Follow DIVERSION AHEAD | Facebook | Soundcloud.

Dubplate #025 - DIVERSION AHEAD.


1) Transparent ft. D Los - Overload [Flexout Audio]
2) Dreadsquad & Natalie Storm - Beat That Chest (QZB Remix) [Free Download / Indie Release]
3) Ewol & Skylark - Hidden [Flexout Audio]
4) Co:Lateral - Underground Immnunity [Flexout Audio]
5) Alex Perez - Blips [Drum&Bass Arena]
6) Document One - How Low Can You Get [Technique Recordings]
7) Arbee ft. Dyzlexic - Frostbite [Lifestyle Music UK]
8) QZB - WYGD [Drum&Bass Arena]
9) Razat - RepeatRepeatRepeat [Indie Release / Free Download]
10) M-Set & Deefa - All Consuming Fear [Flexout Audio]
11) Shyun & Cruk - Sentry [Critical Music]
12) Whiney ft. Inja - Flashlight [Med School Music]
13) VROMM ft. Rider Shaique - Level Up [Drum&Bass Arena]
14) Mystic State vs Wingz - Midnight Call [Addictive Behaviour]
15) Sam Binga & Rider Shafique - Highly Blessed (Alix Perez Remix) [Critical Music]
16) Euph - Hiatus (Arkaik Remix) [Flexout Audio]
17) Sinic - Con Sequence [Flexout Audio]
18) Sustance ft. Illaman - Signals [Dispatch Recs]
19) Coma & Sense MC - Dinoysus (QZB Remix) [Flexout Audio]
20) M Soul & S27 Svb - Genetics [Flexout Audio]
21) Soon T - Did You Really Know (Revaux Bootleg) [Indie Release / Free Download]
22) Pen - Omikron (Bowsar Remix) [IN:DEEP Music]
23) Tephra & Arkoze ft. Sparkz - Deep Fried [Vandal Records]
24) DIVERSION AHEAD. - Atomic Clock [Indie Release / Free Download]
25) Aditya Malve & Quistek ft. Raunak - Port Royal [nrtya]

Monday, March 5, 2018

RAM Records wizard René LaVice teams up with Gydra to deliver a relentless Neuro stomper, Cold Crush.

Following the traction of his groundbreaking Headlock release, Canadian artist René LaVice is a name which consistently pushes the boundaries through his creative and neoteric approach to bass music. Since signing to the legendary and proverbial label RAM Records over 8 years ago, his work has stretched across an array of platforms, including remixing the likes of Wilkinson, Rudimental, Nero and A-Trak. As well as supporting the legendary Prodigy, whilst dropping a multitude of releases including two top-notch albums, 2017 saw his takeover of the ‘Drum and Bass Show’ from Friction on BBC Radio 1.

What wasn’t expected was his collaboration with Gydra, a Russian outfit plucked from the deepest and darkest depths of neurofunk. More commonly known for their successes on a swathe of underground labels – they have climbed their way into the Beatport Top 10 on multiple occasions and have always demonstrated a high degree of virtuosity and consistency in their production since making themselves known in 2015.
Now together with Lavice, the 3 reputable producers have teamed up as a complete force to be reckoned with and provided us with the high-octane masterpiece they call ‘Cold Crush’.

An instantly gripping intro of metallic guitar thrashes and weighty solid drum kicks lock us into a still and complete emotional state of suspense and anticipation. Use of soft background synths and flittering strings are soon accompanied by a set of powerful and stimulating vocal patterns which curate the perfect exposition. An outbreak of hard hitting snares run alongside gritty, protruding bass stabs shuddering with the use of razor sharp, acute fxi embedded between each bar. The tantalising breakdown allows us to catch our breath whilst we brace ourselves for a second drop of equally distinctive, clear-cut drums, rigorous sub frequencies and an ever-lasting momentum that all in all gives this track an undeniably raw and callous attitude. You can guarantee the listener will be left shaking their head around like a ragdoll and whipping out a gun finger or two.

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Thursday, March 1, 2018

Teddy Killerz team up with Synergy to unleash a Jump-up infused banger on Viper Recordings

Teddy Killerz barely need any introduction. The Russian trio are one of the most revered producers in the electronic music circuit. Their music spans across multiple genres like Electro, Dubstep and Drum & Bass but when they make Drum & Bass, they mean business.
Founded in 2012 and currently signed to RAM Records, they have released their music on labels like Bad Taste Recordings, OWSLA and have delivered some ridiculously explosive tunes which can turn any dancefloor upside down.

The Russian trio have collaborated with fellow Russian duo, Synergy for a monstrous release on Viper Recordings. These five producers have teamed up to deliver a proper dance floor stomper in the form of ‘Smooth’.

The eerie intro sets the tone for the mayhem to come and thumping drums lead us to the drop. Combining elements of Jump-up and Neurofunk , the track builds and turns into a massive wall of sound, thus certifying Teddy Killerz’s ability to deliver straight down the plate bangers.

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