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#BassMondays - Dakta Dub (Interview + Dubplate 034)

Closing the year of 2018 with our 34th Dubplate feature, we have none other than 'Dakta Dub', a familiar name in the Indian bass scene. Better known to his friends and family as Bala, Dakta' career started in 2004 when he first visited Budapest, Hungary for a professional diploma course, but destiny leaded him to Tilos Radio, the biggest underground radio station of Budapest. At Tilos Radio, Dakta had an opportunity to learn DJ-ing and mixing several types of music such as world fusion, dub, reggae, drum n bass, dub- step , chill out, global Indian, jazz and various influences. His weekly radio show “Indian Lights” became the most popular among different programs. During his stay in Budapest he also appeared as a guest DJ on Tilos Radio's other programs. From 2006 started hosting Saturday evening Indian music show on Radio C Fm 88.8, Budapest, a gypsy radio station. Dakta played at several club parties and festivals: No man’s land festival, Hungary, Hanna Hanna festival Slovakia, RWTH University fest, Germany, Tilos Radio World Music Party series with fellow program makers on Radio.

He returned to Hyderabad, India in 2008 and has ever since been spreading underground music vibes to Indian massive, while he runs a non-commercial, independent radio station Monkey Radio India and monthly dance nights, Bass Sanskriti. We had a little chat with him while we hosted him in Bangalore a couple of months ago, read more to understand him better as an artist. Don't forget to hit play, brighten this Christmas Eve with this groovy set he has put together for you guys.

1. We've read about your experience in Budapest where you started your career. Tell us more about it?
A - Oh Yes. The whole Budapest Underground Music Scene gave foundation starting from musical and cultural institution called Tilos Radio. At the radio, I got to listen and learn various genres of music, from some simple living but wicked DJs.. All this gave me the exposure and knowledge to bring back home one day. I slowly got a slot on Radio and that's it, the journey began.

2. Your ability to infuse dub, drum & bass, reggae and trip-hop is very refreshing. How do you like to approach your music?
A - Bottom line is, I like 'Bass Music'. I listen and collect various genres of music that are bass influenced. Mixing them in a set, is a skill which can be achieved when one knows the music along with the vibes of the music being understood. 
For each show, I like to prepare with specific theme or vibe depending on the subject and then also according the position I am playing at in the line up.

3. How do you think drum & bass as a community has progressed in India?
A -   I think it has come a long way. 10 years back, there were hardly a few DJs, doing DnB nights, like Bhavishyavani Future Soundz, Bay Beat Collective in Bombay, Vachan in Bangalore, and Bass Foundation in Delhi etc. Today we have world class drum and bass producers from our country like Bandish, Barasingha, Shivacult, Oxygen, Smokey etc., which is absolutely amazing.

4. Your return to India led to the birth of Monkey Radio and Bass Sanskriti. How did it come about?
A - The radio happened because there wasn't any radio stations in Hyderabad that allowed the same music as Tilos Radio. I mean like a community radio or something, where all kinds of music is accepted. I was looking to approach radio stations for possibilities of sharing the music genres they do not do, and I got some support from AIR Hyderabad initially, but it was looking very limited in terms of music and freedom of expression, both technically and morally. So, I had to look for an alternative ways of making it happen, and I was looking at making pirate radio. Not able to get proper infrastructure for broadcasting and also broadcasting rules, it was all so difficult that made us go online and exactly that time Mixcloud launched, and that was a perfect platform to make the idea of monkey radio india run. It's small, but it has got so much love from all over the world so far, without asking anyone to listen or like. That's amazing I think.
Bass Sanskriti too has similar story, now the ground is music venues and night life. In 2008 from Friday night dances at Pmatka to Dub’in & Step’in nights at downtown venue 10 Sports Bar, to outdoor dances at Farm World Cafe outdoor sessions to now having so much happening in the city, we've come a long way. It has also been a great journey influencing so many youths of Hyderabad with Bass Culture.

 5. How does your ideal downtime look like?
A -  Ideal downtime, is chill at home, while mom prepares me a bowl of hot dal rice with ghee, while I chill and vibe watching some cool National Geographic Channel nature discovery and contemplate the whole existence, or ponder about the same while watching some spiritual stuff or reading a book.

6. What can we expect from Dakta Dub in 2019?
A -   Lot of good things in roll for 2019. Most excited about with this nail biting wait for Sound System. From 2019 its all about Sound System Dances and some good music on Shakuntala Records.

7. 5 tunes you are digging at moment?
A -  I dig a lot of music, both in vinyl and digital. I can not really pick as such.. but let me try. On my recent Goa Sunsplash mix, I got to make a mix and this roots artist Zap Pow has made me go wow with the 70s style roots music… so spiritual. Another amazing album I bought is Another Channel Dub Excursion(s). Run is the tune. Al Cambell - I & I Meditation, Dubkasm - Victory, Victory - Mala Remix, Babe Roots - Spiritual Connection. Digg them all.

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Dubplate #034 - DAKTA DUB



1] Dakta Dub Dubplate - REDS feat Delhi Sultanate and Begum X  (Fever Riddim)
2] Shivacult - Bengaluru to Yelahanka
3] Paramount - Twilight
4] Subdivision - Music Talks
5] Tokalosh - Steller Debris 
6] Imba - From Within
7] Barasingha - Sarmasta
8] Invisible Landscape - Brothers & Sisters
9] Numa Crew, Robert Dallas, Petah Sunday - Impossible
10] Macca - Original Degree Soul Rebel Recordings
11] Congo Natty - Jungle Souljah
12] Barasingha ft. Shivacult - In Memoriam 
13] Malay & Identified - Children of The Sky
14] Barasingha & Nuphlo - Tabla bass (Remix)
15] Bill Laswell - Shiva Myth

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#BassMondays - Mirasi (Interview + Dubplate 033)

Our November Dubplate features 'Mirasi', an artist who has been in our personal favorites' list, ever since he released 'Hidimba', a soul touching track with an equally powerful video. The track was awarded with the award of Music Video of The Year at the BMT Film Festival, UK, 2017. Based in Delhi, Nakul is deeply influenced by traditional Indian sounds, and with 'Mirasi', he infuses the same with various other genres, creating something unique each time. Apart from taking music production classes, he is currently working on a couple of projects which are to be out soon. Listen to this fresh set he put together for us, while you read and find a little more about him.

1. We are really intrigued by the name ‘Mirasi’. How did the idea of Mirasi come about?
A - Mirasi are traditional singers and dancers from India and Pakistan.They were nomadic musicians, who used to perform at different places to earn a living. The noble cause of enriching people’s lives by sharing stories, learnings and inspiration through the medium of music and dance has travelled down generations. I have always felt connected with this, and thus the name.

2. How would you like to describe your style?
A - My musical style is deeply rooted in Indian traditional music, yet it is unique in the way that it draws from various international genres, like bass music, dub, reggae, drum and bass, trap. Each piece pulls inspiration from genres that reflect the mood and essence to portrayed to the listener. The soul of each piece tells me what genre it belongs to, and I ensure to not restrict my creativity by defining the genres.

3. You seem to have flawlessly commingled the signature eastern breaks vibe with a new school drum & bass flavor in your tune ‘Hidimba’. Tell us more about it?
A -  The track “Hidimba” is a piece of work that is close to my heart. It attempts to showcase the innate power within us that we are ourselves are incognizant to. It employs the high energetic, tense atmosphere rendered by the use of eastern breaks sounds, to portray the tense moments of this specific realisation, when it does happen. This overall theme is echoed through indian ragas which takes the listener through the pain and struggle which must ensue before we uncover our true potential and powers. The video of this piece has very efficiently showcased the theme of this track, and was awarded with the award of Music Video of The Year at the BMT Film Festival, UK, 2017.

4. How would you like to approach your productions going forward? Will we always get to hear those eastern breaks influences in your output or would you like to produce something else?
A - This is an interesting question, because as I have shared earlier, I am an artist adept to go with the flow of the musical river. To be able to say for sure that which genre I shall be working on in the coming future is difficult, though it is for sure that you will be seeing a lot of variety in my work and not just eastern breaks music. I draw inspiration from what my fellows in the industry are making at the moment, though my renditions almost always rely on indian instruments and vocals, and hence a rich indian flavour shall always persist in my work.

 5. How do you like to approach your DJ sets?
A -  I usually play on cdjs,but I’ll definitely start playing live sets also.I would love to introduce some indian instruments in my live performances.
For the Dj sets,I use ‘mixed in key’ and then take it to ‘rekordbox’.
I try to add some variety and depth to my mixes, so you’ll find around 4 to 5 different genres in a mix.The live audiences reactions require quick judging and response from my end,DJ sets are great opportunities to share my work and see in situ reception, thus are highly insightful for me.

6. What other genres do you listen or would like to produce other than drum & bass?
A -   Hip Hop, Reggae, R&B, Jazz etc. I'm also working on two other projects at the moment and one of them is a group formed with these rappers from New Delhi.

7. 5 tunes you are digging at moment?
A -  1. Mad zach - Airport Chronicles
2. Mad Zach Kobza Da
3. Alfa Mist - 7th October
4. Jon Casey - Dirt
5. Mo Vibez - 24k

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Dubplate #033 - MIRASI


1. Masala Dosa - Shiva Express 2. J Kenzo - Bloodlines 3. Pushloop - kula kula(The Widdler Remix) 4. Perverse - feat Gantz Seismic 5. Biome - Shaman 6. Compa Ipman - Let Them Bookah 7. Biome - Shadows 8. Kryptic Minds - Organic 9. Kryptic Minds - Alone 10. Pushloop - Purple Tapestry 11. SPMC - Oh My Ghosh 12. SPMC - Declassified 13. Pushloop - Drum Circle 14. Pushloop - The Jungle 15. Kwizma - Shelby 16. Radikal Guru feat Solo Banton - Back Off(DJ Madd remix) 17. Causa - Cruel Record 18. J Kenzo - Body heat 19. Samba - Kami 20. Oxossi and Samba - Orbitals 21. DJ Madd - Peng Teng 22. Epoch - Ribcage

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#BassMondays - Smokey (Interview + Dubplate 032)

Very often we have thought about how we have had so many artists join our Dubplate family, but there's not a single woman in the list. Breaking the pattern, is Smokey, a Music Producer, Live Act and DJ hailing from the historic streets of Mumbai. Behind her seemingly wild and zany personality lies a great sense of dedication and her inimitable approach to music. She’s known to explore the Underground Bass Music and has performed at festivals like Bacardi NH7 Weekender, Bass Camp Festival, India Bike Week, Indie Art Fest, God's Own Music Festival, to name a few. Devoted to the deep, dark and minimal vibes from the underground and intrigued by the musical mix of sounds from the love of World Music through Drum & Bass / Bass Music, Indira began to pick up a few instruments herself and started to produce. We caught up with her to know a little more about her plans in the near future, artists she is enjoying listening to at the moment and a lot more. Hit play, listen to this exclusive mix set by her, and read on. 

1. You have explored and experimented with many genres over the years but what would you regard as your standout genre?
A - Drum & Bass Only! Growing up, I was exposed to Hindi & Marathi music only as my Mother used to listen to songs on the Radio & Television. However, it was drum & Bass coming from my friend’s earphones that really caught my attention. I found myself really getting into it and my passion really started to grow from there.

2. Congratulations on the release of another blistering track. What are your thoughts on final outcome of the project?
A -  Thank you very much! I’m really happy about this release, I’ve been doing a lot of writing this year and the inspiration was the kind of music I’ve been listening to at the moment and also the urge to push myself, especially for Maiden, which is quite a departure from my other tracks. It has a bit of a strange beginning but I’m really happy how it switches up on the drop into something heavy and the Tabla samples in break down makes it unique. I’d just like to thank everyone that’s supported me. In case you’ve missed hearing “Maiden” check it out here :…/smokey-maiden-original-mix.

3. You seem to switch seamlessly from the soul stirring sounds of ‘Serenity’ to dance floor bangers like ‘Maiden’. How do you approach your production regime while making tunes?
A -  My sound has matured quite a bit over the years. I’ve never been one to restrict myself to a certain genre as a producer. I personally listen to so many different styles of music. With Serenity, I fearlessly pursued the sounds and emotions I felt. Being a DJ first has helped me to be a better producer. Having the ability to interact with the crowd and see what they respond to, it helps me be more creative and efficient in the studio. I almost always start with drops first by making bass sounds then create the melodies & chord progressions, then drums and layering a ton of sounds to fill it out. I’ve always saved the intro and outro for last, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. It’s all about being unique. Right now I am trying to create the music that I hear in my head and translate it into Ableton.

4. How does your ideal performance set-up look like?
A - Right now, I’m using Ableton Live, Akai APC40 Controller & Line 6 UX2 audio interface for experimental DJ sets & for live set I use Ableton Live, Arturia key lab 49, Akai APC40 Controller & Focusrite saffire pro 24 audio interface. I would like to add Ableton Push to be more creative with my sets.

 5. Your drum & bass sets are filled with those dark neuro numbers. Tell us more about your penchant for the darker side of drum & bass?
A -  Honestly saying, it was not a sudden decision. When I stated playing Drum & Bass Dj sets, I was on supporting / opening duties most of the time, so I used to keep my sets minimal. This is how I started digging out the darker side of Drum & Bass. The more I explored, the more I fell in love with the sounds and now I can’t get enough of it. The energy & vibes hook you.

6. Which artists inspired you to make drum & bass?
A -   Noisia, London Elektricity, Total Science, Ed Rush, Ivy Lab, Arkaik, Calibre, Squarepusher to name a few, as I play their tracks in my Dj sets. They are the biggest inspirations in getting me to start producing Drum & Bass music. I am inspired by their fearless approach to varying instrumentation, sounds and their ageless commitment to drum and bass music. In India, Bandish Project & Nucleya. I think possibly 1% of Nucleya’s fans know about Khandit Nayaka; this track is the spark for me. It’s so incredible, even today. And Talvin Singh (UK) for his versatility. When I heard “Jaan’ for the first time, I was blown away!

7. What’s next for Smokey?
A -  I have many new exciting projects lined up for 2018 & 2019. I’m working on my own bass projects and some exciting collaborations; You can expect more originals / singles coming up. Rather than that, touring. A lot of interesting gigs coming up this year. I am performing at 'Life In Colour Festival with Diplo' in November & 'Bacardi NH7 Weekender at Pune' in december. Also sharing the stage with very talented Monica Dogra for her latest EP release. Blessed to work with the best people in the industry.

8. Your top 5 drum & bass tunes this year?
A -  1. Skeptical- Elevator - Exit Records
2. Kiril & Was A Be - This! - Critical Music
3. Icicle & Proxima - Outer Planes ft. Ben Verse - Entropy Music
4. Icicle - Dust Me Off - Skankandbas
5. Synergy - Process - Eatbrain

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Dubplate #032 - SMOKEY


00.00 - The View (Calibre Remix) - DRS feat. Tyler Daley & LSB (Soul:r Recordings) 02.56 - Empathy - Tokalosh (Celsius Recordings) 04.25 - Losing My Mind - Anile (Med School Records) 06.59 - Soul On Fire (Legion Remix) - Karl K (Koldfront Recordings) 08.49 - Nothing - Humanature & Colussus (Soul Deep Exclusives) 11.24 - There's Delight - Silence Groove (Fokuz Recordings) 13.36 - Maiden - Alix Perez & Ivy Lab (Critical Music) 15.49 - Ready For Your Love ft MNEK (Etherwood Remix) - Gorgon City (Hospital Records) 18.01 - Vapour Trails (LSB Remix) - London Elektricity (Hospital Records) 20.58 - Butterfly (Impish Remix) - Soligen & Type 2 feat. Wednesday Amelia (Fokuz Recordings) 22.48 - Longshanks - Dawn Wall (Integral Records) 24.38 - Just A Little - Malaky & Satl & J Logic (Fokuz Recordings) 26.51 - Funky Sugar - Classymistah (Audio Theory Records) 29.47 - Those Left Behind - Cern Ft Hydro (Dispatch Recordings) 33.28 - Spectrum - Tight, Nexus (Radar Records) 36.24 - Whistler - Silence Groove (Fokuz Recordings) 38.15 - Gayatri - Etherwood (Mr Suicide Sheep) 41.33 - Adrift - Grifta (Hospital Records) 43.46 - Love Affair - Iandys (feat. MC Matte) (Inspiration Recordings) 46.20 - Memories - Command Strange (Celsius Recordings) 48.11 - Songbird - Tokyo Prose (Hospital Records) 50.45 - The Inevitable - Monrroe (Celsius Recordings) 52.58 - Dawning - Madface (Liquicity Records) 55.32 - Toys - Eastcolors (Program Records) 57.44 - Searching - Kove (MTA Records)

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Changing Faces makes her debut on Spearhead Records with the 'Shadows' EP.

Hailing from Slovakia, Ema Vaskova – better known as Changing Faces, is truly an up & coming talent in drum and bass. This 20-year-old producer has already caught the attention of more than a few heads in the scene, including RAM Records, UKF’s record label Pilot, Fokuz Recordings, and the Let It Roll Festival crew.

After being bitten by the breakbeat bug in the form of a High Contrast DJ set on YouTube at Pohoda Festival back in 2011, Ema delved into her chosen DAW. After overcoming a slightly intimidating user interface, she landed her first release back in 2013 with Subformat and Charli Brix. The young Slovakian has since seen a string of strong releases on labels like Celsius, Fokuz and Pilot. Expect timeless melodies, polished drums and warm bass foundations in her tracks, garnering recent radio support on her debut Soulvent single Talk To You from the likes of Friction & Metrik.

Inspired and supported by some fairly heavyweight producers & DJs alike, Changing Faces is delivering some of the finest quality Drum and Bass around – both in her productions as well as her DJ sets.

After making several appearances on labels like Med School Music and LW Recordings this year, Changing Faces has delivered a full-fledged EP on Spearhead Records. With the release of ‘Shadows’ EP, the Slovakian made her debut on Spearhead Records, a label known for being the finest purveyor of soulful drum & bass. 

The opener ‘Fractures’ and ‘At Dawn’ brings out Changing Faces’ unparalleled ability to deliver spine tingling melodies and silky-smooth soundscapes while title track ‘Shadows’ and ‘Waves’ carry the soulful and elegant elements with a heavy and funk driven flavor to the tunes.

Image - Mikulas Bado

Saturday, September 29, 2018

Jubei & Tyrone team up to drop the face melting 'Arcane' EP on Metalheadz.

Jubei is a name that is synonymous with slick Drum & Bass music. A no gimmicks approach to his work has earned him an unrivalled reputation as one of the most influential producers in the Drum & Bass spectrum. His production is clinical and his DJ sets feel like a technician at work.
His back catalogue speaks for itself and his collaborations with the likes of Alix Perez, Rockwell, Icicle, Ulterior Motive, Cern, S.P.Y, Lenzman, and Logistics, make him of the top tastemakers in the scene.
Jubei is signed exclusively to Metalheadz and he was the first artist on the label to release an unprecedented nine tracks in one year- a feat never achieved by a non-album artist up to that point.
After this it was only right that his debut album should follow- and indeed it did. ‘To Have & Have Not’ was received with huge acclaim across the board. Listeners and DJs praised the album for its soundtrack nature. The album included collaborations with Goldie, dBridge, DRS and Flowdan , showcasing his unparalleled production qualities.

Having released two stunning tunes in the memory of the late Marcus Intalex this year, Jubei has now returned to Metalheadz to craft five tracks in his typical streamlined fashion. Teaming up with Tyrone, an artist with whom Jubei collaborated with, for his ‘True Form’ EP, The London based don has delivered 4 face melters.
The EP starts off with ‘Stabs’ a simple yet effective roller potent enough to smash dancefloors. Moving further, we're whisked into a swirl of synths and textures on the rising, sweeping dreamer "Avalon”. "The Saboteur" pummels us into submission with its killer droned droned out horns, before being crushed by incredible breakbeat craftmanship on the Blue Note primed "Hoppers Theme".

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Nymfo returns to Dispatch Recordings with the gritty 'Twisted Funk' EP.

Weert based Nymfo is one of Netherlands’s finest Drum & Bass exports. A true DJ at heart with many years of experience under his belt, the Dutchman’s name is synonymous with tough, techno-tinged dancefloor drum & bass rollers. With standout releases for Commercial Suicide, RAM, Critical Modulations and many more, Nymfo is hot property and he is one the finest DJs and producers in the scene today.

With a huge reputation to live up to his DJ Motif, Nymfo’s production output has been of the same high quality that not only have they been picked up by major labels like, Renegade Recordings, Critical Recordings, Frequency Recordings and the huge Shogun Limited imprint but his tunes are in demand by all the established artists and DJs worldwide.

Nymfo started 2018 strongly with releases on Spearhead and RAM Records and now the Dutch phenomenon has made a return to Dispatch Records with a mind bending 4 track EP.
‘Twisted Funk EP’ is classic Nymfo; a potent substance, expertly balanced between the callous and the contained; crafted with unique precision like no other can.

Title track ‘Twisted Funk’ is a Funky, deep and groovy drum & bass number with soaring textures and a gritty bassline while ‘Bullet Train’ is pure drum & bass nostalgia which reminds us of the classic Dispatch Recordings outputs. Deep, dark rolling sounds all the way through. ‘Lemmings’ which is our personal favourite from the EP is an uncompromising drum & bass roller filled with some solid punchy drum work. ‘Drone Attack’ also involves some impressive drum with a mix of carefully arranged staccato hits which push the rhythm to a whole new level.

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Overclocking - Noizbleed | DnB India Premieres

From a small school punishment leading to their formation, to destroying dancefloors with the high-octane style, Manipal based Noizbleed have come a long way. Joel, Sean and Sanath together known as Noizbleed are regarded as one of the most distinctive emerging acts to the bass music industry, their production quality is unique and consist of never-heard-before sounds and styles. The trio started off originally as a rock band based in Manipal back in 2012 when. Joel & Sean decided to start a side project to start producing electronic music and take over the electronic side of the industry.
After 3 years of a successful stint in the mainstream EDM realm, they decided to shift to the more Darker, underground and the ever-growing Drum & Bass scene which came to fruition after the inclusion of Sanath, who joined Noizbleed as a duo.

Since then, the trio has gone through a seamless cross-pollination in drum & bass and they have shifted to a more unique and challenging part of the Drum & Bass industry to prove their mettle to produce straight down the plate Neurofunk bangers. They have been supported by the acts of the drum & bass industry like TC, Redpill and and the Dutch extraordinaire, Monty and their new tune ‘Overclocking’ which we are stoked to premiere, explains why they are regarded as one of the finest up and coming artists in the country.
‘Overclocking’ begins with a dark intro and as the crunchy kicks emerge, the tune turns into massive wall of sound which has the ability to turn the dancefloor upside down, personifying the trio’s penchant for high syncopated Neuro sounds.

 || DnB India Premieres ||

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#BassMondays - Rohan Kalé (Interview + Dubplate 031)

Adding to our forever expanding 'Dubplate' collection, this month we have 'Rohan Kalé'. A former Radio Program Manager at, [an online radio station focusing on alternative music and culture in India], he enjoys an array of genres [apart from DnB] like Jazz, Hip hop, UK Bass/Techno, etc. and also curates a fortnightly Jazz show on boxout called Reflections. Discovering an unfading love for DnB during his college days in London while first listening to 'Calibre', Rohan is a sucker for Liquid DnB. He strongly believes that for artists 'Experimentation' is the key to evolving and pushing the boundaries. With him starting a residency at 'Auro, New Delhi', with intentions to push the DnB sounds and growing the clan, we had a little talk with him to find more about his plans in the near future. Read and learn more about our artist of the month and don't forget to hit play before you move ahead, for you certainly don't want to miss this super smooth and groovy set he has put together for us.

1. We all know how passionate you are about Drum & Bass. Tell us how did it all begin for you?
A - I went to college in London and it all started there for me. Initially I was more into the UK house/UK Funky sound and actually disliked DNB whenever I went to Fabric and experienced it. Then one of my housemates introduced me to Calibre and his music just connected with me instantly. After rinsing a few of his albums, I got the opportunity to experience the Music Man play a phenomenal set in Room 3 at Fabric - that was the turning point. He just did his thing and won me over effortlessly. I returned in October 2013 and started DJing house music and such. It wasnʼt until 2015 that I rediscovered DNB and I havenʼt looked back.

2. Q2 - Your inclination towards Liquid Drum & Bass is evident and itʼs refreshing at the same time because of how Drum & Bass listeners tend to get drawn towards the heavier Neuro sounds. What was your inspiration?
A -  Phew, where to start. I could write a thesis on Liquid DNB but Iʼll keep it short and simple. I like my music with a heavy dose of soul in it, something that comes from deep within and plucks at your heartstrings. Liquid has all the elements you need for a great song - Tight drums, beautiful vocals, ethereal soundscapes, melancholy chords and soulful pianos. It instantly puts a smile on my face, makes me feel hopeful, feels like love, you know. Like falling in love over and over again.

3. We have seen the way Drum & Bass has evolved from the conventionalities of Neurofunk, Liquid, Jump Up and Halftime. What are your thoughts on the experimentation the genre has gone through?
A -  I absolutely, 100% support it.
I think as artists we should never stop experimenting. We work in a creative field, so why be mundane and churn out no risk music.
Experimentation is the key to evolving, creating new sonics, pushing/breaking boundaries. It also leads to learning new skills/methods.
This is what music should be about, it is to me.

4. We hear youʼre starting a DnB residency at Auro, New Delhi. Thatʼs huge for the scene in India. How did the idea of a residency come about and how do you plan to take it forward?
A - It actually started as an Instagram chat between me and Sanil Sudan. I was posting about how we need to push DNB forward in Delhi/India now that Techno and House have been established. He DMʼed me with a proposal to start a DNB residency. I didnʼt have to think about it much because it sounded perfect - so we had a 5 minute meeting few days later and decided a date and that was that! The best part is that I am handling every aspect of it, from decor to placement of the DJ to the creatives and so on. It really gives me a chance to experiment with the space too and my plan is to have a different environment for each night. For the launch I collaborated with a friend and an exceptionally talented 3D artist Adhiraj Singh (@adhiwave). He created all the visuals from scratch and VJed for the first time and absolutely nailed it. The launch was a success and gives me hope for the future.
The main aim is to push the sound and grow the listenership of DNB. Once the residency is a bit more established Iʼm hoping to start booking DJʼs from all over India that are pushing the same sound and eventually, if all works according to the plan, book international artists under the same property. Good luck to us!

 5. Do you ever see yourself producing something really different from your signature style? If yes, would you like to release it under the same banner?
A -  I always like to experiment, itʼs the key to continuously evolve and keep it fresh as a producer. Sometimes drifting away from your signature style helps when you come back to it!
I have produced some hip hop/jazzy beats kinda stuff. If I ever do release it, itʼll be under the same banner indeed. Iʼm also starting work on an Ambient/ Experimental concept album which I hope to release in 2019.

6. Time for some fun questions : 
A -   I donʼt like choosing nor do I like favourites but I guess Iʼll have to play along.
• Calibre or LTJ Bukem?
- Calibre

• LSB or Tokyo Prose?
• The North Quarter or Integral Records?
- Canʼt answer this. There is no comparison as Integral is 10+ years old and they have many more releases to their name than TNQ which was established late 2016.

7. Genres you dig other than Drum & Bass?
A -  Jazz (I curate a fortnightly Jazz show on called Reflections), Hip hop (Jazzy, boom bap kind of stuff not todayʼs lame trap shit), UK Bass/Techno, Ambient, IDM.

8. Five tunes you are feeling at the moment?
A -  1. Rainforest - One with the Universe
2. Sara Mitra - She Moved Through The Fair
3. Hailu Mergia - Yefikir Engurguro
4. Julianna Barwick - Nebula
5. Bop x Subwave - Clair De Lune

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Dubplate #031 - ROHAN KALE


1. Commix - Time Has Come [Metalheadz]
2. S.P.Y - Midnight Blue [Hospital Records]
3. Frame - Primitive Jungle [The Dreamers Recordings]
4. Ulterior Motive - Jungle Jam [Shogun Audio]
5. Quadrant, Method One & Iris - Airbrake [Vandal Ltd]
6. Hugh Hardie feat. Maverick Soul - Camera Obscura [Hospital Records]
7. Ricky Force & Mecca - The Essence [Jungle Syndicate Recordings]
8. Ricky Force & Mecca - Youʼll Never Know [Pressinʼ Hard Records]
9. Fushara - Pathway [Next Phase Records]
10. Frame - Nerina [The Dreamers Recordings]
11. Gremlinz & Jesta - Untitled (Responsable) [RuptureLDN]
12. Ricky Force - Celestial [Pressinʼ Hard Records]
13. Earl Grey - Rain [Inperspective Records]
14. Ricky Force - The Touch [Pressinʼ Hard Records]
15. Photek - Consciousness [Metalheadz]
16. MAC-V - Junglistic Matter [Next Phase Records]
17. Seba feat. Blackeye MC - War on Music [RuptureLDN]
18. Reso - Echo Loss [Hospital Records]
19. Ricky Force - What To Do [Pressinʼ Hard Records]
20. David Louis - Crystalize [Mettasonic]
21. Maverick Soul - Chandra [Emcee Recordings]
22. Om Unit - Twilight [Cosmic Bridge]
23. Reso - Coming Back To You [Hospital Records]

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Degs returns to Hospital Records with a stunning mixtape featuring Nu:Tone, S.P.Y, London Elektricity and many more.

Immersed in Soul, R&B, Hip-Hop and Rock by his English and Kenyan parents, it wasn’t until his mid-teens that Andrew Davies aka MC Degs was introduced to drum & bass, instantly falling in love with the beats, bass and futuristic soundscapes.

Having learned a range of instruments as a child Degs turned his attention to vocals, experimenting with rapping over the hard-hitting Drum & Bass of the time. These experiments rapidly gained him attention and in 2011 Degs was made resident MC at Frequency Drum & Bass Sessions (Volks, Brighton).

His success in Brighton led to bookings across the rest of the UK and, eventually, into Europe with Degs featuring regularly at Belgium mega-raves Invaderz, Skank & Bass and more.

Recently, Degs began to combine his MCing with his soulful singing skills over more melodic D&B, immediately catching the ears of London Elektricity which led to Degs signing an exclusive deal with Hospital Records. The signing was celebrated with the effortlessly emotional tune ‘Poveglia’ which was produced by De:tune. 

Following his popular debut single ‘Poveglia’, recent Hospital signing Degs returns to spread love and spray lyrics with his 8-track ‘Mixtape Sprayout’, featuring track selections from drum & bass heavyweights Nu:Tone, S.P.Y, London Elektricity, Etherwood, RD and Cyber Posix.

With a playful yin-yang of raw untapped soul and fierce lyrical barrages, this array of sprayouts sees Degs’ unique touch bounce through the vibrations of the Hospital sound. Playful hip-hop hooks, silky soulful flows, intricate word play, rapid fire punchlines and deeply personal narratives makes this a worthy sequel to his debut single.
Already London Elektricity’s MC of choice, Degs has kickstarted his career Hospital Records with whirlwind pace as he continues to cast a beaming spotlight onto his abilities.

Mixtape Sprayout Tracklist :

1. Do You Like It? (Present & Future Sprayout) (Original).
2. Nu:Tone x Degs. Bear’s Breeches (New Lanes Sprayout) (Original) Etherwood feat Anile x Degs.
3. She Wants You (Black Sheep Sprayout) (Original)RD x Degs.
4. Just One Second (Mitekiss Remix) [Spread Love Sprayout] (Original)London Elektricity x Degs.
5. Had A Little Fight (Fine Arts Sprayout) (Original)London Elektricity x Degs.
6. Love Hurts (Ebenezer Sprayout) (Original) S.P.Y x Degs.
7. Broken (Game Of Clones Sprayout) (Original)Nu:Tone x Degs.
8. Sun Kissed (Kissed Again Sprayout) (Original).

Grab your copy here.
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