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#BassMondays - November & December Favorite MixSets

The festival season is here in India, everyone is either at one or preparing for one. Prep yourself with these full-of-energy mix sets that we've been jumping to and give the last month of this year a powerful start.
Don't forget share your favorite mix-set with us!

1. Kid Drama "CNVX Mix" December 2016

2. FSBL - Funk Clean Minds (Liquid/Liquidfunk/Deep Drum&Bass Mix)

3. Ninja Ninja Guest Mix: Simstah

4. Promo Mix for Critical Sound - Brighton | November '16

5. Icicle - Star Warz presents 'Shogun Audio' promo mix

Monday, November 28, 2016

#BassMondays - November Favorites

Sharing our top 5 releases for the month of November. Don't forget share your favorite tune with us!

1. The Vanguard Project - FLLN4U

Release By
Spearhead Records
Release Date18th November 2016.

2. Alix Perez - Drifting

Release By
 : 1985 Music.
Release Date : 11th November 2016.

3. Chimpo - War Tanker

Release By : Critical Music.
Release Date : 18th November 2016.

4. Subtension - VDTM

Release By : Cause4Concern Recordings.
Release Date : 11th November 2016.

5. Signal - Objectify

Release By : Neodigital Recordings.
Release Date : 18th November 2016.

Monday, October 31, 2016

#BassMondays - Dr. Quake (Interview + Dubplate 017)

For our 17th Dubplate feature, we have DR.QUAKE [Ameya Bhanushali], who is a 21year old Drum and Bass DJ/Producer from Mumbai. Ameya, puts together very unique and melodic Drum and Bass sounds, which one doesn't come across very often. Knowing this young talent for a while now, we cannot think of any other adorable personality we've come across, like his. Juggling with college and music, he has bigger dreams and things on his list. Read more to find out, and do not forget to support by listening to the exclusive set, and sharing it with like-minded.

1. Tell us the story behind the name and your choice of music?
A : Well being a bass guy I wanted something related to bass music and my mentor DJ Reji told me Quake like the Earthquake, haha! The Doctor part was later on, when I was listening to music and I stumbled upon this hard style guy called Dr.Rude and a trap guy called Dr. Uzi or something, I can't really recollect, so I thought if I should add Dr. in front of my name too. So that's how Dr.Quake happened.

2. How and when did you discover Bass music?
A: Well I was into Dub before Drum&Bass. I got to know about Dubstep first and then later came to know about Drum&Bass. I'm 21 now and I think I discovered bass when I was like 17 or 18. Also, I was pretty new to the scene 3-4 years ago. But I explored a lot and that's how I stumbled upon DnB. Although, I don't remember the name of the first DnB song I ever heard. Skream and Benga at Mumbai was my first ever Bass music gig. Liquid DnB happened when I started exploring DnB even further, it's sub genres and different styles! And being an upcoming DnB guy, I very often got an opportunity to do an opening set for a couple of DnB artists and I would play Liquid DnB to start the night off. So after playing Liquid DnB almost every time I fell in love with it, and that's usually what I play now entirely, even if I'm closing the night.

3. What do you feel about the Bass scene in India and what are your thoughts on its evolution so far?
A: The bass scene, I feel has taken a step back in the past two years, I rarely see any big names in Drum&Bass touring India now. The amount of clubs supporting Drum&Bass is really low! House and commercial gigs are happening like crazy while bass music is being left behind. I feel the bass music scene is nowhere near its potential, and that it'll take a couple of years till we can see the likes of Noisia, Andy C, Friction touring, although I hope it happens really soon! There are few nights supporting Drum&Bass and I just hope the number of DnB gigs keep on increasing and people start coming out and dancing to something other than your commercial music. The way the scene has evolved has been crazy but we’re not taking it forward! There are very few producers dishing out DnB tunes and making an impact on the DnB scene! But I just hope that this scene grows bigger over time.

4.  Given that you’re still in college, it must get difficult to juggle between 
music and books. Tell us a little about how you manage your time.

A: All my musical exploration usually happens during travelling and on the weekends, weekdays are all about college. It does get really difficult and you always have to compromise on something or the other, but it's fun nonetheless. All of my music and sets and production plans are set for the days I do not have any college related tasks.

5. What are your music related plans after you finish college?
A: Well after my engineering I plan to do my MBA in Music Business at Berkley. I really want to understand the industry from the business point of view and wanna work in this music industry. I do not intend on stopping to play or produce bass music though.

6. What’s coming up next? Working on some music that we should look 
forward to?
A: I've got two Liquid DnB tracks in the making. Hopefully I should release at least one of them by the year end.

7. What according to you are the pros and cons of being a Bass artist in a country that is still coming to terms with this genre?
A: Well being a bass artist you're sure to get quality gigs, all the artists I've played alongside are biggies in their scene and you get to play what you love and not what the crowd wants. You can easily stand out in the current scene by being a bass artist and you can easily get spotted by promoters if you're playing anything other than the commercial stuff. The cons however are there too, the amount of gigs you're gonna get is gonna be really less unless you're like the biggest bass artist in India. You won't earn much compared to a house or an commercial DJ and you can forget about being booked every weekend. If you're in it for money then there's no use being a bass artist. The clubs and venues are also less supportive of the bass scene now! The only time I'm really happy with the bass scene is during the Arms&House stage at the VH1 Supersonic festival and Bass camp festival.

8. What is your studio / DJ set-up?
A : I'm juggling between the usual CDJ 2000 nexus, DJM 900 mixer and Novation Launchpad, LaunchControl. For the launchpad I use the Pioneer Rekordbox DJ with my own mappings on the Launchpad and LaunchControl. 
For studio I'm using both ableton and Logic Pro along with a Scarlett 2i4 as a soundcard. My sets are usually live with no prior track list but I sort them out via their Keys, I always do harmonic mixing, I haven't played a single set where I haven't done harmonic mixing.

9. Can you list 3 tunes you are feeling right now.
A: Open my eyes- Pola&Bryson.

Where did you go- Mohican Sun.

Take it in - Feint.

10. What is the best gig you have played so far. In terms of Sound Systems, Venue and Crowd Response?
A : Best gig so far has to be my closing set at BlueFrog Pune, after Hang Massive. Everything was perfect and the crowd totally loved Liquid DnB. The crowd loved it so much that Blue frog increased my set time by an hour and I did not have enough tunes on me so I had to transfer songs from my laptop to my other pen drive while I was playing. Everybody loved the set and the number of good comments on the set were endless.

11. What's the funniest / craziest thing that has ever happened to you during a gig?
A: So I finished my set and my last tune was an Arabic DnB tune and it apparently had verses from the Quran. I wasn't aware of the same, and so when I played it and was about the leave the stage, a guy came up and threatened me and the DJ who was going to play after me, to stop the music and end that tune right now. Luckily there were bouncers, haha!

12. You just found out that your last gig ever is tomorrow, what would be your closing track?
A: That's a tough one, I think I'd end my last gig ever with either ‘Come Alive - Netsky’ or ‘We won't be Alone - Feint’.

Connect with Dr. Quake :

Dubplate #017 - Dr. Quake

Listen | Download | Share

1. Zen Dub - Fading Memories (Original Mix) [Soul Deep Recordings]
2. Zen Dub - End of the Line (Original Mix) [Soul Deep Recordings{
3. Technimatic - Hold on a while (Original Mix) [ Shogun Audio]
4. Midival Punditz - Monsoon Wedding (Original Mix) 
5. Technimatic - Better Perspective (Original Mix) [Shogun Audio]
6. Technimatic - Paraller (Original Mix) [Shogun Audio]
7. Misun - Eli Eli (Maduk remix) [Liquicity Records]
8. Technimatic - Transference (Original Mix) [Shogun Audio]
9. Stan SB - Anyone Out there (Maduk remix) [Liquicity records]
10. Fred V & Grafix - Ultraviolet (Original Mix) [Hospital Records]
11. Whiney - Nightfall (Original Mix) [Medschool]
12. Makoto - YGYMC (Original Mix) [Liquicity records]
13. Monroe - Stay (Original Mix) [Liquicity records]
14. Seba - Too Much too Soon (Blu Mar Ten Remix) [Secret Operations]
15. Phase & Whiney - It Means Nothing (Original Mix) [Liquicity Records]

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#BassMondays - OX7GEN (Interview + Dubplate 016)

For our 16th Dubplate feature, we have Aditya Ashok who goes by the name, OX7GEN. One of the promising names in the current Indian music scenario, he is a Mumbai based DnB/Ambient producer. Producing since the year of 2010, he has released a bunch of EPs and singles, and has also been a drummer with some of the outstanding bands. We had a little talk about the thought behind his artist name, production and fields that he wishes to explore. Do not miss the exclusive mix set along with a few tips that he shares for the aspiring music artists.

1. Tell us the story behind the name and your choice of music?
A : OX7GEN came purely out of a need for a moniker. No fancy inspirational story or anything. I had just finished my first ever song Northern Lights in 2010 and was excited to put it out and needed a moniker. I went by Oxygen for a while, but soon realised how hard it was to find domain spaces so I added the 7 and changed the all the letters to upper case. I've spent a majority of the last 6 years producing and playing drum & bass but have been dabbling with other BPMs more recently. No one style in particular, just electronic music in general. I've really been enjoying playing my After Dark sets for the last couple of months where I get to play every other genre of electronic music that I listen to and that inspires what I do.

2. How and when did you discover Bass music?
A: In 2008, KRUNK bossman Sohail used to work at Blue Frog Bombay and he was playing a jazz/drum&bass trumpet player called Eric Truffaz. Even though I had heard the style a few times before, I was finally in a position to ask someone what it was and get some more info about it. He dropped a bunch of names that I should probably check out and the only one I remembered when I got home was London Elektricity. I got my hands on the 'Syncopated City' LP and his 2008 BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix, and there was no turning back from then on.

3. What do you feel about the Bass scene in India and what are your thoughts on its evolution so far?
A: I've only seen the evolution of the Bass scene in India from 2008 till today. And there has been quite a lot of change. Dubstep and Drum & Bass was quite underground in 2008/09 when BBC were playing Zenzi Mills & Blue Frog. Things really picked up in 2010/11/12 with the advent of Bass Camp festival and NH7's Dub Station, but at the same time saw Dubstep take a bit of a back seat maybe because it got too big too soon. Things are quite different now. There's a resurgence of the deeper/less cheesy dub step thanks to artists like Tarqeeb and international artists like Amit & Mala visiting our shores fairly regularly. The good people at Arms House & Supersonic are really speeding up the process of establishing bass music in India as a heavyweight by brining the best in the business to the country for the last 3 years. I do however feel like the drum & bass audience has diminished quite a bit at the moment with genres like Trap & Footwork taking over.

4.  You’ve been a drummer with various artists and have played with bands as well, how do you think it has helped you with your music production?

A: Being a drummer has definitely made all of the beat making very easy and intuitive. I'm still in the process of creating my ideal setup where my drumming ideas flow more spontaneously when I'm in the studio.

5. Apart from everything that you’ve learnt being a self taught artist, what are the areas you would still like to explore?
A: I really would like to strengthen my knowledge of music theory as well as more advanced music production concepts. I rely a little too much on just my ear and trial & error which can slow down the learning process.

6. What’s next in the to-do list, something coming up that we’re not aware of?
A: I have a bunch of new material that I've been working on this year which I plan on putting out as soon as I can and after that's done, I've been toying with a bunch of new ideas in terms of production approach as well as departure from singular music styles.

7. What according to you are the pros and cons of being a Bass artist in a country that is still coming to terms with this genre? Any word of advice for the DJ/Producers that are pursuing their dreams in the Bass genre?
A: One of the biggest pros is that it's still comparatively a nascent scene so if you put in the time and have a flair for it, it's fairly easy to come to the forefront of it and create a sound and a following of your own. But with the way Nucleya has blown up over the last 2 years, the next couple of years might see a good number of contenders which is definitely exciting, provided they're bring their own flavour to the game. One of the biggest cons I've always felt and still constantly feel being a bass music artist in this country is the lack of a dedicated clubs with good sound systems where this music can really be experienced the way it is meant to. I think this is very essential not only to the growth of the bass music scene but also to create unique experiences for kids who might be trailblazers in the genre in time. Bottle service clubs and shitty sound systems are not going to inspire anyone to do anything groundbreaking.

I have a few things I'd like to say to DJs/producers starting out. The first one is be hungry. Search far and wide for all kinds of styles and see what speaks to you. On a more technical note, one of the best ways to critique your own production is to A/B it with songs that you think would possibly be in the same sonic landscape and then use your ears. Really listen to every element and hear how near or far they are, how much prominence they have. And in terms of songwriting, every time I'm halfway through a song, I ask myself who the star of the song is. Is it the drums? Is it the super gnarly bass or a lead line or a vocal line? Give every element their own role to play and try not to let the song become a cluster fuck of too many elements all crying for the attention of the listener at the same time.

8. What is your studio / DJ set-up?
A : In the studio I use a 15" Macbook Pro. My DAW of choice is Ableton Live 9. My go to mixing tools are the Waves SSL and CLA plugins, a bunch of Sound Toys products, and a lot of inbuilt Ableton delays, comps and reverbs. I have an Access Virus TI desktop unit and the VST's I mostly use are Omnisphere, Sub Boom Bass by Rob Papen, Massive and Ableton instruments like Analog & Electric. I've very recently picked up the NI Komplete bundle along with the Machine Studio and I'm super stoked to dive into that.

My DJ setup has evolved a lot over the years. I started off DJing on Ableton and then moved to Traktor HID mode with the CDJs a few years later. I moved to Rekordbox a few months after that and for the last few months I've been using the DJM 900 along with Traktor, running 4 decks and doing a lot of layering and mashups. I'm looking at adding the X1 to this setup to give me a little more control over Traktor's in built effects.

9. Can you list 3 tunes you are feeling right now.
A: Hugh Hardie - Everything Was Nothing.

Sepalcure - No Think.

MUTEMATH - Changes.

10. What is the best gig you have played so far. In terms of Sound Systems, Venue and Crowd Response?
A : Without a doubt NH7 Weekender 2013 when I closed Dub Station on Saturday night. There were about 8 other DJ's who jumped on stage for almost the entire second half of the set. The stage was shaking so much my laptop hung twice but luckily I was able to recover in under 20 seconds so it wasn't too bad. The sound system was top notch and the area was packed to capacity.

11. What's the funniest / craziest thing that has ever happened to you during a gig?
A: At the same gig that I just spoke about, NH7 Weekender 2013, Dub station, the stage was moving so much that before every drop I had to literally hold my computer with both hands so that the screen wouldn't shut because of the amount of movement on stage.

12. You just found out that your last gig ever is tomorrow, what would be your closing track?
A: Klute - Hell Hath No Fury.

Connect with OX7GEN :
 - Facebook 

Dubplate #016 - OX7GEN

Listen | Download | Share

1. Alix Perez - Suffer in Silence feat. Zero T [SHOGUN AUDIO].
2.Sub Focus - Close (Ivy Lab remix) [RAM REECORDS].
3. Bop - Blurred Memories feat. Synkro (Etherwood Remix) [MEDSCHOOL].
4.Lenzman - Broken Dreams [METALHEADZ].
5. Bachelor of Science - Wicked Ways [CODE RECORDINGS].
6. Etherwood - You'll Always Be a Part of Me (Pola & Bryson Remix) [HOSPITAL RECORDS].
7. Context MC - Listening to Burial feat. Slof Man (Cinematic Remix).
8. Reckless - Rumours.
9. Ivy Lab - Live On Your Smile [CRITICAL MUSIC].
10. Moleman - Imagine [VELCRO CITY RECORDS].
11. Nu:Tone - Broken feat. Kyan [HOSPITAL RECORDS].
13. Joe Syntax - Sightlines feat. Jono McCleery [MEDSCHOOL].
14. SpectraSoul - Glimpse feat. dBridge (Ivy Lab Remix) [SHOGUN AUDIO].
15. Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs - Garden (Calibre Remix) [NICE AGE].
16. Blu Mar Ten - Whisper [BLU MAR TEN MUSIC].
17. Subwave - Stars Get Down [DRUM&BASSARENA].
18. Enei - Runnin feat. Georgia Yates [CRITICAL MUSIC].
19. Logistics - Triangles [HOSPITAL RECORDS].
20. Whiney - Nightfall [MEDSCHOOL].
21. Phase & Whiney - It Means Nothing [LIQUICITY RECORDS].
22. The Vanguard Project - Rhode House [SPEARHEAD RECORDS].
23. Boston - Conscious [SYMMETRY RECORDINGS].
24. Zero T - Too Close to See feat. Steo [INTEGRAL RECORDS].
25. Kwabs - Walk (Nu:Tone Remix).
26. Fracture Design - Day Dream [OFF WORLD RECORDINGS].
27. Bop - Spiral [MEDSCHOOL].

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#BassRelease - Mob Tactics - Body Check EP

Mob Tactics don't need an introduction. Known for the effortless combination of 90s-style techy beats with powerful, rolling basslines, Mob Tactics’ trademark production style has kept fans eagerly awaiting new material since ‘Get Dirty / Shark Tank’ and 'Neon God / Return of the Snitch’. Their tracks have made it to DJ sets from the likes of Andy C, Audio, DJ Hype, Matrix & Futurebound and Friction, to name a few.

Their latest EP, 'Body Check', released on 9th of September on Viper Recordings, is complex and original, showcasing Mob Tactics’ flawless production talent and features a whole spectrum of styles.

We got to chat with them about their new EP, and we also exchanged our thoughts on the shutdown of the 
legendary club, Fabric.

01. Hey Luke & Mark. How are you guys doing? What's been up in the Mob Tactics world?
A : Hello! We're good thanks, guys. It's been a busy summer gigging and finishing up new projects and starting new ones. Things are busy right now which is just the way we like it.

Tell us something really interesting about Mob Tactics which we can’t find anywhere on the internet, like a little known secret or fact.
A: One of us used to play hardcore and one of us used to play funk & soul in a local bar. We’ve said too much…

How are things different after you guys signed to Viper Recordings last year?
A: Things have massively switched up a level since we signed with Viper. Being with a label of that size & calibre and the way that they run things is nothing but beneficial to you as an artist. They just have all bases covered and the whole crew - staff & artists alike - all feel like family. It has been the best move of our career so far!

Who are the artist’s you guys look up to in the scene & why?
A: There are so many people we look up to. Our scene has produced some of the most gifted engineers, producers & DJ's in dance music full stop: Chase & Status, Goldie, Dillinja, Audio, Ed Rush & Optical, DJ Fresh, Andy C, Photek, Randall, the list goes on and on. Always feel privileged to be a part of such a special scene.

Fabric has played a key role in the London, or should we say, in the world wide Drum and Bass scene. We were gutted to hear about the legendary club closing down, especially with all the back-story going on. What's your take it?
A: We've been pretty vocal about our opinion on the matter: it's an absolute disgrace. Fabric is an institution that reaches worldwide across all genres of dance music. The whole thing stinks of corruption and ignorance and its heart-breaking to see ANOTHER amazing club bite the dust like that. I feel so sorry for the next generation of club-goer in the UK; where's left?

Click to support Fabric :

What is your best moment as a raver and as a producer duo at Fabric?
A: As a raver it was either seeing Sasha & Digweed close to when the club first opened, or Ed Rush & Optical's 'The Creeps' album launch. Too close to call!

As DJ's it was probably our first ever time playing there for Viper. We'd both dreamed of playing there for years and to see that dream realised was incredible. We’ll never forget that moment. 

Let's talk about your new EP ‘Body Check’ on Viper, which features a whole spectrum of styles from you guys. Tell us more about the journey in the making of the release.
A: The EP came together over the space of a few months in our old studio. In fact, they were the last batch of tracks we made in there. Every single Mob Tactics track aside from our first release was made in the confines of those four walls, and maaaan do we miss it! Was such a great space. Still, new studio build is under way and is looking like it's gonna be rather nice, so everything happens for a reason as they say.

Anyway, I digress... Yeah, the EP tracks were written over the space of a few months and then several months mixing them down. We really felt on a roll at the time and we were enjoying writing different stuff - which we feel is reflected in the EP.

The track 'Dot Matrix' is quite a contrast from the rest tracks of the EP. Any story behind it?
A: From day dot, Brendan (Futurebound) has given us free reign to write whatever we like which is so liberating. He’s of the mindset that good music is good music – regardless of sub-genre/style. We write all sorts of stuff and this one came together last Spring after a seeeeriously long night in the studio. About 6am is when we started to get somewhere with it. I think the delirium just took over after that and we just went with the vibe! Well happy with how it turned out though.

For the tech-geeks, what's your music production set-up like? And what’s your advice to the up and coming DnB producers and DJs?
A: Our set up consists of : 

Custom built PC
• FL Studio
• Virus TI 2 Polar
• UAD Apollo
• Adam A77X monitors
• Mackie HR824 monitors• Mackie Big Knob

Just keep at it. Don’t bog yourself down with too much too soon. Choose your tools carefully - a select few - and learn them inside out before moving on to installing five million VST's on to your computer. Don’t be afraid to experiment. 

Some of our biggest tracks to date have been the result of trying things that didn't necessarily seem like they'd work at the time. Forge your own your own sound: if you're doing it right, people will notice.

Care to share a little piece of technical advice that we won't find while going through online tutorials?
A: There's nothing we can say that hasn't been said a thousand times already - trust us. We've actually learnt so much ourselves from watching online tutorials and reading manuals. So yeah; read the manuals, kids!

What's the funniest / craziest thing that has ever happened to you during a gig?
A: Saw a couple having full sex against a speaker once during a show - I kid you not! Drum & Bass: the music of love...

If you weren't in the music business, what would your alternate career choice be and why?
A: Luke: I'd probably become a cowboy or maybe spend the rest of my life trying to live as Maverick from Top Gun.

Mark: Anyone who knows me knows how much I love to dance, so I'd probably follow my lifelong dream of joining the dream boys. Maybe it's not too late...

You just found out that your last gig ever is tomorrow, what would be your closing track?
A: DJ Fresh ‘The Immortal’

Connect with Mob Tactics :
 Facebook | TwitterSoundcloud | Instagram

Check out all the tracks below.

Mob Tactics - Body Check (Viper Recordings)

Label : Viper Recordings
Cat : VPR094
Genre : Drum & Bass
Released : 9th September 2016

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#BassMondays - Desaturate (Interview + Dubplate 015)

Music gives an additional amount of happiness when it's shared. And this is how we came across Janko Dragovic aka Desaturate, from Serbia. A talent with no musical boundaries, who recently released his debut album, "False Dichotomies" with two brilliant DnB tracks. And we couldn't be any more excited to share his music with you guys. A few questions to know him a little more and an exclusive mix set by him, enjoy!

01. Tell us the story behind the new alias 'Desaturate' and the choice of music you're leading with it.
A : The idea behind the Desaturate alias came from the fact that the electronic music today is oversaturated with disposable tracks with little artistic value and producers/DJs whose primary concern isn’t music but rather fame, money, sex etc. My attempt with the Desaturate project is to try and shift the balance towards a more artistic approach with little hype and a simple focus on quality music that takes you on a journey, without genre restrictions.

02. We'd love to hear & divulge into the 'bass' side of Desaturate a little more. When and how did you discover Drum & Bass and how did you progress with it?
A: My first forays into the DnB sound came in the early 2000s when I discovered the music of LTJ Bukem and Big Bud. Hearing the productions and mixes of those two legends was nothing short of revolutionary in my mind as the combination of dynamic drums and deep atmospheric melodies really struck a chord with me (and still to this day I love their music that introduced me to the DnB sound). 

I started producing and playing DnB together with Igor (my partner in crime in the Progress Inn project) sometime in 2003 and ever since then both of us have stayed true to the primarily ‘liquid’ sound. And even though at many points the focus was firmly shifted towards the 4x4 spectrum, DnB and liquid funk have always remained in our hearts as very special and something that we will love, cherish, produce and play for a long time to come.

03. You recently released your debut LP 'False Dichotomies' through Bandcamp, which features a whole spectrum of styles from you. Tell us more about the journey in the making of the album.
A: Ever since I started writing music, almost 15 years ago, it has been my wish to write an album. There is just something very special about an extended musical expression that an individual or a group can present that portrays their perception and gives you an insight into their personality and influences.

After many years of producing all sorts of music for various labels around the world, in the second half of 2015 I decided to shift my focus on writing my first artist album. Thus, ‘False Dichotomies’ was conceived, a concept for an album that would portray a slightly different side to my productions. The name signifies the falsity of many of our views and discussions about music and the arts, as well as many other wide ranging issues. 

I approached the album with no restrictions and simply created beautiful music that will hopefully stand the test of time and still sound interesting for many years to come!

04.'Slow Burner' & 'Pure' are the only two Drum & Bass tracks featured in this album, any particular memories & moments attached to them?

A: ‘Slow Burner’ was born from an older idea I created back in 2010 which I never really finished. So when the time came for me to write the album I revisited that idea and everything just flowed perfectly and I managed to finish it within two days. ‘Pure’ brings together the worlds of progressive and DnB. To me progressive has a lot to do with the journey the listener takes when listening to such music and not much to do with often used sounds or repeating patterns. So this would be progressive DnB if I really had to classify it (I steer away from ‘genre mentality’). It’s a pure expression of my love for those two musical directions and the emotions that can be conveyed by the story telling entwined through them.

Buy 'False Dichotomies'.

05. You've released a lot more 'Progressive House' & 'Techno' material under the Desaturate name, would we be seeing more bass-oriented releases from you on Beatport & the likes?
A: At this stage I cannot make any promises or announcements, but I am working on all sorts of different sounds and productions as well as exploring many different musical directions so anything is possible!

06. For the tech-geeks, what's your music production set-up like?
A: My setup-up consists of a beefed-up MacBook Pro as the hub in which I run Ableton Live and a variety of software from the Native Instruments Komplete 10 package. The tactile controls are via the NI Maschine and Komplete Kontrol 49-key keyboard. I also use a couple of portable Zoom recorders for all sorts of live sounds which I incorporate in my productions as well as an acoustic Fender guitar which I use to come up with ideas. I monitor my productions through my trusty Ultrasone DJ1 Pro headphones and a pair of Focal CMS 50 speakers.

07. Can you list 3 'bass' tunes you are feeling right now.
A: 1. Nu:Tone - Cold (feat. Arnold Jarvis)
2. Lenzman - Cherry Blossom
3. Zero T - Piano Clap

08. With the ever growing expansion of features & possibilities in Traktor, especially with the new STEMS format, could we expect you to do a 'live' interpretation of 'Desaturate' in the near future?
A : At this stage I am quite happy with my performance setup, which is running four tracks in Traktor of which one track is a remix deck where I include loops, samples etc. from my own productions which enables me to provide a signature sound and cohesiveness in a set. I definitely do want to do a live Desaturate performance at some stage but for now it’s a bit too much honestly and I have to be careful not to spread myself too much as there is so much I want to do and not enough time to do it all in!

09. What's the funniest / craziest thing that has ever happened to you during a gig?
A: One of the funniest (funny now, was a bit traumatic then!) things that has ever happened to me is that my laptop was once knocked off the stage in Perth, Australia, by one of the more over-zealous ravers who was enjoying the set way too much! The place was packed and there were people all around me. Sort of like boiler room but in 360 degrees. Luckily the cables that I used were quite long and it was a sturdy MacBook Pro with an SSD drive so the music and the set were remarkably uninterrupted and the raver quickly helped me to pick it up, apologised and put it back in place. I nearly had a heart attack, but no harm was done and the show went on successfully to the end.

10. If you weren't in the music business, what would your alternate career choice be and why?
A : I also wear photographer and graphic designer ‘hats’ at times and if I didn’t do any music I would definitely dedicate myself more to those two professions.

11. You just found out that your last gig ever is tomorrow, what would be your closing track?
A: The Doors - The End

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Dubplate #015 - Desaturate



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