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#BassRelease - Mob Tactics - Body Check EP

Mob Tactics don't need an introduction. Known for the effortless combination of 90s-style techy beats with powerful, rolling basslines, Mob Tactics’ trademark production style has kept fans eagerly awaiting new material since ‘Get Dirty / Shark Tank’ and 'Neon God / Return of the Snitch’. Their tracks have made it to DJ sets from the likes of Andy C, Audio, DJ Hype, Matrix & Futurebound and Friction, to name a few.

Their latest EP, 'Body Check', released on 9th of September on Viper Recordings, is complex and original, showcasing Mob Tactics’ flawless production talent and features a whole spectrum of styles.

We got to chat with them about their new EP, and we also exchanged our thoughts on the shutdown of the 
legendary club, Fabric.

01. Hey Luke & Mark. How are you guys doing? What's been up in the Mob Tactics world?
A : Hello! We're good thanks, guys. It's been a busy summer gigging and finishing up new projects and starting new ones. Things are busy right now which is just the way we like it.

Tell us something really interesting about Mob Tactics which we can’t find anywhere on the internet, like a little known secret or fact.
A: One of us used to play hardcore and one of us used to play funk & soul in a local bar. We’ve said too much…

How are things different after you guys signed to Viper Recordings last year?
A: Things have massively switched up a level since we signed with Viper. Being with a label of that size & calibre and the way that they run things is nothing but beneficial to you as an artist. They just have all bases covered and the whole crew - staff & artists alike - all feel like family. It has been the best move of our career so far!

Who are the artist’s you guys look up to in the scene & why?
A: There are so many people we look up to. Our scene has produced some of the most gifted engineers, producers & DJ's in dance music full stop: Chase & Status, Goldie, Dillinja, Audio, Ed Rush & Optical, DJ Fresh, Andy C, Photek, Randall, the list goes on and on. Always feel privileged to be a part of such a special scene.

Fabric has played a key role in the London, or should we say, in the world wide Drum and Bass scene. We were gutted to hear about the legendary club closing down, especially with all the back-story going on. What's your take it?
A: We've been pretty vocal about our opinion on the matter: it's an absolute disgrace. Fabric is an institution that reaches worldwide across all genres of dance music. The whole thing stinks of corruption and ignorance and its heart-breaking to see ANOTHER amazing club bite the dust like that. I feel so sorry for the next generation of club-goer in the UK; where's left?

Click to support Fabric :

What is your best moment as a raver and as a producer duo at Fabric?
A: As a raver it was either seeing Sasha & Digweed close to when the club first opened, or Ed Rush & Optical's 'The Creeps' album launch. Too close to call!

As DJ's it was probably our first ever time playing there for Viper. We'd both dreamed of playing there for years and to see that dream realised was incredible. We’ll never forget that moment. 

Let's talk about your new EP ‘Body Check’ on Viper, which features a whole spectrum of styles from you guys. Tell us more about the journey in the making of the release.
A: The EP came together over the space of a few months in our old studio. In fact, they were the last batch of tracks we made in there. Every single Mob Tactics track aside from our first release was made in the confines of those four walls, and maaaan do we miss it! Was such a great space. Still, new studio build is under way and is looking like it's gonna be rather nice, so everything happens for a reason as they say.

Anyway, I digress... Yeah, the EP tracks were written over the space of a few months and then several months mixing them down. We really felt on a roll at the time and we were enjoying writing different stuff - which we feel is reflected in the EP.

The track 'Dot Matrix' is quite a contrast from the rest tracks of the EP. Any story behind it?
A: From day dot, Brendan (Futurebound) has given us free reign to write whatever we like which is so liberating. He’s of the mindset that good music is good music – regardless of sub-genre/style. We write all sorts of stuff and this one came together last Spring after a seeeeriously long night in the studio. About 6am is when we started to get somewhere with it. I think the delirium just took over after that and we just went with the vibe! Well happy with how it turned out though.

For the tech-geeks, what's your music production set-up like? And what’s your advice to the up and coming DnB producers and DJs?
A: Our set up consists of : 

Custom built PC
• FL Studio
• Virus TI 2 Polar
• UAD Apollo
• Adam A77X monitors
• Mackie HR824 monitors• Mackie Big Knob

Just keep at it. Don’t bog yourself down with too much too soon. Choose your tools carefully - a select few - and learn them inside out before moving on to installing five million VST's on to your computer. Don’t be afraid to experiment. 

Some of our biggest tracks to date have been the result of trying things that didn't necessarily seem like they'd work at the time. Forge your own your own sound: if you're doing it right, people will notice.

Care to share a little piece of technical advice that we won't find while going through online tutorials?
A: There's nothing we can say that hasn't been said a thousand times already - trust us. We've actually learnt so much ourselves from watching online tutorials and reading manuals. So yeah; read the manuals, kids!

What's the funniest / craziest thing that has ever happened to you during a gig?
A: Saw a couple having full sex against a speaker once during a show - I kid you not! Drum & Bass: the music of love...

If you weren't in the music business, what would your alternate career choice be and why?
A: Luke: I'd probably become a cowboy or maybe spend the rest of my life trying to live as Maverick from Top Gun.

Mark: Anyone who knows me knows how much I love to dance, so I'd probably follow my lifelong dream of joining the dream boys. Maybe it's not too late...

You just found out that your last gig ever is tomorrow, what would be your closing track?
A: DJ Fresh ‘The Immortal’

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Check out all the tracks below.

Mob Tactics - Body Check (Viper Recordings)

Label : Viper Recordings
Cat : VPR094
Genre : Drum & Bass
Released : 9th September 2016

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