Monday, October 26, 2015

#BassMondays - Q-BiK (Interview + Dubplate 009)

For our 9th Dubplate on #BassMondays, we have none other than the man behind the worldwide Drum & Bass hit 'My House' - Q-BiK.
Read our exclusive interview with him and check out his mix as well, which has been on loop ever since we received it!

1. Tell us something about Q-BiK that we can't find in your biography and how you came up with the alias.
A: Many may not know that I am also an agent representing some of the biggest labels, brands and names in DnB around the world. I also used to promote and organize tours in Australia and New Zealand for many years alongside DJing and producing.

I just began to learn to DJ. Friends and I were out getting pizza and next door to the pizza place was a book store. I was searching for names that would suit DnB back in late 90s early 2k. It to be math, science related and easy to say. Ash, my friend who had introduced me to all this music and djing was looking in a geometry book and saw some math terms, one being cubic. I liked it, but put my twist on it. And Q-BiK was born.

2. How and when did you discover Drum and Bass?
A: I didn’t know I had heard DnB previously but the first time I REALLY discovered it was when I stumbled upon an alley basement club owned by Ash, the guy who got me into dance music. His club Motion is where it all began! I heard Champion Sound Q-Project Remix for the first time and was sold!

3. What do you feel about the Drum and Bass scene now as compared to what it was in it’s early days and what are your thoughts on its evolution?
A: .Everything is always evolving. If it were to remain the same it would be boring. I love hearing and seeing young new producers and DJ coming through with some really interesting takes on DnB and DJing. I would say DnB has grown worldwide to places I could have imagined.

4. Having done your bit in both Australia as well as New Zealand in regards to establishing a local scene for Drum & Bass, what's your advice for people in countries where this sound hasn't been widely accepted yet?
A: Never give up! Consistency Is key to many things in life I’ve come to learn. Remain steadfast, passionate and creative in your ways to expose and let people hear our music.

5. Your rise to success came from the worldwide hit - 'My House ', which happened to be your first ever 12". Then came a slew of remixes and a few more tracks. What's in store?
A: After the success of ‘My House’, I began to tour a fair bit around the world. I also was privileged enough to remix some amazing artists and also dabble in some other styles of music to gain inspiration. I have heavily been influenced by techno and house recently. While I was on tour in the US I met my now wife. We made the choice to live in Nashville, TN. This meant I made the move from Australia to US after being on tour for almost 9 months across the US and Europe and Middle East. I haven’t had the time, studio or space to create anything this last couple of years. I haven’t given up though! I have a quite a few ideas, half songs and projects sitting there when the time is right this next year. Watch out in 2016.

Thankfully music will always be there! For the last year or so I have taken less bookings, focused on quality international and national shows in the US. I have recently begun to work for Cybergroove Agency, one of the largest DnB agencies in the US. We are growing very fast and helping other artists has been really fulfilling as well!

6. This is for all the gear-heads out there. What does your production set-up look like and what's your favorite toy of the lot?
A: When I last had my working studio in Australia, I had just moved more to Ableton after many years on Cubase. My studio was simple. Akai midi keyboard, Motu Ultralite Mk3 soundcard, Intel I7 quadcore, 12gb ram, 2 x 1 TB hardrives, 2 x 21” Monitors, Mackie HR824 MK1 studio reference monitors. After many years of finding the combo of plug ins I like the sound of waves, native instruments, sound toys, sugar bytes, fab filter, izotope, camel phat, audio damage plugins.

7. Quick production tip?
A: Never Clip!  EQ everything. Possibly even 2 or 3 times on a channel in your fx chain sequence.

8. What’s the first Record (Vinyl / Digital) you ever bought and what's the last (so far)?
A: First DnB record I bought was – Champion Sound – Q-Project Hardcore will never die Remix
Last music I bought was Disclosure – Caracal LP.

9. What's the funniest / craziest thing that has ever happened to you during a gig?
A: There’s def been a few funny and crazy things over my 15 years of Djing. From playing in Slovakia at an Underground Nuclear bomb shelter, to a private club in a Mansion in Shanghai’s most exclusive neighborhood, to playing in front of 20,000 people that know your own music, not to mention playing alongside some of my heroes around the world. I’ve been extremely blessed.

10. Top 3 tunes at the moment.
A: Break – Hope
Need for Mirrors – Neverless Ft Steo
Calyx & TeeBee – Where we go

11. If you weren't in the music business, what would your alternate career choice be and why?
A: Probably an entrepreneur, owing my own business, but there’s never really been a plan B. It was all to get to full time music in one way or another from a young age.

12. You just found out that your last gig ever is tomorrow, what would be your closing track?
A: DnB – Calibre – Is It U
Hip Hop – OutKast – Spoddieoddiedopalicious

Connect with Q-BiK :
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- Souncloud

Check out the Exclusive Mix Set I did for Drum and Bass India's Dubplate.


01. Need 4 Mirrors – Neverless Ft Steo
02. TC – Everything – Ivy Lab Remix
03. Krakota – In The Area Ft. Lifford
04. Ulterior Motive – Sideways
05. Culture Shock – City Lights Ft. Bryn Christopher
06. Fred V & Graffix – Purple Gates
07. DC Breaks – Faithless Ft Bianaca
08. Muzzy & Voicians – Back To You
09. Break – Hope Ft. Celestine
10. Rene LaVice – Air Force 1
11. Flux Pavillion Ft Steve Aoki – Steve French – The Prototypes Remix
12. Friction – Freak (VIP) Ft Josh Barry
13. Smooth – Saturn 3
14. Subtension – Camden Hype
15. Sam Binga – Tek Nuh Chat Ft Redders  
16. Kasra & Enei – Inside the Box
17. Lethal B – Playground Ft Shakka - Cyantific Remix
18. Teddy Killerz – Higher Ground Ft. Pat Fulgoni
19. MC Fats -  Lovin – Random Movement Remix
20. A-Sides & Makoto – Hurt My Soul
21. Brookes Brothers  Ft Danny Byrd – Climb Higher
22. Agressor Bunx – Trice
23. Misanthrop – Collapse
24. Dimension – Jet Black
25. Culture Shock – Troglodyte VIP
26. Krakota – Xylo
27. Azari & Ill – Reckless With Your Love – Bensley Remix

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