Monday, May 16, 2016

#BassMondays - May 2016 Favorites

We're still so exhausted with the insane gig we just hosted, and now these tracks won't let us sleep. Ladies and Gentlemen, Top 5 picks of the month of May. Enjoy.

1. Drop It Hard - Beat Assassins

Released by : Mofo Recordings

Release Date : 5th May

2. Silent Witness - Hydraulic

Released by
 : MethLab Recordings

Release Date : 3rd May

3. 'Ripgroove' from Cognition EP (Eatbrain025)Feat. Hypoxia feat HYQXYZ, MC Seko

Released by
 : EatBrain

Release Date : 9th/23rd May

4. Eraser - Smooth

Released by
 : Viper Recordings

Release Date : 27th May

4. Leaving Now - Noisestorm


Released by
 : Monstercat

Release Date : 9th/11th May

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