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#BassMondays - Mosillator (Interview + Dubplate 010)

10th Dubplate for #‎BassMondays features one of the biggest names in the Indian Underground Scene, Mosillator, also the person behind 'Bandish Projekt'.

01. It's no secret that you're the man behind 'Mosillator', which started off a secret 'faceless' project. Could you tell us how you came up with the name and what it means?
A: Initially i didn’t wanted to show my identity as Mayur Narvekar and so the mask. i wanted Music to do the talking and not the face. The name came from the word “oscillator”  and i just added “M” to it since my name, Mayur starts with “M”. 

02. How and when did you discover Drum and Bass?
A: In my college days in 1997 i got my first DnB CD of Goldie.

03. What do you feel about the Drum and Bass scene now, in India, as compared to what it was in it’s early days and what are your thoughts on its evolution?
A: It has quiet evolved since last 15 years and there is great future, acceptance and want as well. Not just in India but worldwide the sound has grown.

04. You recently released the 'Mental Conflict' which was absolutely smashing! Love the theme around it and the video was pretty wicked. You just posted up some clips of your new EP on your Facebook page, sounds downright gnarly and heavy! Tell us more about the tracks.
A:  My next EP is ann inspiration is from Tribal life and Folk rhythm patterns from around the world. It has interesting swings and the some very raw sounds. The EP is called Mirror.

05. This is for all the gear-heads out there. What does your production set-up look like and what's your favorite toy of the lot?
A: My set-up is pretty much simple. I use Macbook pro with an external Motu sound card with Novation keyboard &my new beefy KRK VXT Monitors which blasts the shit out of low ends.

06. Quick production tip?
A: Sound intelligent  but stay clean in your production.

07. With the ever growing expansion of features & possibilities in Traktor, especially with the new STEMS format, could we expect you to do a 'live' interpretation of Mosillator in the near future?
A: Ya sure. I am already working on it. And do expect Mosillator STEMS to come out soon.

08. What’s the first Record (Vinyl / Digital) you ever bought and what's the last (so far)?
A: My first record was and an audio cassette of Michael Jackson’s - Dangerous which i bought in my school . I don’t remember what i bought last . 

09. What's the funniest / craziest thing that has ever happened to you during a gig?
A: At the first Mosillator gig a girl was offering me a drink while i was playing and i couldn’t respond to her ,as i was wearing Mosillator mask , i can hardly see anything  when i wear the mask.

10. Top 3 tunes at the moment?
A:  1) Phace & Culprate - Logic Bomb

  2) Noisia ,Hybris, Mefjus-Clusterfunk(Original) 

   3) Posij - Tech plant 

11. If you weren't in the music business, what would your alternate career choice be and why?
A: I think anything which involves art i can be a part of that. I love making designs and any form of creative process. May be a graphic designer.

12. You just found out that your last gig ever is tomorrow, what would be your closing track?
A: Billain - Autonomous

Connect with Mosillator :
 - Facebook 

Check out the Exclusive Mix Set I did for Drum and Bass India's Dubplate.

1) Spor -  Coconut - Lifted Music
2) Noisia, Mefjus & Hybris -Reptilians -Vision recordings
3) Calyx & Teebee - Sawn Off
4) June Miller - Stormtrooper Feat. Virus Syndicate
5) Maztek feat. Aeph   - Hypnotize (Original mix)
6) Neonlight, Wintermute - Posthuman (Original Mix) - Blackout Music NL
7) June Miller - Operation Ivy
8) L 33 - Scream - Eatbrain
9) Rido, Mefjus - Causation (Original Mix)- Blackout Music NL
10) Phace - Bite the edge - Neosignal 
11) Noisia, The Upbeats - Mouth breather - Vision Recordings
12) June Miller - Chain of strength 
13) Noisia, The Upbeats - Dead limit - Vision Recordings
14) State Of Mind - Full force - Eatbrain
15) Rido, Mefjus - Optimum Trajectory (Original Mix) - Blackout Music NL
16) L 33 - Chain reaction - Lifted Music
17) Bluescreens - Clockaround
18) InsideInfo & Mefjus - Leibniz
19) Posij - Tech Plant - Critical Music 
20 ) Calyx & Teebee - Long Gone
21) Mosillator - Back fire  - Generation Bass
22) Noisia, Evol Intent - Long Gone - Vision Recordings
23)  KOAN Sound & Asa  - Tetsuo's Redemption (Billain Remix) 
24) Mefjus - Continuous - Critical Music 
25) Mosillator - Ammunitions - Bhejafry Records 
26) Mosillator - Inhaler - - Generation Bass
27) Phace - I am - Neosignal 
28) Rido, Mefjus - Correlation (Original Mix) - Blackout Music NL
29) Subtension - Midnight Flush (Original) - Invisible Records 
30) Icicle, sp:mc  - Dreadnaught Ft. SP:MC (Phace Remix) - Shogun Audio
31) Agressor Bunx - Like that 
32) Noisia ,Hybris, Mefjus-Clusterfunk(Original) [Vision_Recordings]
33) Phace & Culprate - Logic Bomb - neosignal 
34) Agressor Bunx - Muck 
35) Phace & Noisia - Drawback 
36) Mefjus - emulation - Critical Music 
37) Phace & Mefjus - The Mothershiip -Neosignal 
38) Billain - Autonomous

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#BassMondays - November 2015 Favorites

Filled with innumerable brilliant releases, trust us when we say this, we had a tough time filtering it all down to only five. Here are the fav five releases from the month of November : 

1. Allied - Anesthesia
(Methlab // 1 EP)

Released by : Bad Taste Recordings

Release Date : 6th November 2015

2. London Elektricity : Phase Us (feat. Emer Dineen)from Are We There Yet? EP

Released by : Hospital Records

Release Date : 6th November 2015

3. Phace & Mefjus – Bäng Bäng
from Phace & Friends EP

Released by : Critical Music

Release Date : 13th November 2015

4. BMotion - Arabia
from Arabia / Ignition

Label : Viper Recordings

Release Date : 20th November 2015

5. Rockwell - Dizzle

Label : Shogun Audio

Release Date : 27th November 2015

Monday, November 9, 2015

#BassMondays - Favorite MixSets

5 mix sets which are on repeat at our Headquarters this week.

1. Makoto ft Stamina & Lowqui - Live @ Sun & Bass 2015

2. Skrillex b2b Noisia @Faralda NDSM Crane Hotel - Amsterdam (15-10-2015)

3. Fre4knc - Critical Podcast Vol.41

4. Goldie - Deviation Presents 'Metalheadz History Session'

Monday, October 26, 2015

#BassMondays - Q-BiK (Interview + Dubplate 009)

For our 9th Dubplate on #BassMondays, we have none other than the man behind the worldwide Drum & Bass hit 'My House' - Q-BiK.
Read our exclusive interview with him and check out his mix as well, which has been on loop ever since we received it!

1. Tell us something about Q-BiK that we can't find in your biography and how you came up with the alias.
A: Many may not know that I am also an agent representing some of the biggest labels, brands and names in DnB around the world. I also used to promote and organize tours in Australia and New Zealand for many years alongside DJing and producing.

I just began to learn to DJ. Friends and I were out getting pizza and next door to the pizza place was a book store. I was searching for names that would suit DnB back in late 90s early 2k. It to be math, science related and easy to say. Ash, my friend who had introduced me to all this music and djing was looking in a geometry book and saw some math terms, one being cubic. I liked it, but put my twist on it. And Q-BiK was born.

2. How and when did you discover Drum and Bass?
A: I didn’t know I had heard DnB previously but the first time I REALLY discovered it was when I stumbled upon an alley basement club owned by Ash, the guy who got me into dance music. His club Motion is where it all began! I heard Champion Sound Q-Project Remix for the first time and was sold!

3. What do you feel about the Drum and Bass scene now as compared to what it was in it’s early days and what are your thoughts on its evolution?
A: .Everything is always evolving. If it were to remain the same it would be boring. I love hearing and seeing young new producers and DJ coming through with some really interesting takes on DnB and DJing. I would say DnB has grown worldwide to places I could have imagined.

4. Having done your bit in both Australia as well as New Zealand in regards to establishing a local scene for Drum & Bass, what's your advice for people in countries where this sound hasn't been widely accepted yet?
A: Never give up! Consistency Is key to many things in life I’ve come to learn. Remain steadfast, passionate and creative in your ways to expose and let people hear our music.

5. Your rise to success came from the worldwide hit - 'My House ', which happened to be your first ever 12". Then came a slew of remixes and a few more tracks. What's in store?
A: After the success of ‘My House’, I began to tour a fair bit around the world. I also was privileged enough to remix some amazing artists and also dabble in some other styles of music to gain inspiration. I have heavily been influenced by techno and house recently. While I was on tour in the US I met my now wife. We made the choice to live in Nashville, TN. This meant I made the move from Australia to US after being on tour for almost 9 months across the US and Europe and Middle East. I haven’t had the time, studio or space to create anything this last couple of years. I haven’t given up though! I have a quite a few ideas, half songs and projects sitting there when the time is right this next year. Watch out in 2016.

Thankfully music will always be there! For the last year or so I have taken less bookings, focused on quality international and national shows in the US. I have recently begun to work for Cybergroove Agency, one of the largest DnB agencies in the US. We are growing very fast and helping other artists has been really fulfilling as well!

6. This is for all the gear-heads out there. What does your production set-up look like and what's your favorite toy of the lot?
A: When I last had my working studio in Australia, I had just moved more to Ableton after many years on Cubase. My studio was simple. Akai midi keyboard, Motu Ultralite Mk3 soundcard, Intel I7 quadcore, 12gb ram, 2 x 1 TB hardrives, 2 x 21” Monitors, Mackie HR824 MK1 studio reference monitors. After many years of finding the combo of plug ins I like the sound of waves, native instruments, sound toys, sugar bytes, fab filter, izotope, camel phat, audio damage plugins.

7. Quick production tip?
A: Never Clip!  EQ everything. Possibly even 2 or 3 times on a channel in your fx chain sequence.

8. What’s the first Record (Vinyl / Digital) you ever bought and what's the last (so far)?
A: First DnB record I bought was – Champion Sound – Q-Project Hardcore will never die Remix
Last music I bought was Disclosure – Caracal LP.

9. What's the funniest / craziest thing that has ever happened to you during a gig?
A: There’s def been a few funny and crazy things over my 15 years of Djing. From playing in Slovakia at an Underground Nuclear bomb shelter, to a private club in a Mansion in Shanghai’s most exclusive neighborhood, to playing in front of 20,000 people that know your own music, not to mention playing alongside some of my heroes around the world. I’ve been extremely blessed.

10. Top 3 tunes at the moment.
A: Break – Hope
Need for Mirrors – Neverless Ft Steo
Calyx & TeeBee – Where we go

11. If you weren't in the music business, what would your alternate career choice be and why?
A: Probably an entrepreneur, owing my own business, but there’s never really been a plan B. It was all to get to full time music in one way or another from a young age.

12. You just found out that your last gig ever is tomorrow, what would be your closing track?
A: DnB – Calibre – Is It U
Hip Hop – OutKast – Spoddieoddiedopalicious

Connect with Q-BiK :
 - Facebook 
- Souncloud

Check out the Exclusive Mix Set I did for Drum and Bass India's Dubplate.


01. Need 4 Mirrors – Neverless Ft Steo
02. TC – Everything – Ivy Lab Remix
03. Krakota – In The Area Ft. Lifford
04. Ulterior Motive – Sideways
05. Culture Shock – City Lights Ft. Bryn Christopher
06. Fred V & Graffix – Purple Gates
07. DC Breaks – Faithless Ft Bianaca
08. Muzzy & Voicians – Back To You
09. Break – Hope Ft. Celestine
10. Rene LaVice – Air Force 1
11. Flux Pavillion Ft Steve Aoki – Steve French – The Prototypes Remix
12. Friction – Freak (VIP) Ft Josh Barry
13. Smooth – Saturn 3
14. Subtension – Camden Hype
15. Sam Binga – Tek Nuh Chat Ft Redders  
16. Kasra & Enei – Inside the Box
17. Lethal B – Playground Ft Shakka - Cyantific Remix
18. Teddy Killerz – Higher Ground Ft. Pat Fulgoni
19. MC Fats -  Lovin – Random Movement Remix
20. A-Sides & Makoto – Hurt My Soul
21. Brookes Brothers  Ft Danny Byrd – Climb Higher
22. Agressor Bunx – Trice
23. Misanthrop – Collapse
24. Dimension – Jet Black
25. Culture Shock – Troglodyte VIP
26. Krakota – Xylo
27. Azari & Ill – Reckless With Your Love – Bensley Remix

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#BassMondays - October 2015 Favorites

This #BassMondays, we bring to you our top 5 favorite releases from this month.

1. The Flux Original Mix - Break
from Simpler Times LP

Released by : Symmetry Recordings

Release Date : 2nd October 2015

2. Pulsation - Mefjus and InsideInfo
from Pulsation/Mefjus

Released by : Viper Recordings

Release Date : 9th October 2015

3. Dance - Karma
from The Searching/Dance 

Released by : Shogun Audio

Release Date : 9th October 2015

4. Collapse - Misanthrop
from Collapse EP

Released by : RAM Records

Release Date : 16th October 2015

5. Bad Proof - Enei
from Just One Look/Bad Proof

Released by : Critical Music

Release Date : 16th October 2015

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#BassMondays - Denoy (Interview + Dubplate 008)

1. For those that might not have heard of you, can you give a short introduction?
A: I started my career back in the year 2008 and have had a residency at more than 10 properties across Bangalore since then. At every property, I followed a different style of music, based on the need of the hour. This helped me discover new forms of music and widen my horizon as well.
Now, I don’t categorize music into Genres instead I find sounds which are appealing to my ears. I now understand the vibe of a place much better, thanks to the variety of properties I have worked at over the years. I feel the friends I have made through music are an example of how I understand and develop the flavor of music which doesn’t only appeal to me as an artist, but also to my friends who support me and listen to my music. It is difficult to convince people to invest their time and money in an artist, or the kind of music the artists performs at a property or festival. I am honored and thankful to my friends who understand both me and my music.

2. How and when did you discover Drum and Bass?
A: It was in 2009 that I first got hooked onto Drum n Bass. Vachan Chinapa, one of the biggest supporters of Drum n Bass as a genre here in Bangalore, was playing at Bacchus. I heard the music, and I got Goosebumps immediately. This was a blessing in disguise for me, as a year later I was offered a residency at Bacchus. I will always be thankful to Bacchus for this, as this residency helped me experiment with different styles of Drum n Bass

3. You are one of the co-founders of B.U.M., could you please tell us a little about it, the ideology and process, people involved etc.?
A: . It all started when we – my partner Dj Villz and I – realised that there weren’t many places where we could play our style of music. We also saw that there were many others just like us, who needed a stage to showcase their skills and play their best form of music. There are a lot of people who love listening to the kind of music that we play, but even they didn’t really have a place to go to.
We realized that B.U.M was the solution to all these problems. B.U.M started as a stage where artists from all over Bangalore could come and feel at home by playing the music that THEY wanted to play, to a crowd that follows B.U.M almost religiously. More than a property, we are a family.

Thanks to the love and support of the Artists and all our friends, at this stage we are host to not only artists from Bangalore and the rest of India, but also to international artists who are a part of our growing family. At this point I would also like to introduce our new exclusive Bass property which will be launched soon. We are also planning something really exciting for the Bass artist and follower to look forward to. The name of the property and the date of launch will be announced soon.

4. What do you feel about the Drum and Bass scene in India and what are your thoughts on its evolution so far?
A: I think it is not very well exposed so far, and has not reached enough people. For most people, it is a very “hard” form of music rather than a beautiful form of music. I feel it has evolved in a very interesting way. It has expanded itself into various sub-genres. I love the way it’s growing in India, and especially in Bangalore. I think it has great potential and a long way to go yet.

5. Give us an overview of the things that according to you have changed in local Bangalore music scene, since you got into the industry.
A: When I started playing, I thought what people want is paramount, and you need to cater to them regardless of what you want to play.But years later, I have seen that people are more educated in terms of music and are open to listening to new forms of music. This is great news for music itself, and especially for artists like us. Now, you find people who follow several different genres of music, all the while appreciating every single one of those genres.

6. What is your studio / DJ set-up?
A: .  Usually I use a Roland Midi Keyboard, BX4 M-Audio and an iMac at home.
I prefer 3CDJ Nexus2000, 900DJM Nexus Mixer by Pioneer, LR Stereo monitor (min 400w each) Single 18 Sub-Woofer for my live gigs.

7.  (If you are producing) What can we expect in terms of future releases and what kind of sounds are you looking to produce?
A: As I said before, I love to experiment with a variety of sounds and don’t want to be confined to one box in terms of production. I have been actively working on my production skills and I have also been listening to different sounds, which have made me start thinking out of the box. Production to me is to translate what is in your head to your ear, and also the tangible experience of feeling something wonderful that you haven’t felt before.

I am working on a few tracks which I expect to release in early 2016.

8. Can you list 3 tunes you are feeling right now (any genre) and give a short reason why?
A: Artist – clozee, track- raging strings
Artist –DJ madd, track-  I-N-I
Artist- DyAD, track- this is earth

9. What's the funniest / craziest thing that has ever happened to you during a gig?
A: This is something that I couldn’t believe actually happened . I was playing @ Fireflies  good crowd great vibe. One guy came up to the console accompanied by a girl, and this is the offer he made. “I will trade my sister for 6 of your music CDs”. 

Connect with Denoy :
 - Facebook 

Check out the Exclusive Mix Set I did for Drum and Bass India's Dubplate.


01. Total Science - New Beginnings (Original mix) [Ingredients Records]
02. Drop Frame feat. Alice Phoebe Lou - Maze (Ekko & Sidetrack Remix) [RYM]
03. RoyGreen & Protone - Homeground (Original mix) [DEMAND Records]
04. Projekt Nebula  - Maailmanaba (Original mix) [Unreleased]
05. Taelimb & Conscience - Public Eye (Original mix) [Flexout Audio]
06. Phase  - Darkest Of Minds (feat MC Mota) [DEMAND Records]
07. Tracktion Force feat. Kaiza - Sinister Talk (Original Mix) [T3K]
08. Kai - Clamped (Original mix) [Flexout Audio]
09. GOLD Dubs - Disco Dubs (Original mix) [Hazardous Musik]
10. Maurs - Walking The Dog (Original Mix) [Avantgarde]
11. Capo & Pacso - Belly Of The Beast (Original mix) [Higher Stakes]
12. Prime Suspect & Thëskal - The Underground (Original Mix) [Stickybass Records]
13. Emperor - Tandem (Original Mix) [Critical Music]
14. Kursiva - Aztec Spree (feat. Isaac Maya) [LowFreqMX]

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#BassMondays - September 2015 Favorites

Our top 5 favorite releases for the month of September, for this #BassMondays.

1. Valentina Original Mix - Phaction
from 'Stratos EP'


1. Phaction - Stratos (Feat. Leo Wood)
2. Phaction - Lucid (Feat. Katkin Willow)
3. Phaction & Bryson - Valentina

Released by : Fokuz Recordings

Release Date : 14th September 2015

2. Aprés - Chicago (Technimatic Remix)

Released by : SubSoul

Release Date : 4th September 2015

3. Dead Limit - Noisia & The Upbeats from 'Dead Limit EP'


1. Noisia and The Upbeats - Dead Limit Original Mix
2. Noisia and The Upbeats - Inverse Original Mix
1. Noisia and The Upbeats - Omnivore Original Mix
2. Noisia and The Upbeats - Mouthbreather Original Mix

Release by : Vision Recordings

Release Date : 31st August 2015

4. Two Minds - Nero (Dimension Remix)

Released by : MTA Records

Release Date : 11th September 2015

5. Tiamat VIP - Cern
from 'Hollow Moon VIP / Tiamat VIP'


1. Cern - Hollow Moon VIP Original
2. Cern - Tiamat VIP Original

Released by : Dispatch Dubplate

Release Date : 11th September 2015

Monday, August 31, 2015

#BassMondays - Sahil Madaan (Interview + Dubplate 007)

1. For those that might not have heard of you, can you give a short introduction?
A: I have been Djing for 7 years now during which I have been lucky enough to be part of amazing festivals like Sunburn and Supersonic and also got to share the decks with some of the biggest names in industry like Vachan Chinnappa, Engine Earz, Caspa, and the list goes on. Drum and Bass has given me a different perspective all together in terms of music.  

2. How and when did you discover Drum and Bass?
A: I think I heard Smack my Bitch up in my college days when my friend actually introduced me to Prodigy. But I would definitely say that its is because of Vachan Chinnappa that I discovered DNB when I heard him play. The rawness in every track and I was like wow!

3. What do you feel about the Drum and Bass scene in India and what are your thoughts on its evolution?
A: Drum and Bass scene in India is growing and I think it is the future of Dance Music. I remember when I started playing DNB back in 2011-12, there were hardly any DJs in the scene but the times have changed and a lot of people are joining this community.

4. What is your studio / DJ set-up?
A: When I Dj, I love playing on Turntables so I always prefer playing on them. My studio doesn’t have a lot of stuff, it's just my laptop with Focusrite sound card and Monitors, thats it. I like to keep it minimal.

5. You recently released your first EP, Mixology. Please tell us a little about it.
A: Well its a 2 track EP.
My first track DUB TRIBE involves more of harder,darker and aggressive sounds.
 My second track MIXOLOGY is more on the funk side. I like having funk elements in my tracks and my sets.

Mixology by Sahil Madaan

6. What can we expect in terms of future releases and what kind of sounds are you looking to produce next?
A: Am working on a album currently which will have 5 tracks. Not restricting any one genre of music though. Its going to have electronica, Funk and DNB.

7. Can you list 3 tunes you are feeling right now (any genre) and give a short reason why?
A: 1st one is Go by Chemical Brothers because of the old school elements in the track.
2nd one would be Praveen Achary’s remix of Above and Beyond we are all we need because I love the feel of the track.
3rd would be Chase & Status : No Problem because of the Vocals and the way they have arranged the track.

8. What is the best gig you have played so far. In terms of Sound Systems, Venue and Crowd Response?
A: Well my best gigs I have quite a few but I would say Warehouse For Bangalore Underground Movement 2nd year Anniversary. The Vibe of the night was way beyond I expected.

9. What's the funniest / craziest thing that has ever happened to you during a gig?
A: Funniest thing would be seeing people doing MJ moves on DNB, though its kind of irritating as well.

Connect with Sahil Madaan :
 - Facebook 

Check out the Exclusive Mix Set I did for Drum and Bass India's Dubplate.

Tracklist : 

01. Technimatic - The Unspoken
02. Sabre & Alix Perez : Solitary Native
03. Blue Motion - Meteoric Shower
04. Human Factor and Mijazzy - Live Circle
05. Loving Soul and Sunset - Love Us
06. Tokalosh -  That One Time Thing
07. Marvel Cinema - Sweetest Memories
08. Intelligent Manners - Acting, Thinking, Feeling
09. David Boomah - Spread A Little Love (Rowpieces Remix)
10. Lenzman Ft. Kevin King - Starz
11. FullCasual & Disturb!a ft Kooka - Walking Slow
12. Mage - Love In The Dark Colour
13. Ted Ganung Ft. GGoodei - The Writings On The Wall (Msdos Remix)
14. Monaco - The Root Of All Evil
15. Retraflex & Ben Fawce Ft. $pyda - Apocalypse (Serum Remix)
16. Ed Solo, Elijah Mc - Ruff Neck
17. Wizard - Sign Of The Times (BladeRunner Mix)
18. Spectrasoul - Bugsy
19. Red (Feat Susie Ledge & Jakes) (Document One Remix)

Monday, August 24, 2015

#BassMondays - August 2015 Favorites

Here is our top 5 favorite releases from the month of August, for this #BassMondays.

1. Flower Of Life - Tyke
from 'Flower Of Life' EP

Hype and Pascal present 'Flower of Life' EP the latest from their little upstart Tyke - whom you might have caught recently killing it on the Playaz Rough Tempo takeover. Tyke draws inspiration from Nassim Haramein for this EP, going all 'quantum physics' on us. Our favorite is the Title Track.


1. Tyke - Flower of Life
2. Tyke & Vegetarian Zombie - Guantanamo
3. Tyke - This Track Is Not Real
4. Tyke - Little Universe
5. Tyke - No Mans Land
6. Tyke & Prestige - Cool Breeze

Released by : Playaz Recordings

Release Date : 3rd August 2015

 2. Above & Beyond Feat. Gemma Hayes - Counting Down The Days (Keeno Remix)

Fresh from Breaking Bad on the MainStage of Electric Daisy Carnival (which saw Bryan Cranston resurrect his infamous Walter White character on stage with the band in front of 80,000 people), UK trio Above & Beyond release their latest single 'Counting Down The Days'.

Taken from their Billboard dance number #1 album 'We Are All We Need', 'Counting Down The Days' is also Above & Beyond’s first track to feature the vocals of former Mercury Music awards nominee Gemma Hayes. "We first came across Gemma through a bootleg mix that found its way on to our Group Therapy radio show ," said the band's Jono Grant. "Coming from a folk background, her voice has an honesty and emotion to it that really stood out from the pack and felt a perfect match for this song co-written with Victoria Horn."

Set against a laidback summer groove, Gemma's hazy vocal tones perfectly capture the melancholia of the drifting relationship in the Extended Mix. Hotly tipped Finnish star Yotto's takes things in a deep and dreamy direction, while London based Shur-i-kan adds a refined deep house flavour to the mix, fresh from his excellent 'My Love' on Anjunadeep which found favour with everyone from Dusky to Radio 1's Annie Mac.

Hospital Records sharp shooter Keeno is on point again with his melodic d&b rework, while US duo Dan Davis and Chris Nelson, aka Judah, go funk heavy for their groovy Pryda-esque interpretation.

Released by : Anjunabeats

Release Date : 7th August 2015

3. Wusi Street - Arkaik
from 'My Love' EP

Arkaik comes through with an absolutely incredible 5 track EP to mark his first release on Flexout Audio, whilst still maintaining his signature sound, Arkaik's first EP since 'The Hustle' shows the evolution of his minimal yet heavyweight approach to production, with bags of character, originality and groove this EP is landmark in his career so far.


1. Arkaik - My Love
2. Arkaik  - Isolate
3. Arkaik - Doppleganger
4. Arkaik  - Wusi Street
5. Arkaik : Moving On

Released by : Flexout Audio

Release Date : 14th August 2015

4. Rubricate Sessions #4 Feat. Niems, Format and Lucidia 

Rubricate Sessions #4, featuring Niems, Format and Lucidia.


1. Niems – Undue Alarm (Original Mix)
2. Format – Cambodia (Original Mix)
3. Lucidia – Cold New (Original Mix)

Released by : Rubricate Records

Release Date : 16th August 2015

5. Amsterdam - Majistrate
from 'Amsterdam EP'

Hot on the heels of his album release, ‘Twenty’, Majistrate uploads a blistering 4 track EP that’s chock full of energy, bubbling basslines and some seriously catchy heavyweight beats, synths and samples. The Amsterdam EP is as much reminiscent of Majistrate’s unmistakable brew of DNB as it is of the city itself. And here’s why….

The title track, ‘Amsterdam’, touches down quickly with some tough intro beatz and a mysterious, eerie, delightful background synth. Wasting no time mucking about, a sample from the classic film, ‘Full Metal Jacket’, welcomes the dirty bassline and gives a nod to Amsterdam’s unique and world-famous Red Light District, De Wallen. The first two notes of the b-line conjure up imagery of flashing neon lights and the intoxicating mystique of nightlife, while the latter three notes bump and grind about boldly much like the fun you might be hoping to find on the dance floor or whilst taking a stroll through De Wallen and…well, you get the picture. Next on deck is ‘Here It Comes’. Taking a departure from the no-frills intro of the previous track, the arrangement is complex, brilliant and highly immersive. Some keenly placed samples and FX pace the tune, and there is simply no way around the fact that this tune is about blips, blaps and booming bass. Get your stepping shoes on for this one and get busy unleashing some damage to that dance floor.
Continuing the intensity presented in the intro of ‘Here It Comes’, the 3rd track, ‘Remain Calm’ is definitely titled ironically. The intro is fiercely intoxicating and the track’s rock ‘n’ roll inspired abrasive bass riff will have you ready to do anything but remain calm. The closing track, “Attention” is pure vibes and nothing but. If there’s one tune on the EP that captures the vibe of everything Amsterdam from the smoke shops, to the laid-back Dutch mentality, to the nightlife, it’s this one. Some stylistic fills circulate throughout the punchy Hip Hop inspired beat, and the baseline is tasty, militantly tight, and quite frankly exquisite. Add to that the impact the entire brew has, and you’ve got yourself nothing short of some Grade A, head nodding, heart pounding, gut slamming DNB folks.


1. Majistrate - Amsterdam
2. Majistrate - Here It Comes
3. Majistrate - Remain Calm
4. Majistrate - Attention

Released by : Low Down Deep Recordings

Release Date : 17th August 2015

Monday, August 17, 2015

#BassMondays - DnB Festival Favorites

So, Let It Roll Open Air just happened. The strictly Drum and Bass 3 Day Festival took place in a disused military zone in Czech Republic and had a lineup that is packed full of all the major labels and club nights like Critical, Shogun, Playaz, Blackout, Metalheadz, just to name a few. Let It Roll Winter Edition will take place on 26th of February 2016.

And for this #BassMondays we are here with our favorites and best of the upcoming drum and bass festivals you should know of.

1. Dimensions Festival

Dates : 26th – 31st August
Location : Croatia
Website :

Dimensions Festival is a four day festival taking place at Fort Punta Christo, Pula, Croatia. Happening in the same location as of Outlook, Dimentions offers a line-up of Underground Drum and Bass names wiith the likes of Metalheadz, Dispatch and Critical. Dimentions is like a mini and less chaotic Outlook. The festival also features artists from genres like House, Techno and similar sub-genres.

2. Outlook Festival

Dates : 2nd – 7th September
Location : Croatia

Outlook Festival is based in an abandoned Roman fort in Stinjan, Croatia. Its the largest Bass music and Soundsystem Culture festival in Europe, featuring the biggest names from the cutting edge dance scenes around. They play underground dancefloor music, whether it be house, techno, durm and bass, dubstep, reggae, dub, hiphop, garage, grime, electronica. The lineup is simply outstanding and has almost every label imaginable. 

3. FM4 Frequency

Dates : 20th – 22nd August
Location : Austria
Taking place in a beautiful venue like Green Park, St. Pölten, FM4 Frequency is a true rock festival  during the day, but at night the electronic fans find what they want. 100 Acts, 7 Stages, 3 Days, over 16 hours of non-stop Music every day. Austria's biggest festival delivers a broad variety of styles, from Indie/Alternative to Metal to Dubstep to Drum 'n' Bass to Techno.

4. Sun & Bass Festival

Dates : 5th – 12th Spetember
Location : Sardinia
SUNANDBASS is an exclusive drum and bass festival, or more precisely a holiday, organised on the beautiful Italian island of Sardinia. Lasting an entire week, the locations vary from swanky hotel poolsides to beach venues all located in the town of San Teodoro. Music lovers from all over the world meet at this incredible location to enjoy heavy basslines and just simply celebrate life!

5. United Festival

Dates : 13th Spetember
Location : London
The UKs leading, multi-award winning brands join forces to launch a brand new outdoor festival experience: UNITED - celebrating over 25 years of British Rave Culture with 11 hours of drum and bass, old skool, jungle, uk garage, classic house, trance, hard house, old skool hardcore, club classics and more.

Monday, August 3, 2015

#BassMondays - Midland Sparks (Interview + Dubplate 006)

1. For those that might not have heard of you, can you give a short introduction?
A: Midland Sparks is my solo project, conceived to showcase the freshest sounds of modern electronica. Treading deep into a multiplicity of genres, Midland Sparks works on a newfangled sound which is contemporary, unorthodox and takes refuge in latter-day bass music. Think lingering bass-lines, sombre yet crisp beats, unstinting atmospheres and floor-rumbling grooves. An unbridled experiment wholly intended on carving out a niche, it is fraught with assorted influences and evolves at every passing juncture. 

2. What is the idea behind your name?
A: Fresh sounds from Central India

3. How and when did you discover Drum and Bass?
A: Discovered drum n bass in my school days with Prodigy n Pendulum on the interwebs of course.

4. What do you feel about the Drum and Bass scene in India and what are your thoughts on its evolution?
A: I think it’s great. We have a healthy flow of established artists come down and a lot of Indian talent taking it up as well. Since the last few years it’s been evolving like mad with so many new promoters coming up new festivals and events!

5. What is your studio / DJ set-up?
A: KRK Rokit 6 Monitors, AKAI APC-20, Audio Technica M-50 Headphones, Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 Sound Card.

6. What can we expect in terms of future releases and what kind of sounds are you looking to produce?
A: I’ve been exploring sounds like footwork, jungle n trap a lot lately, so you can expect some hybrid new school bass tunes some time soon.

7. Can you list 3 tunes you are feeling right now (any genre) and give a short reason why?
A: Fracture - From Early - Get’s me grooving always.
Shlohmo - Emerge From Smoke - Vibes Galore!
Homesick - Feelin Me, Feelin U

Have been digging the new age footwork sound lately. 

8. What is the best gig you have played so far. In terms of Sound Systems, Venue and Crowd Response?
A: Cannot lock down one one, but my favorite gigs are always in my hometown venue - The High Spirits at a night that I co-host called The Local Scene.

9. What's the funniest / craziest thing that has ever happened to you during a gig?
A: Haha it has to be the requests and the ridiculous “it’s my birthday, plz play dis song”

Connect with Midland Sparks :
 - Facebook 

Check out the Exclusive Mix Set I did for Drum and Bass India's Dubplate.


01. Homesick - Feelin Me, Feelin U [Thump]
02. Stray - Award Tour 
03. Machinedrum - The Palace [Exit Records]
04. Om Unit - Sleepwalkers [Metalheadz]
05. Beastie Respond - One More Second [Exit Records]
06. Kaytranada - Killa Cats [HW&W Recordings]
07. Instra:mental - First Level 2B [Exit Records]
08. Danny Scrilla - X (Moresounds Remix) [Cosmic Bridge]
09. Abstract Elements - Essence of Time [Exit Records]
10. Outer Heaven - Genjutsu [Proximity Records]
11. Graphs - Broken legs [Cosmic Bridge]
12. Chimpo - Dooms VIP [NB Audio]
13. Nickbee & Sunchase - Zoned [Horizons Music]
14. Graphs - Sever the Heart [Cosmic Bridge]
15. Hyroglifics - Digital Future [Proximity Records]
16. Clarity - Cold Blank [Samurai Music]
17. Sam Binga - Tek Nuh Chat [Critical Music]
18. Ivy Lab - Sunday Crunk (Mefjus Remix) [Critical Music]
19. Fracture - Get Busy (feat. Dawn Day Night) [Exit Records]
20. Chimpo - Bun it (ft Fixate) [Exit Records]
21. Sophie - Hard (Hyroglifics Remix) [Independent]
22. Dizzee Rascal - I Don't Need a Reason [Universal Island]
23. Fracture & Chimpo - From Early [Metalheadz]
24. Alix Perez & Stray - Rip n Dip [Independent]
25. Machinedrum - Back Seat Ho (Rustie Remix) [Ninja Tune]

Monday, July 27, 2015

#BassMondays - July 2015 Favorites

#BassMondays is here with 5 favorite releases from the month of July.

 1. Technimatic - Flashbulb EP

A swirling warm breeze signals the welcome return of Technimatic who drop their first solo release since their critically acclaimed debut album of last year, ‘Desire Paths’. Picking up from where they left off, Pete Rogers and Andy Powell deliver a superb sun-drenched EP coupling sharp, pristine drum & bass with trademark musicality perfect for the summer months ahead.


1. Technimatic - Remember You
2. Technimatic - Dirty Hands
3. Technimatic - Secret Smile ft. Lucy Kitchen
3. Technimatic - Flashbulb

Released by : Shogun Audio

Release Date : 10th July 2015

2. Drum & Bass Summer Slammers 2015

Viper Recordings annual "Drum & Bass Summer Slammers" series features over 30 of the biggest tracks from the hottest names in DNB from around the world. Now in its sixth year, the series has always marked the unmistakable sounds of summer Drum & Bass. Featured artists include: Matrix & Futurebound, Brookes Brothers, The Prototypes, Calyx & Teebee, ShockOne, Cyantific, InsideInfo, Smooth, S.P.Y, Rene LaVice, Metrik, Koven, Trei, BMotion, Mob Tactics, Maduk and many more.


1. Sigma feat. Labrinth - Higher (Sigma VIP Remix)**
2. Matrix & Futurebound - Glow Worm
3. Mike Mago & Dragonette - Outline (Cyantific Remix)**
4. The Prototypes - Pop It Off (feat. Mad Hed City)
5. Rene LaVice – The Calling (feat. Ivy Mairi)
6. Dr. Kucho! & Gregor Salto ft Ane Brun – Can’t Stop Playing (Makes Me High) (Cyantific Remix)**
7. Calyx & Teebee – A Day That Never Comes
8. Dimension – Whip Slap
9. BMotion – Chaos *
10. Hybrid Minds - Meant To Be feat. Grimm (InsideInfo Remix)
11. Mob Tactics – Zodiac *
12. S.P.Y – Cold Harsh Air (feat. Total Science & Grimm)
13. Enter Shikari - Anaesthetist (Koven Remix)**
14. Brookes Brothers – Anthem (feat. Camille) (Cyantific Remix)
15. Koven – More Than You (DC Breaks Remix)
16. Cyantific - High Water Mark
17. Pluton & Skyer - Pandorum *
18. Maduk & Champion - Love Like This
19. Kove - Stellar
20. Metrik – Nightdrive
21. ShockOne – Infinity’s Silence
22. Smooth – Moonlight *
23. BMotion – Something, Something
24. Trei – Bengal *
25. Smooth - The Black Hole
26. InsideInfo – The Plains
27. Tali - Forces - (Trei Remix)
28. Koven & Memtrix – Pessimist
29. Seismix – Reload
30. Cynematic – Daytona
31. Dossa & Locuzzed – Hollow *
32. Octo Pi – Matter *
33. T & Sugah – Alternate *
34. Dexcell – Terminus *
35. Summer Slammers 2015 Mixed by Mob Tactics (Continuous DJ Mix)

Released by : Viper Recordings

Release Date : 5th July 2015

3. Tremors (Original Remix)  - Delta Heavy

'Ghost/ Tremors' by Delta Heavy, feat. Zomboy and Infuze.


1. Delta Heavy - Ghost (Original Remix)
2. Delta Heavy - Tremors (Original Remix)
3. Delta Heavy - Ghost (Zomboy Remix)
4. Delta Heavy - Ghost (Infuze Remix)

Released by : RAM Recordings

Release Date : 17th July 2015


4. Document One - I Got A Fever / Follow Me

Since Document One stormed onto Technique's roster, this production duo have set about marking out their very own niche in the D&B spectrum. Songwriters' musicality and an appreciation for multiple genres, while still keeping focus firmly on the dancefloor, makes for a powerful combination. Now, with this latest release, they're back to consolidate their status and draw together some more threads in their ongoing multi-form musical narrative.

“I Got a Fever” wastes no time in laying out the formula. A swing-time low-end perforates smoky jazz club ambience, with loose percussion holding down the beat. The bass morphs between upright plucks and synthetic sweeps to neatly underline Document One's approach of providing a slick modern twist on foundation sounds. As the track builds, a vocal sample signals its time for the bass and drum to tighten up and drop into a cowbell-led funkstepping ride. This is summer music, as much about fun and partying with a smile on your face as it is about serious musicianship. Then there's a whole different take on the summertime vibe for “Follow Me”. Ethereal vocals float over crisp and punchy drums, accompanied by long liquid bass tones, delicate trumpet and laid-back keys. It's a gentle soulful roller... But then it's suddenly not that at all. Document One puncture the atmosphere like a sharp intake of breath and kick us with a boot made from filthy bass. And now the light and floating sounds from before just serve to accentuate the heavyweight drive of the rave engine this tune has become. When the dancefloor needs a kickstart, here's one to draw for.

So, Document One have proved once again that they not only understand the palette of sounds and textures offered by jazz, funk and soul, but they're also willing and able to twist them into their own paradigm. They make music to make musicians nod in appreciation, but to make everyone else rave hard.


1. Document One – I Got a Fever
2. Document One – Follow Me

Released by : Technique Recordings

Release Date : 24th July 2015

5. Serial Killaz & Run Tingz Cru - Sound A Sound (Killa Tingz)
from Future Prophecies - Dreadlock (Killa Tingz 2015 Remix) + Sound A Sound

To celebrate 5 years of the Jungle powerhouse that is Run Tingz Recordings, the Bristol based imprint presents it's 10th release on wax with a remix of Future Prophecies' seminal D&B track 'Dreadlock', by none other than 'Killa Tingz', the aptly named collaboration between label stalwarts Serial Killaz & Run Tingz Cru - the first appearance for either artist across any of the Run Tingz' sub labels in over a year.

The 2015 remix brings this undisputed Breakbeat Kaos classic into the present day with a intoxicating bass reese that will leave the dancefloor for dead. On the flip, the bonus track 'Sound A Sound' is another 'Killa Tingz' flick that has been doing the rounds in clubs and festivals worldwide in recent times. Expect to hear this battering speaker stacks near you.


1. Future Prophecies - Dreadlock (Serial Killaz & Run Tingz Cru Remix)
2. Serial Killaz & Run Tingz Cru - Sound A Sound (Killa Tingz)

Released by : Run Tingz Recordings
Release Date : 24th July 2015