Monday, March 13, 2017

#BassMondays - Aeon Waves (Interview + Dubplate 020)

As mentioned earlier in one of our posts, last couple of months have been absolutely amazing. The new year has kicked off really well, and good music, gigs, experiences, don't seem to come to an end. We certainly do not hope it does. As we come to an end of Delta Heavy India Tour, just around Holi, we have another Holi surprise for this rainy evening. Extremely pleased to have a super talented producer from Ahmedabad [India], Aeon Waves. Kanishk Budhori, the man behind this project, has created and continues to create some of the most beautiful tracks that we've ever come across. With a massive following on Youtube and other platforms, Kanishk has released some of his tunes on many international labels [Mindtrick Records and Onset Audio]. We are truly proud to say our country is home to such skilled producers. Go ahead, read about him, and listen to the exclusive set that he has made for us. 

1. Hey Kanishk, glad to have your board with us for #BassMondays. First of all, why/how did you go for the ’Aeon Waves’ as your artist name? It’s been a few years that you have into production, what’s the journey been like? Tell us about how you started, and how Aeon Waves’ music has evolved since it came into shape?
A - Well, I have always been really fascinated by the concept of sound waves, and the fact that their vibrations like other form of energy doesn't really end in space but they keep on going until it is indistinguishable from the vibrations of the surrounding medium, making these waves timeless. And hence the name, Aeon Waves.

2. Your tracks are very unique, bass oriented ambient, all of them with haunting vocals, bits and pieces from some old speeches, hindi tracks, etc. and they take you on a profound joinery we feel, what are your inspirations that push you to make such tracks? Also, is there any particular process that you follow for making the tunes/tracks?
A - During the initial days of music production, I was very much inclined towards Trance music. Then, making music was only for fun, and I hadn't released anything. However, when I started Aeon Waves, even though I was into the same sounds, sudden came the switch where I started writing tunes without thinking of musical style. Basically, something that communicated my feelings. There isn't any process like production theories that I follow. I just make and put various sounds in the track which I enjoy and like. And that's when/why I started experimenting with ambient music, with more vocals, effects and various other out of the box ideas.

3. What is your studio / DJ set-up?
A - Desktop, Scarlet 2i2, Yamaha HS-80, Launchpad, Traktor S2.

4. Can you list 3 tunes you are feeling right now.
A - Keosz - Low Down
Stumbleine - Comatose
Moshimoss - Phoenix

5. Aeon Waves has released a bunch of tracks on various record labels like Mindtrick Records, Onset Audio etc. Tell us more about these collaboration, and about how has it been working with these international record labels?
A - Honestly, I never thought of sending my tracks to any Label. I was just making music, because I enjoyed it. When these labels approached me for releasing my tracks, honestly I was slightly shocked and surprised. And it's been a great experience working with these Labels so far. They have really supported my music and also helped me spread my music through various music platform like Spotify, Itunes,Beatport,etc. All of this has been very helpful for a global exposure.

6. Some of your track uploads on Youtube channels have as much as 60k+ views, congratulations on that. How have these channels and the youtube audience been helpful to you?A - Thank you. :) And well, for me it has given me a great advantage. Youtube channels like Ambient, Keep It Underground, etc. have the right audience which really are into ambient, chill out and many other experimental genres. And it surely helps an artist like me to know more related artists and explore more tracks made by them, and to get inspired. This way, I also get an opportunity to learn and grow.

7. You’ve already given out a few beautiful singles in this year, Voices, The Secret Garden, etc. How has the response been? Have they been officially released on some label or you are showering the audience with some free love?
A - Yes, The response has been absolitely unbelievable. It makes me happy to know that there is an audience that really digs music from every genre. I have always liked to experiment with my tracks and observe the audience's review, and it's been so positive. 
These days I am just releasing tracks for free download mostly. Although I intend on releasing an EP soon.

8. What do you feel about the Bass scene in India and what are your thoughts on its evolution so far? Also, what’s your take on the global bass scene?
A - I think is has really evolved over time. There's so many artists who are 
representing India, all of them so talented. Some of my favourite artists like Mosillator, Heuse, Seven & Seven, Blot, Resonare, Ayan Das and lot of other unheard talents are bringing fresh sounds with immense efforts and are doing a great job in their music production.

9. How’s 2017 looking for Aeon Waves? What’s in store for us, anything on going that you are really excited about and would like to share with us?
A - Well, lets see how it goes. I will be releasing more Singles and few EPs and hopefully I might do some gigs. I have been learning Live performance techniques.

10. Essentially a producer, but do you have any intentions of doing your own shows? If yes, then how is that coming along? Any city/place where you would like to perform?
A : So far I don't really have anything, but I am working on putting together Live performances in which I will be playing my own tracks, which might take some time. But till then, I will be doing DJ sets.

11. Pick a track that you would want to listen to/play, if the world was to end tomorrow?
A : Noisia - Could This Be.

Connect with Aeon Waves : 

Dubplate #020 - Aeon Waves

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01.Noisia - The Entangled (Camo & Krooked Remix) [Vision Recordings]
02.Emperor & Centra - The Saboteur [Critical Music]
03.Philth & Bredren - Cetacean [Flexout Audio]
04.Friction - Battle Scars [Shogun Audio]
05.Audio - Beacon (Original Mix) [Blackout Music]
06.Emperor - Control [Critical Misic]
07.Emperor & Mefjus - Void Main Void [Critical Music]
08.Chase & Status feat. Jacob Banks - Alive (Mefjus Remix) [Virgin EMI]
09.Mefjus feat. Misanthrop - Stutter [Critical Music]
10.Reso - Devastator [Hospital Records]
11.Mefjus Feat. Phase - Impulse [Critical Music]
12.Noisia Feat. Phase - Purpose [Vision Recordings]
13.June Miller - Operation Ivy [RAM Records]
14.Audio - Bag Of Bones [Blackout Music]
15. Alix Perez Feat. Foreign Beggars- Dark Days (Fourward remix) [Shogun Audio]
16.Culprate - Dawn [Open Outlets]
17. Dodzilla Feat. Dope - DOD (Audio Remix) [Critical Music]
18. Mob Tactics - Shark Tank [Viper Recordings]
19. The Prototypes - Pale Blue Dot (Calyx & Teebee Remix) [Viper Recordings]
20. The Prototypes Feat. Mad Hed City - Pop It Off (VIP Mix) [Viper Recordings]
21. Emperor & Mefjus - Disrupted [Critical Music]
22. Noisia & The Upbeats - Dead Limit [Vision Recordings]
23. Black Sun Empire & State Of Mind - Thug [Blackout Music]
24. Zombie Cats - Zombots [Bad Taste Recordings]
25. Signs - Less Is More [Bad Taste Recordings]
26. L 33 - Bloodbrain [Eatbrain]
27. Mindscape - Head Shrinker [Eatbrain]
28. Disprove - FRQNCS [Eatbrain]
29. Trilo - ADHD [Eatbrain]
30. Redo & Mefjus - Magnetism [Blackout Music]
31. Aeon Waves - ID [ID]


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