Monday, June 8, 2015

Mental Conflict by Mosillator

Better known in the industry as Bandish Projekt, Mayur Narvekar’s side project “Mosillator” has been representing India in Drum & Bass world-wide movement. His 5th EP titled “Mental Conflict”, out on Generation Bass (Released on the 9th of March 15), is his natural progression as a composer, sound designer and futurist, following a dark & sinister theme throughout with an industrial texture within elements.

‘Ammunitions’ kicks off the 3-track EP with touches of ethnicity, followed by ‘Mosillation’s hypnotic phrases leading up to a new generation neuro-funk drop, finally closing with ‘Mental Conflict’s organized chaos in the form of half-step.


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Mayur - “The whole EP (Under label - Generation Bass) is about the mental conflict which goes around in one’s head. Ammunitions are the elements which one fights the conflict with. The video is in complete contrast to the music, where I am walking around the streets peacefully and the city looks crazy. This is just my attempt to showcase the conflict going on in my head.”

Presenting Mosillator's collaboration with Photographer Vijit Gupta to come up with a Photo Series using T-shirts from Kulture Shop which also features in the music video for "Ammunitions".

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