Thursday, March 21, 2013

Drum and Bass India Dubplate #002 - Jubin Sunny

Hope you guys enjoyed out first feature. It's been a week already and now we are here with our second feature!

Down south, he is known as the 'Dubstep Guru'. He plays Dubstep, Electro and Progressive House, and has been 
showing his passion for music in Cochin, Chennai and Bangalore! This week's feature on 'Drum and Bass India' is Jubin Sunny.

Jubin says he loves dirty basslines and the more dirtier and nastier is is, the better it gets! 
Well, we like to spice it up the same way, don't we?!

Now let's spread some good vibes with this very special set mixed by Jubin, only for DnB India!

Genre : Drum n Bass, Dubstep and Electro. (Massive Combo)

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Drum and Bass India Dubplate #001 - Root Kill

Let me start this with introducing us, introducing 'Drum and Bass India'.

And we are going to keep it very short :  

New born - A new Movement - A community promoting Drum n Bass genre and supporting underground DnB Indian Artists/DJs.

And we are really glad to announce our very first feature! 

Root KIll

Genre : "Drum and Bass"

They claim to "Incubate Bass In Your Brains." 
Artists in the spotlight today are 'Root Kill'. Flying the Bass out of NEW DELHI is group of 
2 DJ and Producer "Root Kill" (phitotient+dub OM) who swarm dance floors with their high energy pulsating sound.
Being well known music producers of BASS HEAVY MUSIC, their music will surely bring out the animal in you!

Know the members : 

[PHI toTient]

[dub OM]