Monday, August 24, 2015

#BassMondays - August 2015 Favorites

Here is our top 5 favorite releases from the month of August, for this #BassMondays.

1. Flower Of Life - Tyke
from 'Flower Of Life' EP

Hype and Pascal present 'Flower of Life' EP the latest from their little upstart Tyke - whom you might have caught recently killing it on the Playaz Rough Tempo takeover. Tyke draws inspiration from Nassim Haramein for this EP, going all 'quantum physics' on us. Our favorite is the Title Track.


1. Tyke - Flower of Life
2. Tyke & Vegetarian Zombie - Guantanamo
3. Tyke - This Track Is Not Real
4. Tyke - Little Universe
5. Tyke - No Mans Land
6. Tyke & Prestige - Cool Breeze

Released by : Playaz Recordings

Release Date : 3rd August 2015

 2. Above & Beyond Feat. Gemma Hayes - Counting Down The Days (Keeno Remix)

Fresh from Breaking Bad on the MainStage of Electric Daisy Carnival (which saw Bryan Cranston resurrect his infamous Walter White character on stage with the band in front of 80,000 people), UK trio Above & Beyond release their latest single 'Counting Down The Days'.

Taken from their Billboard dance number #1 album 'We Are All We Need', 'Counting Down The Days' is also Above & Beyond’s first track to feature the vocals of former Mercury Music awards nominee Gemma Hayes. "We first came across Gemma through a bootleg mix that found its way on to our Group Therapy radio show ," said the band's Jono Grant. "Coming from a folk background, her voice has an honesty and emotion to it that really stood out from the pack and felt a perfect match for this song co-written with Victoria Horn."

Set against a laidback summer groove, Gemma's hazy vocal tones perfectly capture the melancholia of the drifting relationship in the Extended Mix. Hotly tipped Finnish star Yotto's takes things in a deep and dreamy direction, while London based Shur-i-kan adds a refined deep house flavour to the mix, fresh from his excellent 'My Love' on Anjunadeep which found favour with everyone from Dusky to Radio 1's Annie Mac.

Hospital Records sharp shooter Keeno is on point again with his melodic d&b rework, while US duo Dan Davis and Chris Nelson, aka Judah, go funk heavy for their groovy Pryda-esque interpretation.

Released by : Anjunabeats

Release Date : 7th August 2015

3. Wusi Street - Arkaik
from 'My Love' EP

Arkaik comes through with an absolutely incredible 5 track EP to mark his first release on Flexout Audio, whilst still maintaining his signature sound, Arkaik's first EP since 'The Hustle' shows the evolution of his minimal yet heavyweight approach to production, with bags of character, originality and groove this EP is landmark in his career so far.


1. Arkaik - My Love
2. Arkaik  - Isolate
3. Arkaik - Doppleganger
4. Arkaik  - Wusi Street
5. Arkaik : Moving On

Released by : Flexout Audio

Release Date : 14th August 2015

4. Rubricate Sessions #4 Feat. Niems, Format and Lucidia 

Rubricate Sessions #4, featuring Niems, Format and Lucidia.


1. Niems – Undue Alarm (Original Mix)
2. Format – Cambodia (Original Mix)
3. Lucidia – Cold New (Original Mix)

Released by : Rubricate Records

Release Date : 16th August 2015

5. Amsterdam - Majistrate
from 'Amsterdam EP'

Hot on the heels of his album release, ‘Twenty’, Majistrate uploads a blistering 4 track EP that’s chock full of energy, bubbling basslines and some seriously catchy heavyweight beats, synths and samples. The Amsterdam EP is as much reminiscent of Majistrate’s unmistakable brew of DNB as it is of the city itself. And here’s why….

The title track, ‘Amsterdam’, touches down quickly with some tough intro beatz and a mysterious, eerie, delightful background synth. Wasting no time mucking about, a sample from the classic film, ‘Full Metal Jacket’, welcomes the dirty bassline and gives a nod to Amsterdam’s unique and world-famous Red Light District, De Wallen. The first two notes of the b-line conjure up imagery of flashing neon lights and the intoxicating mystique of nightlife, while the latter three notes bump and grind about boldly much like the fun you might be hoping to find on the dance floor or whilst taking a stroll through De Wallen and…well, you get the picture. Next on deck is ‘Here It Comes’. Taking a departure from the no-frills intro of the previous track, the arrangement is complex, brilliant and highly immersive. Some keenly placed samples and FX pace the tune, and there is simply no way around the fact that this tune is about blips, blaps and booming bass. Get your stepping shoes on for this one and get busy unleashing some damage to that dance floor.
Continuing the intensity presented in the intro of ‘Here It Comes’, the 3rd track, ‘Remain Calm’ is definitely titled ironically. The intro is fiercely intoxicating and the track’s rock ‘n’ roll inspired abrasive bass riff will have you ready to do anything but remain calm. The closing track, “Attention” is pure vibes and nothing but. If there’s one tune on the EP that captures the vibe of everything Amsterdam from the smoke shops, to the laid-back Dutch mentality, to the nightlife, it’s this one. Some stylistic fills circulate throughout the punchy Hip Hop inspired beat, and the baseline is tasty, militantly tight, and quite frankly exquisite. Add to that the impact the entire brew has, and you’ve got yourself nothing short of some Grade A, head nodding, heart pounding, gut slamming DNB folks.


1. Majistrate - Amsterdam
2. Majistrate - Here It Comes
3. Majistrate - Remain Calm
4. Majistrate - Attention

Released by : Low Down Deep Recordings

Release Date : 17th August 2015

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