Monday, November 23, 2015

#BassMondays - Mosillator (Interview + Dubplate 010)

10th Dubplate for #‎BassMondays features one of the biggest names in the Indian Underground Scene, Mosillator, also the person behind 'Bandish Projekt'.

01. It's no secret that you're the man behind 'Mosillator', which started off a secret 'faceless' project. Could you tell us how you came up with the name and what it means?
A: Initially i didn’t wanted to show my identity as Mayur Narvekar and so the mask. i wanted Music to do the talking and not the face. The name came from the word “oscillator”  and i just added “M” to it since my name, Mayur starts with “M”. 

02. How and when did you discover Drum and Bass?
A: In my college days in 1997 i got my first DnB CD of Goldie.

03. What do you feel about the Drum and Bass scene now, in India, as compared to what it was in it’s early days and what are your thoughts on its evolution?
A: It has quiet evolved since last 15 years and there is great future, acceptance and want as well. Not just in India but worldwide the sound has grown.

04. You recently released the 'Mental Conflict' which was absolutely smashing! Love the theme around it and the video was pretty wicked. You just posted up some clips of your new EP on your Facebook page, sounds downright gnarly and heavy! Tell us more about the tracks.
A:  My next EP is ann inspiration is from Tribal life and Folk rhythm patterns from around the world. It has interesting swings and the some very raw sounds. The EP is called Mirror.

05. This is for all the gear-heads out there. What does your production set-up look like and what's your favorite toy of the lot?
A: My set-up is pretty much simple. I use Macbook pro with an external Motu sound card with Novation keyboard &my new beefy KRK VXT Monitors which blasts the shit out of low ends.

06. Quick production tip?
A: Sound intelligent  but stay clean in your production.

07. With the ever growing expansion of features & possibilities in Traktor, especially with the new STEMS format, could we expect you to do a 'live' interpretation of Mosillator in the near future?
A: Ya sure. I am already working on it. And do expect Mosillator STEMS to come out soon.

08. What’s the first Record (Vinyl / Digital) you ever bought and what's the last (so far)?
A: My first record was and an audio cassette of Michael Jackson’s - Dangerous which i bought in my school . I don’t remember what i bought last . 

09. What's the funniest / craziest thing that has ever happened to you during a gig?
A: At the first Mosillator gig a girl was offering me a drink while i was playing and i couldn’t respond to her ,as i was wearing Mosillator mask , i can hardly see anything  when i wear the mask.

10. Top 3 tunes at the moment?
A:  1) Phace & Culprate - Logic Bomb

  2) Noisia ,Hybris, Mefjus-Clusterfunk(Original) 

   3) Posij - Tech plant 

11. If you weren't in the music business, what would your alternate career choice be and why?
A: I think anything which involves art i can be a part of that. I love making designs and any form of creative process. May be a graphic designer.

12. You just found out that your last gig ever is tomorrow, what would be your closing track?
A: Billain - Autonomous

Connect with Mosillator :
 - Facebook 

Check out the Exclusive Mix Set I did for Drum and Bass India's Dubplate.

1) Spor -  Coconut - Lifted Music
2) Noisia, Mefjus & Hybris -Reptilians -Vision recordings
3) Calyx & Teebee - Sawn Off
4) June Miller - Stormtrooper Feat. Virus Syndicate
5) Maztek feat. Aeph   - Hypnotize (Original mix)
6) Neonlight, Wintermute - Posthuman (Original Mix) - Blackout Music NL
7) June Miller - Operation Ivy
8) L 33 - Scream - Eatbrain
9) Rido, Mefjus - Causation (Original Mix)- Blackout Music NL
10) Phace - Bite the edge - Neosignal 
11) Noisia, The Upbeats - Mouth breather - Vision Recordings
12) June Miller - Chain of strength 
13) Noisia, The Upbeats - Dead limit - Vision Recordings
14) State Of Mind - Full force - Eatbrain
15) Rido, Mefjus - Optimum Trajectory (Original Mix) - Blackout Music NL
16) L 33 - Chain reaction - Lifted Music
17) Bluescreens - Clockaround
18) InsideInfo & Mefjus - Leibniz
19) Posij - Tech Plant - Critical Music 
20 ) Calyx & Teebee - Long Gone
21) Mosillator - Back fire  - Generation Bass
22) Noisia, Evol Intent - Long Gone - Vision Recordings
23)  KOAN Sound & Asa  - Tetsuo's Redemption (Billain Remix) 
24) Mefjus - Continuous - Critical Music 
25) Mosillator - Ammunitions - Bhejafry Records 
26) Mosillator - Inhaler - - Generation Bass
27) Phace - I am - Neosignal 
28) Rido, Mefjus - Correlation (Original Mix) - Blackout Music NL
29) Subtension - Midnight Flush (Original) - Invisible Records 
30) Icicle, sp:mc  - Dreadnaught Ft. SP:MC (Phace Remix) - Shogun Audio
31) Agressor Bunx - Like that 
32) Noisia ,Hybris, Mefjus-Clusterfunk(Original) [Vision_Recordings]
33) Phace & Culprate - Logic Bomb - neosignal 
34) Agressor Bunx - Muck 
35) Phace & Noisia - Drawback 
36) Mefjus - emulation - Critical Music 
37) Phace & Mefjus - The Mothershiip -Neosignal 
38) Billain - Autonomous

Monday, November 16, 2015

#BassMondays - November 2015 Favorites

Filled with innumerable brilliant releases, trust us when we say this, we had a tough time filtering it all down to only five. Here are the fav five releases from the month of November : 

1. Allied - Anesthesia
(Methlab // 1 EP)

Released by : Bad Taste Recordings

Release Date : 6th November 2015

2. London Elektricity : Phase Us (feat. Emer Dineen)from Are We There Yet? EP

Released by : Hospital Records

Release Date : 6th November 2015

3. Phace & Mefjus – Bäng Bäng
from Phace & Friends EP

Released by : Critical Music

Release Date : 13th November 2015

4. BMotion - Arabia
from Arabia / Ignition

Label : Viper Recordings

Release Date : 20th November 2015

5. Rockwell - Dizzle

Label : Shogun Audio

Release Date : 27th November 2015

Monday, November 9, 2015

#BassMondays - Favorite MixSets

5 mix sets which are on repeat at our Headquarters this week.

1. Makoto ft Stamina & Lowqui - Live @ Sun & Bass 2015

2. Skrillex b2b Noisia @Faralda NDSM Crane Hotel - Amsterdam (15-10-2015)

3. Fre4knc - Critical Podcast Vol.41

4. Goldie - Deviation Presents 'Metalheadz History Session'