Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Quick Tête-à-tête with DELTΔ HEΔVY

So we all have been on our toes, as we get closer to the dates of the much awaited 'Delta Heavy India Tour'. We at DnB India managed to have a quick chat with the boys, about their upcoming projects, tours and to see how excited they are about their India tour around Holi.

1. Hey Ben and Simon, we’re so stoked to be doing this interview with you two, thank you for taking the time to do this. How’s 2017 shaping along for Delta Heavy?
A: No worries - we're excited to be coming to India for our first tour!  2017 has been great so far.  We've been touring all over the place including a 9 date stretch in Australia and New Zealand and have got plenty lined up for the rest of the year.  We've just put out the video for our latest single Kaleidoscope which we're really happy with!

2. You guys first met in the year of 2003, then entered the industry in 2009 and since then, there’s been no looking back. During those 6 years, what pushed you guys towards music and to where you both stand today?
A: While at University we were heading towards normal office based careers but were also really enjoying DJing so we made a decision to turn our back on the normal and attempt to do something different and exciting and that still drives us today.  In terms of the music it was something that has been a passion for both of us since we were teenagers and we were obsessed with dnb, DJing everyday, going to all the parties that were put on in Nottingham and London so it became a big part of our lives.  With that much already invested it felt quite natural to want to pursue music as a career.  Compared with other producers we were late starters, only starting to learn at 23 so we;ve always had a huge drive to make things happen and that has carried through to day.  You don't get anywhere in this industry being lazy!

3. After a number of singles, remixes and EPs, Delta Heavy’s debut album, ‘Paradise Lost’, finally saw the light in early 2016 on the mighty RAM Records. That’s no easy feat! How was the process in creating your first LP?
A: Long!! We started writing in 2013 and it went through several guises before ending up as you hear it today.  We spent a lot of time on the vocals for the album as it was an area we hadn't gone in to very much.  Once we had the vocal songs done we wrote a lot of the heavier bangers.  We wanted to take people on a journey listening to the album so the track order and transitions were very important to us and we spent a lot of time crafting that journey including writing a couple of intermissions at the end of the writing process.  We always wanted to do an album as it still holds the crown in terms of stature and it was incredibly satisfying to finish.  We are still very happy with the results.

4. When you sit down to create a new track, is there a particular method you follow (for example: drums, bass then melody) or is it completely spontaneous? Anything/anyone that constantly inspires you two?
A: It's quite different from track to track.  We generally create little ideas and sounds to work with on our own and then get together to write a load of track ideas.  There are times when you hear something that inspires you and you have to go and lay down your ideas immediately.  We've said it many times but a consistent inspiration is Hans Zimmer.  The soundscapes and emotive nature of the music is incredible and coupled with the incredible films he is asked to work on makes his work very inspiring.

5. Your tour schedule looks super hectic with a number of shows every month spread across continents. How do you two manage to give the audience a completely new experience (from a unique set to a spectacular show in terms of light sounds, etc.) every time? 
A: We don't consciously provide a completely new experience for every show and I don't think that's what you need to do but we always play different sets for each show that will particularly vary on what territory you are in.  Our visuals are constantly developing and are becoming more in depth and immersive.  The shows themselves provide a very different energy from place to place which can make each show feel very different without really doing anything different and that's really exciting because you never really know what's going to happen so every show is definitely unique!

6. In your experience, could you tell me about the Drum and Bass culture being represented in various countries? Any special mention, probably where you two had a fantastic show, an almost perfect one?
A: The UK has the longest history of dnb culture because Drum and Bass was born there so there is an inherent understanding of the roots which means you can dig a little deeper and play a lot of older tunes that will still be appreciated today.  The Czech Republic is building a huge scene in the form of the brand Let It Roll who now put on the worlds biggest Drum & Bass festival which pretty much every drum and bass artist you can think of playing there over the weekend.  They like it dark and heavy musically and we love playing there.  Special mention has to go to Perth in Australia where they have a huge bass music scene that focuses on drum and bass.  We have never had a bad show there and the crowd are nuts!

7. Delta Heavy is finally making their debut tour in India! Delhi, Bangalore, Indore and Hyderabad happening across March 10th-13th. What are you looking forward to the most?
A: The whole tour! Except for playing at Supersonic in Goa a couple of years ago we have never toured India so I'm going with a completely open mind and eager to see what you guys have to offer!

8. Have you heard of any Indian Drum & Bass DJ/Producers? A piece of advice for budding artists?
A: I met several people on my last trip but Nerm & D-Code are probably the biggest names and also used to be on Radio 1 in the UK.  My advice for Indian producers is send us your tunes!

9. Any words for the fans and readers in India?
A: Super excited to come and party with you all in India especially on Holi Festival!

Well, we are too. Ain't we, folks? Go over to their Soundcloud and listen to their tracks, if you haven't.

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