Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Quick Tête-à-tête with Vice Versa

So, for the last few days we've been talking about and obsessing with the latest track by the Mumbai based band, Vice Versa. The single that goes by the name 'Saviour' is a Dub-Reggae piece and unrolls some fine chilled out vibes. It's been about a year that the boys from the band, first laid out the structure of this track, in a hotel room in Goa. That says it all, doesn't it? We have released the Exclusive Premiere of the Saviour, and the track is going to be out for Free download tomorrow. So have a listen while you read this quick chit chat we'd with the band.

Q : How often do you guys make music, is there a certain timeframe that you keep in mind for every release? And if not making/writing music, how does the band spend their time?

A : Music making is an on going process. We always making music. Timeframes are put but it's a struggle to meet the deadlines we set for ourselves. Besides ViceVersa, all of us are super tied up with other things, Coutto is part of many other bands and a full time music composer doing jingles n all, Manas has his own thing going on with music and family work in Bangalore. Besides ViceVersa, I play bass for Shaa'ir + Func and Bone Broke, whenever they do a live set up, and I work in a digital media agency - Flarepath - in the video content department where I host 'The Vh1 Music Diaries' a weekly music magazine show on Vh1, gonna start out 4th season now. So yes, busy busy people we are!

Q : Tell us something about the band that we don’t know of?

A : *Blank looks*

Q : Any constant inspiration/influence behind the music that you guys make?

A : As cheesy as it sounds, everything around us inspires us and influences us in the music we make. Be it the weather, the traffic jams, the mental state we in at the moment, relationships, everything!

Q : What can we expect in the near future, after Saviour?

A : Post Saviour, we getting ready with the release of our next single - Chal Hatt - this is a super special thing for us, it's a bilingual track featuring the lovely Apeksha Dandekar. We just wrapped up shooting a music video for the track and looking to release it in June. I can't wait to unleash this banger on the public. 
Also we doing our second ViceVersa Party on 20th May, in Mumbai. ViceVersa Party is this party we throw where we have MCs/rappers and DJs and do one big massive set and it has everything - live hip hop to the selecta DJs throwing down massive tunes with all of us hyping them on stage. The first one was last year in Todi Social in Mumbai and that was a kick ass rage fest! This time will have ViceVersa alongside Kinga Rhymes from the Mumbai's Finest crew, Enkore from the Dream Team crew and Mr. Doss on selecta duties. This is gonna be MASIVE! Hopefully will get to do this in other cities as well.

Q : Where do you see the band in the coming years? Any particular agenda/goals?

A : Hopefully still performing, playing festivals all over the country and the world! Dream big I always say.

A little more about Vice Versa

ViceVersa is a hip hop - bass/ live electronica project started by Bangalore based music producer Manas Ullas, Mumbai based musicians Rohit Pereira aka P-Man and Sidd Coutto known for their high-energy sets and crusades for fun. 

After releasing their first self-titled, debut EP in November 2012, ViceVersa has been performing consistently in the club and festival circuit across country. Now 2 EPs and an album old, ViceVersa has been performing consistently in the club and festival circuit across country. Their track ‘Celebration’ from the second EP Subchronicles is being featured as the theme song on the Vh1 TV show Vh1 Music Diaries, a show hosted by P-Man. ViceVersa collaborated with metal band Scribe to compose ‘Sallu Sanam’ and shot a music video for the same for TV show MTV Sync. ViceVersa also won the Best Electronica Artist Jury’s Choice at the Radio City Freedom Awards 2016.

Follow Vice Versa on Soundcloud to get free download of Saviour.

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