Monday, July 18, 2016

#BassMondays - July 2016 Favorites

Trips around the country, conversations with the best of the DnB artists across the globe, some amazing Dub plates and gigs in the pipeline, that's the month of July for us here. Sharing our top 5 picks of this busy month. Don't forget share your favorite tune with us!

1. Redders - Vintage Ft. DRS

Release by : Critical Music.

Release Date : 9th July 2016.

2. Technimatic - Antihero

Release by : Shogun Audio.

Release Date : 15th July 2016.

3. Agressor Bunx - Aliens (Freqax Remix)

Release by : Druid Recordings.

Release Date : 18th July 2016.

4. Rich Raw - Oblivion

Release by : Wyatt Noise Recordings.

Release Date : 1st July 2016.

5. Phonetic & Koon - Higher Presence [They Don´t know]

Release by : C Recordings.

Release Date : 11th July 2016.

Monday, July 11, 2016

#BassRelease - LoKo - What You Do To Me / Time Flies

Last week we had a Quick Tête-à-tête with LoKo for the massive 50 track compilation, Bassrush 1.0 by Viper Recordings. And just two days ago he dropped his new EP. And we are here with an exclusive Youtube video release of both the new tunes. 

Hailing from Glastonbury in the UK, LoKo is no stranger to laying down some serious beats. From playing his first club gig at the age of 14, to starting his own label Screwloose Records and clocking up quality airtime on BBC Radio 1 and 1Xtra, LoKo’s insane production skill has gained support from the likes of Matrix & Futurebound, Andy C, Sub Focus, London Elektricity, Fred V & Grafix and Crissy Criss to name but a few.
LoKo previously destroyed dancefloors everywhere with the massive single ‘Rage / Failure to Communicate’ on Viper’s sister label Viper VIP, as well as the hard-hitting ‘Rage VIP’ on Drum & Bass Summer Slammers 2014 and ‘Who Are You’ on The Sound of Drum & Bass 2016. Now he’s once again showing us why he’s giving some of the biggest names in drum and bass a run for their money with this new single ‘What You Do To Me / Time Flies’.

First up, ‘What You Do To Me’ wastes no time in showcasing the sheer skill and diversity which has come to define LoKo’s production technique, pairing heavy beats and pulsating basslines with an atmospheric vocal which will put you straight on a high from the get-go. A combination of feel-good vibes and mean basslines make this an instant smash.

‘Time Flies’ packs some powerful punches as a darker, grittier track – a shadowy intro builds suspense before giving way to some seriously impactful sonics which are fearlessly intense from start to finish. This one’ll be keeping ravers firmly on the dancefloor until the early hours with its powerful rhythm and basslines.

Original, diverse and loaded with bass, ‘What You Do To Me / Time Flies’ is going to cause some serious waves this summer. Consistently bringing unstoppable energy and epic sounds all round, LoKo is undoubtedly switching up the game with no sign of stopping.


LOKO - What You Do To Me / Time Flies

1. What You Do To Me 

2. Time Flies

Label : Viper VIP

Cat : VPRVIP030
Genre : Drum & Bass
Released : 8th July 2016


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Monday, July 4, 2016

Quick Tête-à-tête with LoKo for Bassrush 1.0 by Viper Recordings

The months of June-July has been pretty amazing with our bass heavy gigs and lovely weather here in the city. We also just got done with the Bangalore Leg of Document One's India Tour where we had our very own The Untitled One play alongside them. An exhausting (in a good way) night, with awesome music, great venue and such an enthusiastic crowd. *tears of joy*

And right about time, Viper Recordings - one of the largest Drum & Bass labels on the planet - alongside Bassrush - one of the largest bass music event brands in America - have teamed up to bring one of the year's most definitive Bass Music compilations. Featuring massive 50 tracks, 'Bassrush 1.0' brings some of the biggest names in Drum & Bass, Dubstep, and Trap from around the world together as one, such as Andy C, Matrix & Futurebound, The Prototypes, Brookes Brothers, The Prodigy, Noisia, Datsik, UZ and so many more. They have brought a 42 loved and well-rinsed variety of bass music tunes as well as 6 unreleased tracks and 2 continuous DJ mixes from Smooth and Pex L, to the Bassrush 1.0 title. From start to finish this compilation will do well in any DJ’s collection. And they just got down with their massive North American album tour. It's like the year of Massive Bass, for all of united us.

And LoKo has made an insane Album MegaMix which we literally have been starting the day with, for the last one week now. Nathan, who goes by the name LoKo has been active since many years and has released various tracks, remixes and EPs on some of the most well known international labels. So, to know him a little more, we had a little chat with the man himself and found out that he has been enjoying gardening for the last one year, and would love to perform in India soon. Well, we heard that and shall start sketching a plan! Till then, you guys enjoy the set, while you read the rest of the DnB India #BassMondays interview.

1. Tell us something about LoKo that we can't find in your biography.
A : God, I've become an avid gardener this last year or so (yeah! pretty random right?), maybe its a sign of getting old or something? Anyway, if anyone wants an cucamelons, holla at me!

2.How and when did you discover Drum and Bass and how do you feel about the Drum and Bass scene now as compared to what it was in it’s early days and what are your thoughts on its evolution?
A : School playground, listening to Best of British, One Nation and Accelerated Culture tape packs with my mates when I was about 12/13, I really miss those days to be honest, I loved getting new tapes and playing them over and over trying to work out who made which tunes and then waiting for them to drop on white label. I genuinely think the scene was better back then, I don't want to be one of those people who's like “it's not as good as it used to be” because musically drum and bass is far beyond any other dance music genre in terms of production but I feel its lost a bit of its mystery these days, dubs don't really exist anymore as hardly any DJS are allowed to post mixes with dubs in because everything is under 'RADIO EMBARGO' until such an such a date and artists are normally heavily supporting label mates tunes as they're the only tunes they get sent way in advanced and it now seems like the scene is more competitive between labels and artists rather than being all about the music and the best tunes, I dunno maybe I just have a cynical view on it, maybe its always been like this. I'm all for evolution, I think that has to happen or something dies but I think a lot of bad has come with a lot a good and I'd be here all day writing and could probably submit a dissertation on this subject so I think I'll leave it there! Hahaha!

3. Which part of the world do you really look forward to perform in? What about India?
A : Anywhere really, I feel very lucky to get booked for shows wether they're 10 miles down the road or the other side of the world, it's what I dreamed of doing when I was younger and I'm truly grateful to every single person that's ever come to watch me DJ. And to answer the other part of the question I'd absolutely love to play in India one day! I've got a lot of friends and family in Australia that have never seen me do what I do so I'd love to DJ there at some point in the near future as well but as I said, I'm grateful to play anywhere.

4. We just heard your new tracks ‘What You Do to Me’ and ‘Time Flies’. They are sick! What's next?
A : Ahhh, thank you very much! I honestly have no idea whats next hahaha, I'm probably the slowest producer in the world when it comes to finishing music, I have a real issue with something being “finished” as I always think I'm about 10% away from it actually being finished. I've got a few things in the pipeline for later on in the year and a couple of remixes i've finished that are also out later in the year, so hopefully this wont be the last thing out from me for a while!

5. Though we know you love to DJ more, but this one is for all the gear-heads out there. What does your production and DJ set-up look like and what's your favourite toy from the lot?
A : I've actually slimmed down a lot in the last year or so, I sold my 1210's and my Pioneer controller and I was going to upgrade my monitors and focus more on the hardware aspect of things (I like valves) but I opted for a pair of Hifiman headphones and I genuinely think it was the best purchase of my life, I've always produced in headphones as its been what i've been used to and also stops the neighbours hating me so the natural upgrade was for me to get a really good pair of headphones. I toyed with the Audeze but I like to be different so went for the Hifiman's and I'm very happy I made that choice. In terms of inside the box, I'm a logic man through and through, always have been, always will be. Its a proper love hate relationship but she's got me this far! As for plugs and stuff I absolutely love the Reveal Sound – Spire synth, that is my choice of synth every time at the moment.

DJ set up wise, I'm boring like everyone else these days, three Pioneer 2000's, USBs and a DJM mixer. I'd genuinely love to go back to the dubplate days and turntables but I just know thats never going to happen.

6. What’s the first Record (Vinyl / Digital) you ever bought and what's the latest one?
A : I have no shame in admitting this but it was Coldplay's last album, or at least that was the last album I bought, I will often by singles from artists even if I've been sent them as I fully believe in supporting other artists, we all need to eat and pay bills at the end of the day.

7. What's the funniest / craziest thing that has ever happened to you during a gig?
A : I've been lucky that not many crazy things have happened, had a fair few technical issues like turntables being wired up backwards. One of the funniest was probably my drunken mate coming on stage when I played one of my new tunes (the club was rammed) and just stopped the tune and said “when did you start making tunes like this' followed by him tripping over the microphone cable and face planting on the stage, in fact, yea that was f**king funny hahahaha.

8. Top 2 tunes from the compilation, Viper Presents: Bassrush 1.0?

A : I really like all of the tunes on the comp, I was lucky enough to get asked to do the mega mix so I had them all well in advanced of everyone else, I think my 1 and 2 would be Ninja by NC-17, Dossa & Locuzzed and Sygnal – Down but as I said, they're all sick!

9. You just found out that your last ever gig is tomorrow, what would be your closing track?

A : There is literally millions of tunes I could pick for this, I don't even know if it would be a Drum and Bass tune and right now it would be something new of my own that I've been closing with for a while but I'll stick to dnb as that people know as thats easier hahha, I'd probably go for John B – Up All Night, just because the intro has never not sent shivers down my spine when I've heard it out live.

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