Sunday, December 22, 2013

Smirnoff Experience feat. NERO Rusko, mad Experience!

Last Night. Mad. Mad. Mad.
I think that pretty much conveys the message here right!

Smirnoff Experience feat. NERO Rusko, whatte night!

As expected, the stage was massive and we were awestruck! AWESTRUCK!
Each small projection and movement made me stop and stare for a while, each one! Followed with Debjyoti and me staring at each other and then back to moving! Great job done by Vita Motus. Talking about music, truly a lifetime experience, and when I say that, I really mean it! Gigs have been crazy and beautiful before, but this one, this one was just mind blowing. Maybe because it was the first ever Dubstep and Drum & Bass Gig on such a large scale, in India, with Nero and Rusko making their debut here. Maybe because everything was up to mark. Maybe because this music is our drug, it keeps us MOVING. Or maybe all of these!

Good Lineup, all the artists gave a good performance. Sulk Station, Squidworks, Sandunes, Bay Beat Collective and Mode 7, all of them, feast to the ears.
Dualist Enquiry, I was pretty excited to see you live for the first time, and boy, I couldn't take my eyes off you. You are certainly a treat to both ears and eyes! :D
Lastly, Vachan, you are our personal favourite and it always feels great to see you play.

Rusko's energy was just as I had imagined, surely made us all jump! Crazy he is, you know! I picked up a few of his moves! :P
And when NERO took over after a long while, there was a movement, you could see the mass move, move to go crazy, and to see one of the most respected Dubstep band!
I just wasn't ready to stop and go home when it all came to and end, we just weren't, and no body else was!
Talking about the crowd, all the bass lovers made it there and had a great time. There was something in the air you know, happy, smiling, dancing, moving people. Oh, Debjyoti, even spotted this girl shed tears when Alana sang 'Promises', a common scene with him, in almost every concert, where he ends up crying when his fav track starts. Haha.

And when I say this, do not think I am joking, when I say that I found myself moving and tripping to some sort of sound that was stayed persistent even after the music stopped and there was nothing but the happy murmurs of people around. The voice followed me home, and went off only in the morning, after the crazy 7 hour rave session that started as I reached and ended at 7 am today. And then everything making sound around has a bass, heavy bass, both of us have been moving to our imaginary beats.

A big thank you Smirnoff Experience for the staggering experience! Oh, and the light up mugs and glasses were too cool! :D

Man oh man, wish this would become a regular scene, well, with that desire, I shall stop taking, and leave you with these pretty pictures and a small video from last night.

Sorry about the clarity, phone pictures you see. :)


Drum and Bass India

And that's us! :D

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