Monday, April 22, 2013


We're excited.
And rightly so. In precisely three weeks time Wild City and mysterious new promoters Oji will be bringing the UK's preeminent dubstep duo Skream & Benga out to India for 2 dates in New Delhi and Mumbai.
Few artists have had more impact in the development of 'dubstep' than Skream and Benga. Kick-starting with their first studio releases together on Big Apple Records, the two childhood and South London based wonder-kids have spent the last decade pioneering a bass heavy sound so unique that it's broken ground far from its underground London roots and into the minds and hearts of dance music lovers around the world. Together with Artwork, they also make up the groundbreaking bass music trio, Magnetic Man.
Pretty simply, bass music as we know it today, owes quite a bit to this duo.
Tracks such as Midnight Request Line by Skream and Night/26 Basslines by Benga hold a very special place in the hearts of those who've followed dubstep from its very beginnings. Who knows what modern EDM would have sounded like had they not started pushing these revolutionary sounds as kids.
And now you’re going to be able to see them both under one roof. Skream and Benga are making a trek to Asia with a 9-date club tour opening in Jakarta eventually moving on to a date with Wild City in partnership with Kitty Su (New Delhi) and Oji in Mumbai's Sitara Studio.

Full Details here:

Saturday May 11
Kitty Su In Association w/ Wild City Present: Skream & Benga
Support from: Nucleya & Moniker. More TBA
Venue: Kitty Su (New Delhi)

Sunday May 12
Oji Presents: Skream & Benga
Support from: TBA
Venue: Sitara Studio (Mumbai)

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Friday, April 19, 2013

Managers for Diplo and BL3ND literally duke it out at IMS Engage conference

Well, this isn’t your everyday story from a music industry conference, but it seems that a dispute over Facebook-fan numbers during a panel discussion, spurred by Diplo in the direction of DJ BL3ND, led to managerial fisticuffs yesterday at the International Music Summit’s Engage conference in LA, at which Beatport’s own Matthew Adell also spoke.
According to Live for Live Music, Diplo was heading up a panel and talking about how his Facebook-fan numbers didn’t reflect his real industry clout, particularly in comparison to, in his opinion, the lesser-known DJ BL3ND, who has nearly 10 times as many fans. After accusations were thrown around, a physical fight between Diplo’s and BL3ND’s managers broke out.
From the Live for Live Music report:
“BL3ND’s manager, Haddad, was less than thrilled with the comments, especially when Diplo said that BL3ND’s statistics are questionable considering “he has only played a string of shows in the OC.” Haddad argued during the panel that BL3ND had sold out shows in New York and other areas, when Diplo’s manager, Kevin Kusatsu told Haddad to “Shut Up!” Diplo then commented, “I only have three hundred something thousand facebook likes, but I’m pretty sure I’m bigger than DJ BL3ND”.
While Diplo did his best to backtrack and make amends for the comments, saying that he is actually a fan of BL3ND’s, it apparently was not enough to stop Kusatsu and Haddad from going after each other, after initially attempting to talk it out civilly. The fight was eventually broken up by IMS officials, but has been the talk of the town since it occurred.
Read the entire original post, along with comments from folks like Deadmau5, here.

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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Drum and Bass India Dubplate #003 - Chromaderma

Chromaderma - Age - 35yrs - Experience -10 year Djing
Drum and Bass ,Chillout, Psytrance, Asian Underground
Focusing on music production now

Apologies for delaying the new feature, we have been caught up with something. Hopefully it will turn out pretty well and then we shall share the same with you guys! :)

Now coming to this week's feature, we have Chroma Derma here with this very exciting set!

Rutu Ballal (Rohit), grew up in a musically inclined Bombay household.Classical music formed the ethos of his growing up days with his mother being the main influence. The elder of the 2 sons, his brother is a renowned performing artist in the field of Kathak, Odissi, Western and Bharatnatyam but Rohit, had other artistic avenues to explore. He has been Listening to electronic music since the mid-late nineties and derives influences from Drum & Bass, Dub, Asian Underground, Indian Fusion, Chill out & Psytrance and is better known in the DJ circuit as Chromaderma.

‘Chromaderma' meaning Color of the skin in Greek, defines him now, as he dabbles in Digital Art too. Music comes naturally to this painter, graphic-artist, rhythmist who has no formal training other than his own tastes and a voracious appetite for all things new.

Turning tables since 2003  he has been a resident DJ at KIR – Andheri and played at uptown suburb party spots like The Club, IBar, Abyss ,Club Escape, Rain Lounge, Wink ( Taj Residency) and in some of the well known and the oldest places in Goa ( 9Bar, Westend ) Pune, Rishikesh, Himachal Pradesh etc. He moves town when the music beckons and was on the lineup at "MOKSHA FESTIVAL'' ( International Event , Israel ) which was hosted in the hills of Kasol, also on the First "ELECTRO HOLI FESTIVAL", "BEYOND SPIRIT FESTIVAL 1 and 2", "FLOWER POWER FESTIVAL" ,''MAGICA FESTIVAL1 & 2 '' and having shared stage with the likes of Younger Brother/Prometheus, James Monro, Abomination, Pixel, Kulu, Psysex,Pixel, Shameless, Panayota, Beathackers, Sishiva, Ma Faiza, DJ Whosane, Shx, Stranger, Breed, BBC and has also been featured on the SHAANTI, EASTERN ELECTRONICA FESTIVAL UK 2012 as a new and upcoming talent in CHAMPION SOUNDS FUTURE PIONEERS 2012 ONLINE SHOWCASE. His DJ sets and sessions find themselves an audience not only on the dance floor but also on online Radio channels like Radio Schizoid, Radio Flote and

Taking his pseudonym a step further, he is currently learning the art of inking. Making indelible impressions with the needle on skin, he is in to doing tattoos too. And if this was not enough, he also does Graphic Designs which include Logos, Flyers and other collateral.

Eagerly awaited is his track on Ma Faiza's upcoming album. Audio editing for live performances and achieving a techno-bent, he now wants to produce his own sound. If music be the color of Life, Rohit is a prime example of this and his appetite for all things artistic, takes him to new artistic boundaries every day.

Artist Profile: CHROMADERMA

And now talking about the set, Rohit remembers the time when electronic music was not really supported during here in India when he started listening to drum and bass, which was somewhere in the mid/late nineties. And ofcourse things have changed now after a decade and a lot of Indian producers and DJS have been supporting all kinds of electronic music genres and it feels great, he says. And so he has dedicated this set to all the Neurofunk/JumpUp drum and bass music lovers from his side who are new in the scene and to the ones who are keeping the sound real.

We are very sure you are all going to enjoy this one!

Drum and Bass India #003 - Chromaderma by Drum And Bass India on Mixcloud